9 Best Realistic Minecraft Resource Packs in 2022

What is a Texture pack in Minecraft

Texture pack or also known as Resource pack is a system, we use to determine how we want to change the game to look for us and also to have good experience while playing in our Minecraft World.

Texture pack in Minecraft is what we call changing or giving a skin to change the environment of the game like:

  • Changing how items and building materials would look
  • Changing the blocks in the world
  • Changing how the flow of rivers and Lava would look
  • Giving NPC’s and mobs a new look so that you can give them a new and different look different so that they don’t look the same
  • Changing the way your equipment looks on you and other mobs
  • Changing and having custom sounds and custom textures in your Minecraft World
  • Changing the original grass to be able to be moving when blown from the wind as well as other plants including the tree’s moving their leaves and many more

Best Realistic Minecraft Resource Packs

If you are looking to replace the cartoony texture pack in the game to make blocks in Minecraft to look more realistic and don’t know where to start.

Here are some of them that we would like to recommend you to check and even download for usage on your own Minecraft world.

Minecraft texture packs can also be used in servers and if you need a recommendation from our side, you can check out the best Minecraft RPG servers.

1. Clarity

This texture pack is preferred by people who are feeling nostalgic or just prefer to stay true to the textures of the vanilla version of Minecraft.

What makes this texture pack to be put in our list as one of the best realistic Minecraft texture packs is that it runs smoothly on low and medium systems making it not so much resource-intensive.

It uses the same textures for building materials, blocks, equipment and items but when it comes for the environment there it shines.

It has realistic texture design and flow for both water and lava.

As for grass, trees and plants the texture provides wind like moving emotion to them to give more live to the environment in Minecraft.

You also have more realistic shades, sun, clouds, rain and lightning as well.

2. Epic adventures

This realistic Minecraft texture pack is perfect for the players who are looking to give more fantastical or adventurous feel to their gaming experience.

What makes this as one of the best realistic Minecraft texture packs is that the way the creators have made changes and giving touch to make it more mysterious and in the same time realistic as well.

What you can find in this Minecraft texture pack is that just like Clarity the creators have sticked to keep the original way the game looks.

But they have made the lighting to be tuned down and not so bright as well as they have made the liquids in the game to be realistic and have made the cycles of day, and night to give more enjoyable vibe for the player when they explore and play in their survival World.

3. Seasons

As the name implies it is a one of the best realistic Minecraft texture packs to use if you would like to see and experience seasons for each biome.

This textures pack is preferred by people who are bored in being in one biome which only has one climate and the weather stays the same doesn’t change.

Players use the Season’s texture pack to give their Minecraft world a mix of the seasons and colors of the environment.

By doing that they make the gaming experience more fun.

4. Miranda Realism

Miranda Realism is considered by our community to be overall the best realistic Minecraft texture pack that you can get.

This is considered to be the best realistic Minecraft texture pack you can have when playing in your survival world.

This texture pack adds a lot of realistic textures and what makes it so unique is that the blocks and the world take the player back in time to the stone age or revisiting ancient times with its visuals.


NAPP is one of the most realistic Minecraft texture packs, created back in 2020.

NAPP has more than 500,000 total downloads and is loved by the fans as the best realistic texture pack for Minecraft vanilla.

If you are a fan of the 3D realistic Minecraft texture packs, NAPP offers a perfect 256 bit version, which can turn all of those boring Minecraft blocks into realistic ones.

NAPP is sending out updates every single month with many improvements, but these updates are available for the end users at a different time.

If you would like to grab the new update of this realistic Minecraft texture pack, you will need to join the Patreon of the NAPP creators.

6. Battered Old Stuff

Battered old stuff is the best old school Minecraft texture pack, which can take you back to the era of coal and mining.

Using this Minecraft texture pack will take you back in the old rusty times and make you never want to change your texture pack again.

The Battered Old Stuff texture pack is currently updated to Minecraft version 1.17 and has over 150,000 downloads, with monthly updates.

In order to use Battered Old Stuff you will need to install Optifine as some it has a lot of connected textures, which can be hardly seen without the proper integration.

Although BOS is not updated for the newest Minecraft version, it is still appreciated by many of the servers and is considered as the best Minecraft texture pack for the ‘ye old days in game.

7. CMR Extreme Realistic

CMR Extreme Realistic is the most realistic and best texture pack for Minecraft, which includes every single block in Ultra HD graphics.

The CMR Extreme realistic texture pack is built in 256 bits and currently updated to work with Minecraft 1.16.5.

If you like the previous Minecraft versions, the Extreme Realistic Minecraft texture pack can improve your graphics and give you the best experience in game.

In order to use the CMR Extreme Realistic Minecraft texture pack, you will need to have a well build PC, with a good graphics card and enough RAM to hold up the game.

CMR Extreme realistic is a heavy, but worth Minecraft texture pack, which dominates the overall leaderboard of the best Minecraft texture packs.

8. Optimum Realism Resource Pack

Optimum Realism is one of the most realistic Minecraft resource packs, which can bring your default textures, to more realistic ones.

With this resource pack, you can make every 16x cube, into a 2048x one, with every detail added into them. The Optimum Realism Resource Pack is meant to be used just like the RTX ON mode for Minecraft Bedrock edition, for graphics improvement.

However, if you don’t have a strong computer, you may suffer from FPS drops, because the resource pack is memory heavy. For those who have strong video cards from the GTX series, they can try downloading the 256x, 512x versions, and for others with RTX cards the 1024x versions would fit really nice.

Optimum realism is available for every Minecraft version starting from 1.8, and ends at the latest Minecraft version.

9. Project Melior

Project Melior is a realistic resource pack for Minecraft, which improves the graphics, without making big changes in the server. It has more than 2000 textures, but preserves the feeling of playing your favorite blocky game.

Project Melior doesn’t require you to have a high-end PC, and that is one of the reasons, to include it in our list. Players with mid-tier or low-tier PC’s can easily run this resource pack, without causing drops in the FPS.

The main idea of the Project Melior resource pack is to improve the default textures of mobs, and some blocks, such as dirt, gravel, ores, tools, trees and others. There are only improvements in the graphics, which makes them realistic, but not too realistic to kill the game vibe.


Picking the right Minecraft texture pack can be a hard thing, as all of them require different PC builds and characteristics.

You may encounter a big loss of frames if your computer is slow and your hardware is outdated, so be cautious when picking a Minecraft texture pack.

If you are a beginner in Minecraft, perhaps you would like to learn a bit more tips about the game, before getting started.

We encourage you to read our beginners guide to Minecraft, which is always kept up to date.