How To Survive The First Night in Minecraft

You have just started playing Minecraft, and wonder how to survive the first night in-game.

It’s no secret that first nights were very hard at first, but once the game’s mechanics were understood, surviving became nights became easier than ever.

To help you understand these mechanics we are going to explain how to survive the first night in Minecraft with any difficulty.

What is night in Minecraft

Minecraft runs on a day-and-night cycle, where are 24 hours pass in 20 minutes of game time. Since the time in Minecraft works on 24,000 ticks, a full 24 hours in real-world time will be equal to 72 Minecraft days.

With that said, the night in Minecraft will last only 7 minutes, making it easier to survive for newbie players.

How to Live through your first night of Minecraft

Surviving the first night in Minecraft can happen easily by implementing our steps. Along with survivability, you will learn to be more efficient in terms of resource gathering, and exploration.

Collect wood

The most important thing in Minecraft is to collect wood. It is the main resource, which unlocks hundreds of crafting options, and is the key to creating light sources. Aside from making torches or campfires, wood is also used for crafting tools, which speeds up the process of resource gathering.

Collecting wood in Minecraft Surviving the first night in Minecraft

Make wooden tools

To proceed further, you will need to create a wooden set, which consists of a sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel, and a wooden hoe.

Once the night starts, most of these items will be unusable, but a wooden sword and pickaxe will be important to mine precious ores.

Before the sun starts falling, try to collect wood as much as you can. It can be used for crafting purposes and making torches to light up your mine.

crafting wooden tools to survivethe first night in Minecraft

Make an underground base

Once the night starts, you will need to use your shovel or pickaxe to dig 3 blocks deep and place a block on top of yourself, so mobs cannot attack you.

Dig around and make a space big enough for placing your crafting table, and craft a chest for storing your items.

Don’t forget to place a furnace as well, since you will start mining, and may get some iron along the way.

Mine until the night ends

Since the day didn’t come yet, start digging so you can make an entrance for a future mine. Place a door, which will be the doorway to this mine, and make sure to leave it closed when entering or leaving.

Sometimes mobs can get spawned in the mine, and leaving the door open could cause serious trouble.

Now that you have a mine, you can start digging around, until the day comes, which will also advance you to stone or iron items.

Find a water source

If you got lucky and found iron in your mine, the first thing you need to do is craft a bucket. Afterward, go to the surface, and start searching for water sources.

Finding a water source or a whole ocean can be useful for farming crops, and producing food so your hunger doesn’t drop too low.

Finding water in Minecraft for surviving the first night

Once you find water on the surface, start breaking the grass around, as it may drop seeds. They can be used for planting and producing wheat, which is further used for making bread.

Plant crops for food

Now that we have all the needed materials, all you need to do is place water in the center, and make an 8 by 8 square area filled with the seeds.

For planting seeds, you will need to use a hoe and right-click on the dirt or grass blocks, so it becomes farmland.

Start planting your seeds until the day ends, and once the night comes, you can go into your underground, and advance in the mine.

When the crops have fully grown, they can be collected and turned into bread, which makes survivability easier than ever.

food in minecraft for surviving the first night


With our tips, surviving the first night in Minecraft can look like something very easy. In fact, our way of playing can be used to survive the nether, by hiding most of the time and locating resources.