Best Realistic Resource Packs for Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft is a very popular sandbox game, which can fill up your empty time, and even teach you some basics. However, some people aren’t interested in the game, because of the graphics.

That shouldn’t be a problem or a red flag for you to quit before trying out the game. And if you are one of the people who wish to have better graphics, this article is the right one for you.

Today, we will be showcasing the best realistic resource packs for Minecraft 1.19, and give you a reason to try Minecraft once again.

Requirements to install realistic resource packs for Minecraft 1.19

As you may have heard, Minecraft 1.19 is a bit resource-heavy. This is because it is built on Java, and it could run a bit slow, but that’s only for a few moments until you start playing.

It will also be the same if you have applied a realistic resource pack on the Minecraft 1.19 update.

But to install such resource packs, you should be aware of your computer’s configuration and components. Realistic resource packs have more details and each block will consume more resources.


If your computer doesn’t have at least 4GB of RAM installed, you should try to download a bit simpler resource pack or downgrade your settings.

Another thing that could be helpful for people with lower-end computers is to install and optimize Minecraft with Forge. It can drastically increase your FPS and give you a smoother experience when playing Minecraft.

Best realistic resource packs for Minecraft 1.19

To manage and help the people with low-end computers, we will start with the low requirements realistic resource packs, and go to the heavier ones. Each of these resource packs can be used in any of the Minecraft versions, but we will also add the supported versions to make things easier for you.

Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack


Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack is one of the first realistic resource packs for Minecraft, which had come to life. It has been created by Misa, but the author’s development ended way back in 2014.

However, a small group has now acquired and updated the realistic resource pack, which achieved the potential to reach 64x textures.

Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack kind of looks like an old horror game, as it adds the spooky texture to some of the items, such as the furnace, but is a really fun resource pack to have.

If you try to construct a house in Minecraft with the Misa’s Resource Pack, you should definitely build something steampunk-like. It just fits the genre. The resource pack can be used for low-end computers and supports versions from 1.6.2 up to 1.19.2.

Ovo’s Rustic Resource Pack


Ovo’s Rustic Resource Pack is a game changer for low-end Minecraft players, as it delivers great graphics and a smooth experience.

When taking a look at it, it’s a perfect resource pack if you want to play a spooky-like Minecraft with realism added to it. The minimum requirements to run this 64x resource pack are the same as the original Minecraft resource pack requirements. Well, just a bit up, but not much.

Ovo’s Rustic Resource Pack gives a great touch to all the textures and has some more detail added to Minecraft. For example, the mobs you will see, have a different display. Items also have more detail in them, such as shadows, that can blend with the darkness of each night coming.

And if you love your default Minecraft resource pack, Ovo’s Rustic will not change much. You can give it a try even on the older Minecraft versions. It currently has support for versions from 1.6.2 and goes up to 1.19.

Faithless Resource Pack


The Faithless resource pack is one of the best resource packs in Minecraft for people who love fantasy RPG games and looks like a good PVP resource pack, which can be used in Minecraft PVP servers. It is also recommended to be installed if you play on Minecraft RPG servers.

While it doesn’t have the biggest detail in all items, it adds a bit of magic touch to them, and also makes them realistic.

The Faithless resource pack has 32x textures assigned to it, which may be downgraded further to 16x or even 8x. Recommending the Faithless resource pack was one of the best choices by far because the colors picked was a genius idea.

While other resource packs aim for higher graphics, they forget about a certain part of the Minecraft players and distance them from the cool resource packs. But it’s not the same with this resource pack.

The Faithless resource pack can be used by any player in Minecraft, even those with eye disabilities. The color variations were picked so carefully, so every person can enjoy this realistic Minecraft resource pack.

It doesn’t require a computer from the high-end, nor need too fancy optimizations. However, installing this realistic resource pack will require you to use Optifine for further optimizations.

The Faithless resource pack is available to any player who likes Minecraft 1.13 and goes up to Minecraft 1.19.

Luna HD Resource Pack


The Luna HD Resource Pack is available for all kinds of computers and resource pack lovers. It can be seen in 4 different variations, which are available in 32x, 128x, 256x, and 512x resolutions.

This makes it the most lightweight and heavy resource pack in Minecraft, which can be enjoyed by every player, who wishes to try the resource pack.

If you start from the bottom of the resolution, you will notice the basic textures, but with a bit more detail. Going higher in the resolutions, you will start seeing Luna HD Resource Pack written in the books, which are added to the bookshelves.

The Luna HD resource pack will need a shader pack added, such as the SEUS, in order to give the best results. This applies to those who wish to use the 256x or 512x resource pack version.

Luna HD is available for all the players who play on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Minecraft Pocket Edition, or Minecraft 1.15 to 1.19 updates.

Optimum Realism


Optimum Realism is a high-end resource pack, which require a good computer, with some requirements that most players have. It requires every user to have at least a GTX 1080 or higher graphics card, and at least 8 GB of RAM, so it can run without glitches and crashes.

The higher-end requirements that the Optimum Realism team gives are due to the multiple tests, and many fails. Optimum Realism is a 128x Minecraft resource pack, which can transform your ordinary Minecraft, into a realistic block game.

It has such smooth and enhanced blocks, weapons, gears, and mobs, that almost no other resource pack could replicate it.

However, if you want to use the Optimum Realism resource pack and enjoy it to its fullest, you will need to use the BSL, Kappa, or SEUS shader packs.

The supported versions of Optimum Realism are starting from Minecraft 1.16 and go up to 1.19. There are currently no updates or plans to update it for the lower versions of the game.

ModernArch Realism Resource Pack

monarch is by far the most realistic resource pack for Minecraft, which is available in the newer versions of Minecraft. the textures of the ModernArch Realism are only found in 512x.

The resource pack has so much detail, that even the newest video games, cannot compete with it. ModernArch was discontinued for quite some time, but was later resurrected and further improved.

Ores and items that were not melted can also be seen with ultra graphics and details, which are hard to achieve, and can blend with the day and night. Especially if you are using a light source such as glowstone or torches, the items look even better.

ModernArch will require players to have at least 8 GB of RAM and a GTX 1080 graphics card or higher, so they can enjoy the realistic Minecraft resource pack to its fullest.

The creator of the resource pack also recommends players install the SEUS shader pack, so the resource pack can be unleashed to its fullest.

The ModernArch Realism Resource Pack is available for players who enjoy the later versions of Minecraft starting from 1.14 and updating up to Minecraft 1.19.