7 Tips for Choosing a Good Minecraft Server Host

When looking for the ideal host for your Minecraft server, the experience might be more challenging than you expect.

Many factors are in play in your making the best choice, and most of the time the distinctions between the different service providers are unclear.

Complications lie deep in the special terms you will be provided with, like the amount of RAM required for optimum performance.

Things to look out for when choosing a Minecraft Server Host

When looking for a Minecraft server hoster to use in your gaming or business activities there are a couple of factors you should consider.

Offered server locations from your hosting provider

When you are starting a Minecraft server, you will need to ensure that it is hosted in a location, where most of your active players live.


Most Minecraft server hosts offer multiple hosting locations, but choosing the closest one, ensures a stable connection between the server and the player.

If you choose a distanced location, you will need a dedicated machine, which will ensure that a good internet connection is provided.

Internet connectivity and ping

Internet speed is critical for players to have a good experience. One small drop in the internet connection may kill the joy of playing.


If you start to promote your Minecraft server, you may expect a high player base coming and check what you have to show them. The lag produced from poor servers will directly bounce them off to another server.

Not to mention if you have streamers playing and showcasing your Minecraft server. If they experience no issues, a lot of players will get a good first impression and choose you over someone else.

Server Panel and setup

Every Minecraft hosting provider has different game panels for games. Sometimes you may encounter custom panels.

Depending on your Minecraft server hoster, you may find yourself in deep trouble if you don’t understand how the panels work.


Choosing a hosting provider with managed support, and tutorials may be perfect for starters. Managed support is critical for starters, as you get help for every single issue, including setup.

Unmanaged Minecraft server hosters do not provide this type of support, and may just redirect you to a tutorial from an external site.

VPS vs Shared Minecraft Server Hosting

Depending on the quality and price of a plan from your chosen Minecraft server hoster, you may want to look if you will be on a shared or your own VPS plan.

Shared Minecraft plans offer server owners a big machine, which can uphold their servers, but they share the resources.

Some Minecraft servers may exceed these resources, as they upload heavy plugins, have too many players, or got bot attacked.

In such cases, the other servers may experience heavy loading times, which can cause potential issues for the players’ side.

Minecraft server hosters try their best to save their client’s server and prevent heavy loading or any impacts on servers, but in some cases, they don’t act on time.

On the other hand, a VPS server is far more protected and dedicated to a certain person option, which means that you keep what you pay for.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which is private for a single user and is not being shared with others.

VPS plans for Minecraft may cost a bit more, but they are far more protected from attacks or overloading, due to other players.

Freedom to install Mods and Plugins

What is Minecraft without mods and plugins for servers? The game would be a vanilla Minecraft. Not something with minigames and more features to it.

However, some Minecraft hosts have blacklisted certain plugins and mods, due to security reasons, and not only. The idea of creative donation plugins is not appreciated by server hosts, because they may want to sell their donation product.

Self-hosted systems or certain mods are banned by some of the hosting providers, which potentially decreases the chances of hosting with them.

Checking out the Terms of Service and policies is beneficial, otherwise, hosts may trick you, and getting your money back can be a pain.

Server Security

It is well-known that some Minecraft servers can get attacked easily. It’s not their fault only. The ones at fault are the hosting providers.

Numerous Minecraft server hosters are being attacked every day, due to the lack of good protection.


At a certain point, it is the server owner’s fault that they don’t protect their servers, but protecting your hosting is another field to check.

As mentioned earlier, VPS hosting plans include better protection, than shared hosting. Even though they are pricier, the spam-free protection is worth the price.

Minecraft Server Resources

Server resources are playing a huge role for Minecraft servers.

The Minecraft server resources help you to install and upkeep plugins stable on your server, but also have limits to how many players can play, without lag.

Depending on the plan you are willing to pay for, a certain amount of resources will be given, such as:

  • Allocated RAM
  • Allocated CPU Cores
  • Internet speed
  • Bandwith

If you go for cheap hosting providers, which give you high RAM and Cores, you may find it odd. The quality of the machines is what you should look for.

Cheap machines don’t perform well nowadays, but some Minecraft hosting providers still sell plans while using them.

Try to go for reputable hosting providers. They always use new hardware and try to provide the best for their clients.

Plans and Renewal Prices of Minecraft Hosting Providers

There are a wide of Minecraft server hosting companies, which offer different kinds of plans. If you have found what you are looking for, then this is the last thing you need.

Each hosting provider offers great plans, but what are the renewal rates and fees? Except for monthly payments you should check for long-term ones.

Most of them include at least 30% off if you pay upfront for 2 or 3 years. That’s a bargain, so you shouldn’t miss out on the deal.


But another thing you will have to look for is the company history, to make sure that they won’t go anywhere in the next year.

If the company is legit and you believe in them, you will need to check what is the renewal fee. Minecraft hosting providers may offer you a good starting price for a 3-year term, but after that how much will they charge?

Checking on a hosting provider, which still charges under the base price for the long term is the perfect way to save up money and use your money for other things.

For example, advertising your server, buying plugins, hiring streamers, or even influencers. Whatever comes to your mind.