When will Minecraft Esports start

Do you like Esports and think of Minecraft joining them?

In this article, we will review everything possible about Minecraft Esports chances and when will they become official.

What is Minecraft Esports Starting?

It’s no joke that Minecraft is a fastly growing game, with more than 238,000,000 Minecraft copies purchased, which puts it in the first place.

Minecraft is so unique and receives frequent updates, which keeps the player base active.

Along with the updates, there are some popular YouTubers like Jerome and PewDiePie who often play Minecraft, and create a big hype for others to play the game.

And due to the demand and interest in the game, it would make sense to add Minecraft Esports, so the PVP in-game can be more competitive and rewarding.

Esports stands for Electronic Sports, which started way back in 1972. The first presence of E-Sports activity, which became widely known was in 1980 and had nearly 10,000 participants.

The Esports is played by professional players from different categories, which have no age requirements and big hype for a certain game.

Can Minecraft Join The Esports?

There are currently 15 games, which are featured in Esports and Minecraft joining them would be another great achievement for mankind.


But does Minecraft qualify for Esports?

This is a bit more complicated than it sounds. Back in 2014, Minecraft started its first hype and had the qualifications to be part of the Esports.

But the problem was money. As you may have heard Microsoft bought Mojang and Minecraft for the price of $2,5 billion.

This huge amount cost Microsoft delays in updates and including Minecraft in Esports.

To start a Minecraft Esports event would cost a huge amount, as they had to pay for the place, cameramen, technology used for streaming and playing, and much more.

Not to mention that the top place achievers should also receive an award in cash, including some special in-game items.

To include Minecraft in Esports and start these Events, Microsoft would need sponsors like ESL, Mountain Dew, Comcast Xfinity, or anybody else who had money prepared for investments.

The only problem was will it be a successful campaign and will the Esports sponsors get their money back from the Minecraft Esports event.

Why can’t Minecraft join Esports

While Minecraft is the most popular game it does have its cons in joining the Esports.

There are multiple reasons why they tried to put Minecraft in Esports but failed and this topic was buried for years.

But now, we will uncover the hidden mysteries and find out if Minecraft can be added to Esports in the near future.

Minecraft 1.9 the combat update that killed Esports

As we all remember, Minecraft had its major update in 1.9, which is called The Combat Update.

This update was aiming to set cooldowns and change the way weapons were used in the game. While it sounded like a good idea to set a cooldown on each hit, Microsoft and Mojang detonated their chances of Minecraft joining Esports.


Before the Combat Update, Minecraft had no cooldowns and you could easily spam-click to attack any player or mob.

The more spam clicks you were doing, the better damage you dealt with your opponent, which led Minecraft to be an apocalyptic game for newbies.

If you are a veteran player and existed in Minecraft before the 1.9 updates, you would have known how easy it was to spam left-click and destroy everything in your way.

Mouse modifications in Minecraft

Everyone has tried to modify their mouse in Minecraft. There are hundreds of programs, which allow you to spam auto-click.

You didn’t need to use your hands at all. Just a few clicks and you would achieve a killing machine software, which could dominate in the PVP.


Not to mention that you can modify a mouse to do double-clicks on a single one.

With these modifications, you don’t need any expertise in Minecraft PVP-ing. You only need a single software and could rarely be caught.

Over time this issue with modifications could be hard to catch, but many Minecraft servers implemented an anti-cheat plugin, which was kicking and later banning players for modifications.

Lack of Sponsors for Minecraft Esports

Back in 2016 Minecraft sponsors such as MLG invested a large amount in Minecraft, so they can officially bring it to the Esports.

They were so much into the idea of such a game joining the Esports, that they were ready for everything. Almost everything.

Since Minecraft launched the Combat Update, Minecraft lost its competitive mode. Players were not able to target and nuke enemies by clicking anymore.

Minecraft E Sports sponsors

Since cooldowns were added nobody could effectively attack and deal massive damage. Players had to click per second to deal the same amount of damage so they can take down their enemy.

This update totally destroyed the sports in Minecraft and got all sponsors to withdraw from their positions and abandon the project of Minecraft joining Esports.

Until today Minecraft receives sponsorships, but none of them are about Esports, which could potentially increase the game’s ratings.

Players cheating in Minecraft Esports

The biggest problem in any game is cheating. While any game could be easily protected from cheaters, Minecraft is the total opposite.

In Minecraft, you can find many ways to cheat. Starting from small software and going all the way to modded clients, brings Minecraft to a devastating situation.

Even Microsoft can’t stop cheaters from accessing the game and destroying the player community.

The Minecraft Esports community would suffer severe damage if cheaters had appeared. Even the strongest protection plugins cannot stop modifications.


While servers can take on these cheats, the Esports can’t do this so easily.

They will need to set up a special LAN server to avoid any cheats and exploits but would cost a massive amount of money to upkeep it.

Even if they did have the money to fund the anti-cheating software or use the Esports official anti-cheat, players could still add scripts, which would further modify their client.

Minecraft not suited for Esports

When you hear Minecraft, the first things that come to your mind are mining, crafting, and building.

Along with these three core things in the game, there are still various adventures that can be done, such as mini-games.

The only problem in all of this is that Minecraft does not have any PVP-based updates, which could further enhance it.


Microsoft and Mojang do not focus on adding better PVP-ing and making it more competitive. They simply update the game to have more features such as mobs, and blocks.

The more you hear about Minecraft’s upcoming updates, the more you understand that it will be hard for it to exist in Esports.

Will Minecraft join Esports in the near future

There are certain possibilities of Minecraft joining Esports in the future, but it will require Microsoft to work on their PVP system and implement some restraints for hackers.

Even though a huge proportion of the player community does not acknowledge or like the idea of Minecraft being in Esports, there are still many supporters.

For a part of the player base, it’s a great idea of working on the game and providing improvements, but adding Minecraft to the Esports isn’t one of them.

However, if Microsoft added more combat items and enchantments the game could improve itself in another specter.

There have been so many mods out there, which can further enhance and create new combat weapons, but Microsoft still keeps itself away from these types of updates.