WP Minecraft Avatars


WP Minecraft Avatars displays Minecraft skin heads and user roles when someone adds a comment on your website.

This is a yearly subscription. To follow your subscriptions consider registering. You pay for yearly updates and support from our side.

For support please send a message to rad[at]minecraftguider.com or contact us


WP Minecraft Avatars replaces the basic WordPress Gravatar with cool Minecraft head avatars, and much more. If a user is registered on your website and comments, he will have a role displayed next to his name, such as [Guest], [Admin] and others.

The users who have not registered on your website and placed comments, will have a [-] as a role, as none is defined on WordPress.

WP Minecraft Avatars

Depending on the theme and commenting system design, you may see the WP Minecraft Avatars displaying in many different ways, but will always have the Minecraft avatar and the role of the user.

WP Minecraft Avatars can be integrated with any user role plugin, and forum plugins. The roles assigned will be automatically inherited by the plugin and shown in newer comments.

How to install WP Minecraft Avatars

After you have purchased a valid license for WordPress, you need to follow these steps to install and activate your plugin.

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Go to the Plugins section and choose Add New.
  3. Click on upload new.
  4. Place the plugin ZIP and click Install now.
  5. Once the plugin has been installed, you can click on activate

WP Minecraft Avatars does not have it’s own dashboard at the moment, due to simple features, but can be found in the Plugins tab, or in Settings -> Discussion.

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Do I get lifetime updates if I purchase WP Minecraft Avatars?

Once you have purchased WP Minecraft Avatars you will get 1 year of updates and support. After this period expires, you will need to buy a new license, which costs $5,95.

Do I lose the plugin if my license expires?

If your WP Minecraft Avatars license expires you will not lose the plugin, but you will not also receive updates and support for it. You will need to purchase another license, which costs $5.95.

Will there be any updates future for WP Minecraft Avatars?

The money gathered from all product licenses will be used for future updates on the products. If you have any plugin suggestions or ideas on currently existing plugins, you can submit them here.

If we like your idea, you will receive an additional discount on your next purchase on any of the MinecraftGuider products.