How to Tame a Panda in Minecraft

Pandas were first introduced back in Minecraft 1.14 when people started thinking about how to tame a Panda in Minecraft.

To tell you the fact, you can’t tame a panda in Minecraft, because the mechanics will not be fair. Panda’s are not aggressive animals, nor they can attack, unlike a wolf or ocelot.

Since you can’t take a panda, then what can you do with it?

Well, in this tutorial we will explain to you everything you need to know about the pandas in Minecraft.

Where do you find pandas in Minecraft

Pandas spawn in the jungle biome, and you can only see 1 to 2 pandas together spawning. The spawn rate of a panda is low, and finding one is quite rare.

Pandas prefer the jungle biome, as it offers them the edible they need, which is bamboo. They often follow around players who carry bamboo and are willing to act as a tamed animal to get that food.

Minecraft rare panda

So if you are willing to feed them with bamboo, you will feel like you can tame pandas in Minecraft.

Height and Lifespan of Pandas in Minecraft

Pandas are really cool to have animals, and even if you can’t tame a panda in Minecraft, there are certain ways you can keep them.

But before we jump on to that, we would first like to explain everything you need to know about pandas, so you don’t get confused.

A panda in Minecraft is tall around 1.25 blocks and can have up to 20 hearts of life.

The small pandas start with a healthy 10 heart score, which means that they are easier to kill. Until your panda grows, you will need to keep it safe, otherwise, you may kill it.

Feeding a panda is really easy. If you have some bamboo or start growing it, pandas will come around your spot and start walking around you to get some.


Each panda has 1 inventory slot, which is used for taking the food that you drop to them.

Once you have bamboo in your inventory, you can throw it in the direction of your panda and you will see a fun animation of how it eats it.

Types of Pandas in Minecraft

The normal panda is just an ordinary mob, which has nothing interesting to show but will still act like you have tamed it (if you give it food).

A playful panda has the ability to row ahead and create cool animations, which are rare for Minecraft players. This type of pandas can be dangerous if they roll into a cliff, lava, or an entity like a cactus, they may suffer damage and die.

Aggressive pandas are more of an attacking mob, which gets triggered just like the pigman. If you hit any panda in the reach of the others, and they are the aggressive type, you will be attacked.

Weak pandas are sneezing and can often drop slime balls, which is a rare and unique drop for Minecraft players, who need to create a sticky piston.

And last, but not least the brown pandas are like the normal panda type, but have a unique skin color, which can be called a rare find.


How to breed Pandas in Minecraft

Breeding pandas in Minecraft is actually easy and can be done in just a few steps.

All you need to do is prepare a special place for the pandas, and get some bamboo for them. Once you give both pandas bamboo, they will start breeding and create another panda.

How to breed pandas in Minecraft

Make sure to leave some bamboo, which is at least 5 blocks tall, so pandas can have what to eat, otherwise you are risking your pandas become hostile and not enter love mode.

Depending on the variations you are combining, you have certain chances to create a rare type of panda, just like the brown one.