When does the new Minecraft update 1.19 come out

Have you ever wondered when a new Minecraft update happens?

It is no secret that Minecraft updates come out each year, but can be also delayed or split into 2 different parts.

In this article we will be reviewing why it takes a whole year to receive a major update in Minecraft and why does it have to be split into 2 parts.

What are Minecraft updates?

Minecraft updates are a yearly thing for Microsoft and Mojang, which focus on improving the game’s functionality and possibilities.

Major updates take around a year, year and something to get released, as they add more blocks, mobs, and weapons to the game.


Over the last few updates, there were certain biomes, which were added to Minecraft, and others were simply edited to look even better.

Better Villager Traders

When Minecraft started villagers couldn’t trade any items with players. The main idea was to raid their village and get whatever they find useful.

As time was passing, villagers were beginning to become boring, so Mojang added the emerald ore, which is by far the rarest ore.

The emerald was indeed rare to find, but it was impossible to trade it for something useful to the villagers.


You either had a chance to get something worthless for 3 emeralds or could pass the offer and continue ahead with the game.

This village update was as intriguing as most had thought, so villages continued to remain an abandoned source of potential materials and extra content in-game.

After so many analyses done and discovery of what could make the villagers exciting mobs and use them for trades, Mojang came up with the great idea to make them have classes.

While Minecraft is neither a PVP-oriented nor RPG game, the villagers acquired class-like professions, which can be leveled up and trade better items for fewer emeralds.

But with the 1.14 Villagers and Pillagers update more options came to the game.

Villagers have upgraded houses, which represent each villager’s class, the option to trade any kind of item for another, and lastly, pillagers were introduced with the option to enter their kingdom and loot it.

Restructuring and adding Biomes in Minecraft

The biomes were only 4 in the early Minecraft updates. You could easily find each one and they weren’t that special.

There were no colorful clay blocks, crystals, bees, and more of the newly introduced entities.

Along with small tweaks and major updates, Minecraft had finally released the Swamp, Snowy tundra, mountains, and much more biomes.

While adding new biomes, Mojang included some changes in the older ones, which bring a huge hype in-game.

There were 4 new biomes added to the game and the rest were fixed, to fit the new looks of the game.

Since more biomes were included, they also had received mobs, such as bees, cats, parrots, goats,

Better items and ores for crafting

We have crafted the basic items over and over again and it’s for 2 things. Beat the Ender Dragon multiple times in our own world, or craft more powerful weapons to fight in Minecraft Survival Servers.

The more enchantments the better and the different sets crafted are even greater.

A few of those added items are the anvils, smithing tables, and ores such as netherite, emeralds, and more.


The nether update was the one to bring us netherite and netherite armors which had their own way of crafting and special bonuses.

Mobs being added to Minecraft

With every update, there are certain mobs dropping, which live in special biomes. Parrots for example can be found in more tropical biomes, while cats can be found almost everywhere.

Along with those friendly tameable mobs, enemies appeared, such as phantoms and Wardens.


These mobs are a bit special, as they represent mythical creatures. The Warden has a special feature that can be summoned only if noise is made and crawl out from the Sculk Shrieker.

What is the first Minecraft update?

If we look into the first version of Minecraft, which was also known as Cave Game Alpha 1.0. The most exciting thing in this update was that the terrain was infinite.

There were no limits to how many blocks needed to be generated, nor a cap on the resources that could be acquired.

You basically had all the time in the world, to do whatever you want and build however you please.

However, the first Minecraft Update Alpha 1.0 was in closed development and nobody had the chance to play the game, except Notch and Jeb.

Notch, wanted to make Minecraft a bit more exciting, so he had to quit his own job and focus more on improving his game.

Despite the low count of items and mobs in the early Minecraft Alpha update, more mobs started arising from the void.

If you have never heard this before, creepers weren’t intended to join Minecraft at all.

Nobody had ever created them in the first place or had the idea of what a creeper would like, or even will this name suit it.

The creeper originates from a Minecraft bug, which occurred on August 31, 2009.

While Mojang was working on the details and looks of one of the first mobs, the pig, they accidentally bugged it, which resulted in a broken and ugly-looking mob.

It had the same structure as the creeper, but with the skin of the pig. Notch had himself creeped out from the looks of the mob, so he insisted on it being added as a stand-alone hostile mob in Minecraft.

When do the new Minecraft updates come out

Minecraft major updates come out in the middle of each year and can be added in 2 parts.

The first part gets released in the middle of the year and the second one is released at the end of it.

Between these major updates, Minecraft releases minor bug fixes, which aim to provide more stable gameplay while releasing the other part of the major update.

But Minecraft’s newer updates always arise 2 questions.

Will the new mobs be cooler and will the update enhance mechanics?

Will the mobs be cooler now?

There were many mobs introduced in Minecraft without our notice before this, but now Minecraft has changed.

It offers the player community the chance to vote for mobs, which Mojang will later add in the newer Minecraft version.

The phantoms were one of the most voted mobs in the game, which earned their rights to exist in Minecraft, but suddenly the community didn’t like this update.

Even though phantoms were most voted, the average player still didn’t like the idea of them and had to quit Minecraft once and for all.

Choosing the correct mob is a delicate thing for Microsoft, as they are risking it big of losing their player community. While players get to choose what they want, they still don’t appreciate it and quit.

The new mobs do seem cooler than the previously added ones. But Microsoft’s plan goes further away.

Old mobs such as zombie pigment were actually removed and later added back on with different textures and ways of triggering them to attack you.

While many didn’t like this idea, Microsoft had earned themselves a huge player base and received so many returning players, which was considered a great update.

Will the update enhance mechanics?

Minecraft updates have been more based on the game mechanics. Some of these mechanics are regarding swimming, combat, and others.

The swimming update was really interesting, as it was something that existed only in plugins and added mechanics, which let players swim like in the real world.

But as good mechanics are added, bad ones also come into existence.

The combat update, which was introduced in Minecraft 1.9 is an update, which totally changed how weapons in Minecraft work.

Players could now deal more damage with axes or have faster attacks with swords. But the bad part is that players had cooldowns on each weapon.

The cooldowns are indicators, which show how much time is needed for a single weapon to have its damage effective.

This update, lost a lot of its player base and mainly Minecraft got declined to join the E-Sports because there was no more competitiveness in the game.

Even though there is hype over updates that reflect mechanics, it dies pretty fast when they see that the best out of Minecraft has been removed.

The good part about the mechanics’ update on the other hand is that cheaters can no longer use their cheat clients effectively, as the click-spam and other combat mechanics are not doing more damage.