How to Set Auto Minecraft Server Restarts

Is your Minecraft randomly stopping and preventing players from having fun? Setting up your Minecraft server to restart is the best way to restore the game session.

For unknown reasons, some Minecraft servers stop responding, or simply said they crash.

Until you determine what is the problem causer, you may need time and your players won’t like that. So a great way to prevent this issue is by setting an auto-restart for your Minecraft server.

Why does my Minecraft server stop?

Without having an error log in our hands or being tech-savvy, even the beginners can look up to these 4 issues and prevent their Minecraft server from stopping.

Plugin incompatibility

There are more than 40,000 Minecraft plugins for servers and not to mention twice as many mods. Each of them has unique features and coding, but they also get outdated.

Minecraft receives regular updates every month and one major update each year. Once it gets updated, you will need to proceed with updating your Minecraft server version.


While your server version may be the newest, it doesn’t mean that all the plugins you are using might be compatible with it.

Sometimes these plugins are the troublemakers and if they can’t load properly, they might crash your Minecraft server.


Same case with the older plugins, which haven’t received updates for a year or more. Just because they are not announced as abandoned, doesn’t mean they are functional and have a support team behind them.

So in these cases, you can start by removing each plugin’s jar file and see if that prevents the Minecraft server from stopping.

Minecraft hoster issues

Minecraft servers hosting providers are also the ones at fault for our servers to stop sometimes. They offer shared Minecraft hosting services, which puts a bunch of clients on the same machine and they share resources.

Even if you have a specific package that you had paid for, you are still sharing resources with others.


If someone starts a resource-hungry website, he may potentially slow down other servers and even cause multiple instance crashes.

While most Minecraft server hosting providers seem expensive and hard to afford, you may want to give a bit extra and ensure that you pay for quality, and not quantity.

Not enough server resources

Server resources are one of the main things that prevent a Minecraft server from stopping.

If you have a server with too many plugins or players on it but have a small resources package, you may cause a crash on it.

Deleting the unneeded Minecraft plugins can save up resources and ensure a good player experience. Or if you can’t afford to remove plugins, allocating more resources to your Minecraft server is your next option.

Server flooding

The most common issue with servers stopping is server flooding. Players who are often not happy with the server try to bot attack it or DDoS it.


These flood attacks can cause potential server stops and destroy your player base.

That’s why ensuring that your Minecraft server hoster provides premium protection is crucial. And if you are hosting your server on your PC, you may want to choose a good Minecraft anti DDOS plugin.

How to set a Minecraft Server to Restart Automatically

If your Minecraft server is constantly stopping you will need to start it automatically once it stops. It may sound hard to do, but you will only need to modify your start.bat file.

If you are using a locally hosted Minecraft server, you can right-click on the start.bat file and click on edit.

Directly after this, it may ask you how you wish to open the file, for which you can choose Notepad or any other text editor and add the following lines of code.


while true


java -jar -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar Spigot.jar

sleep 5


End of the code. Do not copy this line.

Changing the Xms and Xmx to the desired RAM you would like to use, will ensure that your server will start without issues, rather than make a crash loop.