How to do SEO on a Minecraft Website in 2023

Do you want to rank your Minecraft website high without paying? Learning how to do SEO on a Minecraft website is the easiest and most budget-friendly way.

Doing SEO on Minecraft websites is the best way to ensure your traffic and player base for months ahead.

It requires almost no knowledge and even the easiest steps, can boost your way up to the top.

What is SEO for Minecraft websites?

SEO isn’t hard to learn but may be hard to master.

It consists of 3 different parts, which were further combined into 2.

These are the on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO is used to optimize your website, by speeding it up, using good user interfaces, linking, and utilizing keywords.

In fact, by just using the correct keywords on your website, you will be getting all the players you had ever needed.

Off-page SEO is a bit different. It consists of link building from other sources. Said with easy words, backlinks are the types of links that have links from other websites and point to your website.

You can get these types of links from websites, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even from other websites.

The best backlinks come from websites, which have relevance to your topic and place your links in keywords.

Whenever you see a word, which has a different color than the others or simply has an underline, it means that this word is referring to another page.

Backlinks How to do SEO on Minecraft Websites

The ones who are interested in what’s hidden behind this word will click on it and get transferred to another page on the same website, or a totally different website.

Acquiring backlinks, which have links in text are the best ones to have. They will be using a word or a phrase, which links to you and can potentially increase your ranking results. It’s that easy.

But just because these types of links sound like they give great results, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add your Minecraft website on YouTube or Facebook, or any social media website.

Even these social media links can help with the SEO on your Minecraft Website and get more people to find you.

Even though this may be a small fraction, it would be more than enough to increase your standings in Google and other search engines.

Just keep in mind that SEO is not a thing that happens overnight. It requires consistency and patience.

How to do SEO on a Minecraft Website

To make things easier for you, we will be explaining each of the above-mentioned things with examples and tell you how you can replicate them for achieving the best results.

Achieve a good user interface on a Minecraft Website

Let’s start with the user interface or also known as UI. The user interface is one of the most important parts of the SEO on your Minecraft Website.

If you have a designed website, which is built for the user and not for the sake of a sick design, then you did great.

Otherwise, you may want to think again.

Check the websites on Google and see how they are built. Nobody puts hundreds of effects on their website. This can take the user away from clicking on a link or confuse them.

bad website design How to do SEO on a Minecraft Website

You need a really simple website with no special effects like text movements, glowing words, or anything like that.

Make your website clean and mostly use buttons that take users somewhere. This way you will make them stay longer on your site and achieve great scores on the Search Engines.


The best way to do that is to Google, Bing, or use any browser and search for Minecraft designs.

Once you find a good-looking design you can try to replicate it and add your own imagination into making it better.

And if you are just starting with websites, we advise you to try out WordPress. With WP you can use a page builder and do any kind of design.

Optimize the speed on your Minecraft website

Speed is the next important thing for doing SEO on a Minecraft website. If your website loads slowly, nobody would want to stay and wait for it to load.

People are hurrying to browse through your Minecraft website, see its contents and finally get your server’s IP address and go play.

But if your website loads slow, they might just leave your website and search for something that loads faster.

If you want to speed up your website, you will need to pick lightweight HTML/CSS templates and use images, which are WebP format.

This way you will have better speed and nobody will need to wait a lot of time just entering your website.

There are quite a few more steps, which you could take for speeding up your website, but to keep things simple these would be enough.

Researching keywords for better SEO on your Minecraft Website

Every Minecraft website needs keyword research for better SEO. The way to do that is to head over to google and type in a keyphrase. Well, that’s what they say.

There is even a better way, which is free and can ensure you get the best SEO results for your Minecraft website.

Head over to Ubersuggest and log in with a free account. You will get some free keyword searches, which can be narrowed down to a specific country.

Choose the keyword that excites you most, but don’t use your website’s name.

For example, the keyword Skywars Minecraft server has the potential reach of 4400 users monthly and has no SEO difficulty.

SkyWars Minecraft Server How to do SEO on a Minecraft Website

This means that if you include this keyword in your Minecraft website as an H1 and in a few lines on the homepage, you can get a lot of players.

Head over to your website’s homepage and change the text you have to something that makes sense. The keyword “Skywars Minecraft server” can be changed to “The Best Skywars Minecraft Server”, which looks fancy and can encourage users.


Do the same for the title of the page. Start your title with the keyword and end it with your website’s name.

It’s a popular way of ranking keywords and very effective for everybody who is doing SEO.

And there you have it. A good start in your SEO journey, which may provide you with great results. Do the same thing for more keywords around your page and place them so it makes sense for the readers.

Just don’t over-spam with keywords, because that may get you into trouble before you start getting traffic.

Link building for your Minecraft Website

Building links is an efficient way to do SEO on Minecraft websites. It not only helps with the discovery and rankings but also brings traffic.

Building links is a tough task, but it also has some easy ways.

For example, if you use social media websites, you can easily add your website’s link. People who stumble upon your profile will easily find your website and eventually visit it.

Adding your website across all of your social media websites is the best way to do SEO for your Minecraft website.

Better than that is getting links from other websites. This is when someone adds your website in an “a href” tag.

This tag is used to put any kind of link in a word, and once someone clicks on this word, they will get transferred over to the target page.

If you manage to get such links, consider yourself lucky. These links are like votes, which intentionally say that your website is a good source.


With only this much SEO for your Minecraft website, you can get great results and rank for many keywords.

Even though there are many other SEO factors that you will need to measure, leveraging keywords is your best go-to.

If you have questions or issues with SEO, you can always contact us and receive additional help.