What is new in Minecraft 1.18.2 – [Spoiler – Minor Changes]

As you may have heard or seen in your Minecraft launcher, a new version is available and awaiting an update.

Mojang x Microsoft has just rolled out the newest Minecraft update 1.18.2. But unlucky for all of us, the new update does not include any new mobs, blocks, or biomes.

You may be thinking why would they release a new update since nothing is going on, but that’s why we are here to announce all the updates on the newest Minecraft update.

What is new in Minecraft 1.18.2

You saw it in the title. There is nothing new in the update and yes the spoiler is real. Although many people won’t notice the newest things or announce them in their article, we found out that there really is something in the new update.

Bug fixes in Minecraft 1.18.2

It may be just minor bug fixes, but these bugs weren’t minor at all.

In this update, Microsoft didn’t also announce what’s fixed, but we found out that one of our bugs is actually not a bug anymore.

Minecraft villagers breading

We had a problem in our private world with the villager breading. Also, some of our followers asked “why is the game crashing?”

We couldn’t find many helpful articles as there weren’t many posts, but reinstalling Java and Minecraft usually fixes such issues.

The PlaceFeature Command Added

Microsoft announced in their new update that a new placefeature command will be added to the game, which lets players place a feature at a certain block.

The way to use this command is: placefeature <id> [pos].

  • Id is used for the feature, which you want to place.
  • Pos is the position of the place where you would like to place your feature.

Set Timer for South Korean Players

If you are playing Minecraft in South Korea, you will have to comply with their regulated laws. This means that you have a certain time stamp in which you can enjoy Minecraft.

After this certain time ends and you do not stop playing, you are breaking the law and will be sued by the country.

South Korea is a restricted communist country, which has rules that apply to each person using a computer for any activity, which is not considered as a job.

Add Custom Structures in Experimental Datapacks

Now you add custom structures to your experimental datapacks, which means that once you have created a world, you are able to add any kind of structure even your custom-made ones.

If you are not familiar with custom structures or how you can add structures in Minecraft worlds, then perhaps you might be interested in checking Cloud Wolf’s video on structures.