How to Setup MC Daily Rewards on a Minecraft Server

Have you just downloaded MC Daily Rewards and wondered how you can install it on your Minecraft Server?

In this article, we will show you step-by-step how you can set up MC Daily Rewards and connect it to your database.

Downloading and extracting MC Daily Rewards

The first step is to download MC Daily Rewards from our website and save it on your desktop or folder. After that, you can simply extract the files and move them to your server’s folder.

Once all files have been moved, you can simply start your Minecraft server and view the logs.

To use MC Daily Rewards you will need to have permissions and an economy plugin installed. Otherwise, your plugin will be installed, but not accept any of the commands. You can install LuckPerms and Vault on your Minecraft server and perform a restart, so everything can be installed on your server properly.

If you notice an error on MC Daily Rewards, you can simply disregard it, as you haven’t set everything up still.

Setting up the database for MC Daily Rewards

The process for setting up a database in Minecraft will depend on how you are hosting your server. If you are locally hosting, you will need to set up a database on your own. But if you are using a paid hosting provider, they offer fast and simple database installations.

And to make things easier for you, we will show how you can set up your database both on locally hosted and paid hosting Minecraft servers.

Setup a database for MC Daily Rewards on a local Hosted Minecraft Server

If you are on a locally hosted Minecraft server there is nothing to worry about, because the steps to setting up a database are pretty much straightforward.

The first thing you will need to do is to download and install XAMPP on your computer. The file destination doesn’t matter at all.

Once the installation has finished, you can start both Apache and MySQL, which will start hosting your database. If Apache or MySQL doesn’t start, try to turn off Skype, MS Teams, or any other application, which is used for communication, as they can block your ports.

Starting Xampp for Minecraft Servers

Now that you have Xampp up and running, you can click on the “Admin” button and your hosted databases should open immediately. When the window opens, you can click on databases and start creating your first database.

Create database in Xampp

When the database gets created, you can click on “Check Privileges”, and you will see your username, which in most cases is “root”. Remember this part. Along with that, you should check if your “host” is named localhost, as you will also need it for setting up the plugin.


If you click on “Edit Privileges” and scroll down, you should be able to see a password field, along with password options. Setting up a password for your database is the most effective option, so create a password for your database and save everything.

Setup a database for MC Daily Rewards on a paid hosting Minecraft Server

Setting up a database on a paid hosting is very easy and requires a few clicks, unlike the local hosted way. All you need to do is navigate to your host and go to your databases tab.


Hit the “Create Database” button and enter a name for your database.


Check the name of your database now. In most cases, the names of databases have numbers behind them. This means that your database will be called 123_DatabaseName. You should always use the full name of the database, including numbers and special characters.

Setting MC Daily Rewards on a Minecraft Server

Now that we have a database it is time to set up MC Daily Rewards on our Minecraft server. Go to your plugins folder and locate the folder called “Bonus”. Click on this folder and open the Config.yml file.

After that, you should fill all the fields in the correct order. One single mistake may result in errors, and the plugin will not work for you.


Hostname – Write the hostname of your database. For local hosted servers it is localhost:3306, but for paid hosting, it may be found in the database credentials tab.

Database – Fill in the name of your database. Add everything that your database’s name shows. Numbers and special characters should be included.

Username – The username is different for each hosting. If you are on a local hosted machine, your username should be “root”, but for paid hosting providers, it can be found in the database credentials tab.

Password – For locally hosted servers you can add the password you have created, or leave it blank if you chose the option “No Password”. Paid hosting providers have the password saved in the database credentials tab.

MC Daily Rewards is giving a database permissions error

If you receive a database permissions error while trying to use MC Daily Rewards, check with your hosting provider if you have permission to use a database and connect it with other plugins.

These issues can be resolved only with your hosting provider, as they hold the master accounts and can set your permissions.