How to Update a Minecraft Server Version

Do you have a Minecraft server? Updating the server version of your Minecraft server is an essential part.

If you want your players to experience the newest things that were added to the game, you should definitely upgrade your Minecraft server version and save your player base.

You may be wondering if updating the server version can cause file loss or result in corrupted files. Backing up your Minecraft server is a must.

You need to have a backup for your server(s) no matter what. If a file loss occurs, these backups can help you save the player’s time and efforts, which he had put on this server.

Why should you update your Minecraft’s Server Version

Updating your Minecraft’s server version is a must if you are willing to experience the newly added items, mobs, or other content in-game.

Not to mention that plugins are also being updated, which means they will be compatible with your server’s new version.


If there is a new version of a plugin, this will not mean that your server is at risk, but updating everything ensures more stable features and perhaps new functions are built up.

When should I update my Minecraft Server Version?

Once Minecraft has a new server update, you might want to wait a bit and see how stable everything is. Your plugins would also need to be updated, so you should check if they have been configured to be compatible with the newest server version of Minecraft.

If a plugin hasn’t been updated, this does not mean that it will be incompatible and vice versa.

The best way to ensure that everything will run smoothly is to create a copy of your Minecraft server and run it on your own.

Once you have ensured that everything is working fine, you can proceed to update your Minecraft server version.

How to Update a Minecraft server’s version

So the first step to updating your Minecraft server is to make a save and stop it. Once you have made sure that everything is alright, you can go ahead and create a copy of the whole file.

Keeping a copy of the whole server will prevent you from data losses if something goes wrong along the way.

To update your Minecraft Server Version you need to:

  • Stop your Minecraft server.
  • It is optional to backup all the files on your server and save the copy outside of the server folder.
Backing up your Minecraft server before updating Minecraft server update
  • Go to MCVersions and download the newest Minecraft server version.
  • Delete your old Minecraft server.jar and paste the new one, which you downloaded.
  • Once the server has been placed, you will need to right-click and edit your run.bat file.
  • In the run.bat file, you will see the following line of text, but with a different version:

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.18.1.jar nogui.

You can delete the version of your Minecraft server and input the newest version’s numbers.

  • Once you have made the changes, you can safely start the run.bat file and let your Minecraft server load.
  • It might take some time, but this is because the newest version is generating blocks, mobs, items, or other things.

After you have followed all these steps, you can safely play on the new Minecraft server version and use the mods and plugins, which you had previously installed.

Some plugins may not have received an updated version and may be incompatible, with your current Minecraft server update.


If you have any non-working Minecraft plugins, you may exclude them or revert back to the older version, by following the same steps.

The only difference is that you will need to download an older Minecraft server version and change the numbers.


Updating your Minecraft server version is an easy to do job with no harm to your server or data loss.

With a backup, you ensure that the data of your server will be fully protected and you can proceed to update your server version safely.