How to Update Minecraft Plugins Automatically

Are you getting tired of manually updating Minecraft plugins, and want to find an alternative way for scheduled plugin updates?

In this article, we are going to review all possible ways to update Minecraft plugins automatically and give you the most suitable solution, with no server downtime.

What are Minecraft Plugins

Minecraft plugins (plug-ins) are game addon files, created with the sole purpose to enhance user functionality and experience, without changing the game.

Similar to mods, Minecraft plugins create unique gameplay by introducing new features and are required to be downloaded on the server only.

As a key difference between these two, Minecraft mods are required to be present both on the server and client-side through downloading or using a modded Minecraft launcher.

However, plugins need to be installed only on the server and can be directly injected once a player has joined the server.

How to add a plugin in Minecraft Server

If you are wondering how to put a plugin in Minecraft, you will need to understand if your server is hosted locally, or on an external host.

Once you have understood where your Minecraft server is hosted, download the plugin jar from a reputable website, and simply place it in the plugins folder of your server.

For web hosts, you will need to access their dedicated panel and locate your plugins folder. While locally hosted servers follow the simple rule of opening the server folder and locating the plugins folder afterward.

Why should you update Minecraft server plugins

Updating your Minecraft server plugins is of essential importance if you wish to play on the newest versions, and continue updating your Minecraft server version.

Keeping up with updates will ensure that you get cleaner code, more functions, and most importantly – support.

Why you should update Minecraft server plugins

In some cases, server owners prefer to stay or downgrade their server version, limiting themselves to only certain plugins and updates.

While this is safe in terms of security, not updating your Minecraft plugins and server versions can limit the support you receive.

Small plugin developers will not always provide support for an old version of their plugin, because they don’t have a team, or the project is just a side hustle.

How to Update Minecraft Plugins Automatically

If you have come this far, then it means you are using the newest server version and wish to know how to update Minecraft plugins automatically.

To update plugins automatically, we will be required to set up an external Minecraft plugin, called AutoPlug.

How to update minecraftplugins automatically with AutoPlug

AutoPlug is a Minecraft plugin update checker, which runs in the background, and does not require a lot of resources to make its checks. It uses so less resources, that you will not even notice it exists.

Let’s get started and learn how to update Minecraft plugins with AutoPlug in X simple steps.

1. Navigate to the AutoPlug-Client Installer page, and fill out the information about your computer, and server. Most of the time everything will be set for you, except for the server version, and its type.

When finishing with the information checking and filling, make sure to check the Server-Wrapper mode in AutoPlug. Checking “Start on boot” and “System-Tray”.

AutoPlug installer for Minecraft servers

Start on boot will insert a more optimized start-up code, which will not hurt your server.

System-Tray will make checks if a new plugin version is available, and do perform updates when applicable.

2. Once all marks have been ticked, we will need to press “Generate Files” and wait for AutoPlug to send us the plugin ZIP, which we will unpack afterward.

3. The unpacked ZIP folder should contain 3 different files – AutoPlug, AutoPlug-Client.jar, and a file.

AutoPlug Files for Minecraft servers

It is very important to drag and drop these 3 files into your server folder, and not the plugins folder, otherwise, AutoPlug will not work properly.

4. If you are using a Windows machine, simply double-click on the file and your server should start loading, while AutoPlug checks, and downloads new updates.

For Linux users, needs to be open by right-clicking on > Open Terminal > type ./ and hit enter. Directly after that, your server will start loading, and AutoPlug will check for plugin updates.

starting autoplug for Minecraft on

How to update Minecraft Plugins Manually

If automatic updates are not for you, then we would suggest updating Minecraft plugins manually. It is a very simple and straightforward way, which guarantees the safety of your server.

To update a Minecraft plugin manually, you will need to go to the website from where you initially downloaded the plugin’s previous version.

1. Stop your Minecraft server.

3. Check if there is a new version available, and if there is, download it. The downloaded file should have the extension jar.

4. Locate your server’s plugins folder and delete the old jar of the plugin.

5. Place the new jar that was downloaded, and start your server.


Using a plugin update checker for Minecraft is a very easy way to minimize downtime, and earn yourself free time to work on more important factors.

However, automatic plugin updates in Minecraft can sometimes cause serious damage, so backing up your server is essential.

As per my recommendation for an automatic plugin installer for Minecraft, AutoPlug can save your server, as it does server backups, in case something goes wrong.