5 Ways to Defeat the Warden in Minecraft Without Armor

Back in 2020, Minecraft had announced the release of a new powerful mob, which is called The Warden. It may seem hard to battle against it, but there are more than 5 ways to defeat The Warden in Minecraft.

Who is The Warden in Minecraft

The Warden is a blind mob, which finds its way through the sound of projectiles and player steps. The mob may look weak, but his potential strength is unmeasurable.


However, a Warden cannot be found easily in Minecraft.

His natural habitat is the deep caves, where it is quiet and fully dark for the normal player. Wardens get triggered from the noise from the footsteps, blocks breaking, or if you fight with another mob.

Wardens get triggered easily and start attacking any kind of player or mob, which makes noise and vibrations. The only mob that a Warden doesn’t attack is another Warden.

It has been confirmed that they are made from the block called Sculk and will keep respawning after being killed.

At the moment a Warden doesn’t drop any items, but will immediately respawn after he had been killed.

The Warden’s height is approximately 4 blocks, which is 1 block taller than iron golems and 2 blocks taller than ordinary players.

They can get easily stuck between obstacles and cannot travel through the small mine holes you create, which leaves them vulnerable.

Ways to Defeat the Warden in Minecraft

Even though the Warden is a mob that shouldn’t be fought, there are some ways you can defeat it, without the need for professional items even.

Keep in mind that a Warden can kill you in 2 hits, even if you have fully enchanted netherite armors.

1. Drown the Warden

Minecraft drowning a warden

One of the safest ways to defeat the warden is to dig up a hole trap and prepare water, so you can drown him.

The easiest way to do this hole is to dig straight down and break only 1 block.

You can also destroy another block next to you, but it will need to be filled up so the water trick can work.

Make sure to surround the rest of the area with blocks, so the only way to pass is through the trap. The Warden doesn’t jump and will easily get lured.

Although water will not kill the warden with water, you can use a trident or any other item and kill it.

2. Covering the cave with TNT and using Potion of Weakness

It doesn’t matter what kind of gear you have, as the warden is basically a buffed Iron Golem. Actually, think of the Warden as a nerfed Iron Golem.

The Warden is blind and can only find his enemies through vibrations. So sneaking and placing TNT will not trigger him to attack, but lighting up the TNT will.

The best way to destroy him completely is by covering the whole area with TNTs and luring him into the trap by lighting it.

The moment he comes out and gets near the TNT, you will need to throw a potion of weakness, so you can get weaken him and get him down faster.

To create this type of set and defeat the Warden, you will need to have some armors, and a shield, as the blast damage from the TNT might kill you.

3. Creating a Pillar

Minecraft Creating a Pillar to defeat the Warden

If you create a pillar for yourself and surround it, the Warden will not be able to attack you, as this mob is meant for melee damage.

The Warden has no ranged attacks, nor can shoot.

The best way to surround yourself with a pillar is to dig up a special place in the mine, near the Warden, and create an escape route for yourself.

Wardens cannot teleport, but can easily come your way and attack you.

4. Pressure Plate Traps

There are thousands of videos with pressure plate traps. Not to mention that The Warden is not a mob with a big brain.

If you try to dig up a hole beneath the Warden’s ground, you can easily set up a deadly trap with cobwebs.

Using sand and strings to keep the sand in place and filling the floor with cobwebs is one of the easiest ways to defeat the Warden in Minecraft.

All you need to do is set up the trap, prepare a potion of slowness and throw some snowballs. It may sound crazy, but Warden follows the noise, and if you throw a snowball right into the trap, he will blindly follow it.

Once he gets into the trap, you can simply throw a potion of slowness or even a potion of weakening.

Then you have the full potential to kill him with any weapon. You can easily surround The Warden with different types of blocks, so he is not able to attack you, or you will die.

5. Sticky Piston Traps


If you are a redstone maniac and wish to look cool as hell, you should definitely try to make a sticky piston trap.

This is another easy to make, but hard to farm way, to lure the Warden as many times as you wish.

All you need to do is set the pistons to push rocks up to 2 blocks and make the warden have no way to escape.

The trap can be activated with strings, levers, or even pressure plates. Once The Warden gets caught in the trap, you can kill him with absolutely every item without getting harmed.