What Animals Can You Tame in Minecraft

With the expansion of Minecraft and new mob updates, the game reaches new peaks. These peaks make us wonder what animals can be tamed in Minecraft?

Since the many updates received, now Minecraft has a total of 76 mobs, from which some are passive, others aggressive, and also neutral.

The grand idea is which of these animals can be tamed in the game, and how can you tame them?

And after taming the right mob, can you breed it and make more of its kind?

Which animals can you tame in Minecraft?



A wolf can be found almost anywhere in Minecraft, walking around the surface. At first, they may look weak, but attacking a wolf triggers him to attack you.

An angry wolf cannot be tamed, as it has a grudge and will attack the player until one of them dies.

But if you wish to tame a wolf and didn’t affect him in any kind of way, you will need to have some bones, which can be acquired by killing skeletons.

Once you start feeding the wolf, hearts will start popping up. The moment that the wolf acquires a collar on his neck, means that you have tamed it and it is willing to follow you.

Right-clicking the wolf will make him sit and stay still until you re-do the right-clicking.

If your wolf is standing up, it will follow you along with the way and battle mobs, except for creepers as they are scared of them.

The wolf’s collar is changeable, but only for its color. The way to change the color of a wolf’s collar is to have any kind of dye and right-click on the wolf.



Foxes are similar to wolves, even though taming a fox is not an easy job. They are untamable when they get older, so you will need to find 2 foxes and breed them by giving each some sweet berries.

When the 2 foxes start breading, they will create a child fox, which can be tamed. The way to tame the child is by killing its parents and feeding the baby fox.

The baby fox will start to respect you and will acquire wolf features, with further modifications.

Foxes in Minecraft are also battle animals, which fight alongside you and will be your lifetime partner, until one of you feints.



Aside from the traveling merchant in Minecraft, llamas can also be tamed by players. Llamas can be found in mountains or savanna biomes, which are easy to see, but not so easy to tame.

The way to tame a llama is by riding its back, just like a horse. Since the new update llamas will not kick you out.

Once you see hearts coming out of them, it means that you have already tamed the llama.

Although horses and other mobs can be tamed and ridden, the llama does not let you ride it in any direction.

You can place chests on them and get a certain amount of inventory, which depends on the llama and its skills.

Llamas also can have a carpet on their back, rather than a saddle, but even in this case, you will not be able to ride them.

Llamas like horses do like to eat wheat, or you can give them haybale, which is another edible for them.



Parrots are one of the cutest Minecraft animals, which can be found in the jungle biome. They have a wide variety, but small heart rate.

Even though they are not the type of mob, which attacks others, parrots do have a cool animation, which lets them ride on your shoulder when tamed.

To tame a parrot, you will need to have seeds and patience. It takes a lot of effort to tame a parrot, but once you see it following you, then you have tamed your own parrot.

When these tropical birds come near you, they will try to land on your shoulder and if they succeed, they will stay there until you engage in a battle or start running.

Tamed parrots follow the players when they start going on their new adventure and teleport if the player is too far away.

Horses, donkeys, and mules


Although a bit different in textures and design, horses, donkeys, and mules are key elements of Minecraft.

Taming a horse in Minecraft is one of the easiest things to do. Horses spawn from 2 to 4 in different biomes and can be quite an easy catch.

Although most people say you need golden apples, golden carrots, and similar to tame them, that’s not the real case.

Taming a horse, donkey or mule can happen by just sitting on its back and getting kicked out a couple of times.

If you don’t want to struggle with the process, giving them some apples can speed up things too. Ordinary apples do a great job and can help you tame them.

Horses can be equipped with saddles and armors, which allows you to have a strong and ridable mob.

Each horse has its skills, such as higher jumping, more hearts, or even faster traveling.

Mules on the other hand can be used as inventory travelers. Sneaking with a chest in your hind and right-clicking the mob, will equip the chest and let you open it.



Cats are the total opposite of wolves. If you stumble upon a cat in Minecraft, you have to be careful.

They like to eat fish, preferably cooked one. Once you start feeding the cat, you have to stay still or it will get scared and run from you.

If you manage to tame a cat, it will be your lifetime partner, but will not fight alongside you.

They can only act as a scary mob to creepers because a creeper is afraid of a cat and will not attack you at any cost.

Animals that you cannot tame in Minecraft



There are many different types of pandas in Minecraft, which have their unique effects and traits. Although you can feed a panda, you can’t tame it.

Every time you hold a bamboo stick, a panda will follow you, but will not be your tameable animal.

You can always breed pandas and make a dynasty out of them, but even the baby ones will refuse to be tamed, as that’s how they were created.



Bees are quite an interesting Mob in Minecraft, which leave honey to players, but even if you create a special place for them, they are not tameable.

In fact, if you attack a bee or destroy its nest, all bees will start attacking you, until one of you feints.

While you can’t tame bees, you can look after them and ensure that they have everything needed and they are producing you the needed materials, for your survival.

Iron Golems

can iron golems be tamed in Minecraft

Iron Golems are more like defenders in Minecraft, which are created by villagers and players. An iron golem is created with iron blocks and a pumpkin head.

Once you create the golem, you will see that it does not follow you. Instead, they protect a small area as guardians and are willing to die protecting it.

If a mob attacks the player, an iron golem will directly encounter the battle and kill the mobs. But if a player attacks an iron golem, the golem will start attacking back, until one of you feints.


can pigs be tamed in Minecraft

Pigs are more of a food producer for players in Minecraft. You cannot tame pigs, as there is no way, but you can feed and breed them.

Once your pig farm gets too big, you can start cleaning the area by killing some of them, as they drop bacon.

Cooking bacon in a furnace, helps players survive in Minecraft and battle the hunger, which can kill them.


can cows be tamed in Minecraft

Cows are much the same as pigs in Minecraft, although you can take the milk from them and use it for recipes, such as cake.

They cannot be tamed but can be fed with wheat and even use for breeding with other cows.

Killing a cow doesn’t give you any edibles, but gives you leather, which can be used for crafting your first leather armors.



The chicken is an often seen animal in Minecraft, which also cannot be tamed, but drops eggs. They can drop eggs anywhere in the world and players can use them to breed other chickens.

Feeding chickens with seeds does not make babies but helps them grow from a baby to an adult and start producing eggs.

You can gather the eggs dropped from chicken and use them for recipes, such as cake or right-click throw them. There is a chance that a chicken may come out, which will ensure more resources.



Sheep come in different colors and each one is unique. The rarest sheep you can find in Minecraft is the pink sheep. Currently, the percentage of finding a pink sheep is only 1%.

 The sheep cannot be tamed, but you can use them for breeding purposes, which will create another color for the sheep

Feeding sheep with wheat will get them into breading mode and they will start making a baby with the partner next to them.

Once the sheep finish their breading period, a baby sheep will be spawned, which can be fed wheat so it grows faster.

Once the sheep start having fur, you can cut it by using shears and take the wool they drop.

Sheep can be dyed with any color of dye you have, by right-clicking on them.

Killing sheep doesn’t make them drop any food. They will drop wool, which can also be used for bed or designing your next building project.