How to Create the Best PVP Team in Minecraft

Are you a fan of PVP in Minecraft? Do you want to know how to create the best PVP team in Minecraft? We’ve got you covered with our PVP Minecraft guide.

PVP has become one of the best things in Minecraft covered up with awesome plugins and mods, which unleash the full potential of aggressive Player VS Player experience, that the world of Minecraft has ever known.

One of the best ways to dominate the PVP scoreboard on Minecraft is when you have your own PVP Minecraft team, ready to fight with fully enchanted weapons and armors.

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Since the start of servers in Minecraft, people had always been into PVP more than PVE in the old vanilla servers.

Back then when the Minecraft servers were starting to have plugins, players were mostly concentrated on the basics of the game.

After a year of development and releasement of some of the greatest plugins, Minecraft had changed drastically.

With the development of the first PVP plugins, Minecraft players were starting to get bigger chances and opportunities to have a much more fun and aggressive battle with other players.

Some of the Minecraft servers are also known for having the plugin called Factions, which lets players create their own faction and territory, on which they fight over and claim as their own if they win the battle.

Nowadays Minecraft PVP doesn’t only include factions, but also has custom designed weapons with over hundreds of different enchants and awesome PVP plugins, which can change the way you have seen Minecraft all this time.

What is PVP on Minecraft?

PVP in Minecraft and in other games stands for Player vs Player. This happens when 2 or more players start fighting in an aggressive way with handcrafted or purchased from the store weapons.

In most of the servers the players with most kills are displayed in the server’s leaderboards and in some rare cases you may get rewarded for your hard earned kills.

Minecraft PVP servers often include PVP sets, which you can get in exchange for special in-game currencies, such as farming them through killing, earning through crates or buying them with real money.

Nowadays you cannot find a Pay2Win Minecraft PVP server, as the EULA of Minecraft had turned the tables, with and old update.

Since Minecraft had been bought by Microsoft, players could no longer buy items, which would make non-paying players be weaker or feel bad.

As bypass for most of the Minecraft servers to earn money and keep their income steady, they have implemented a system, which lets players buy or earn keys in-game and get the same items.

In Minecraft PVP had become for enhanced, due to putting a cool down on each type of tool you use, so double clickers or automated software users can be prevented from killing pray in a non-standard way.

Another great thing about the PVP in Minecraft servers is that you can find many servers who offer realistic blood upon hit and prevention to flee from a battle once you get hit.

What is a PVP team on Minecraft?

Minecraft PVP is fun solo, but what’s more fun is when you have a team, which covers each point and can back you up when you are losing the fight.

Many Minecraft PVP servers have professional established teams, which are ready to dominate the PVP grounds without any mercy.

Each Minecraft PVP player has a certain role, which he follows and helps the team so they don’t fall while on hunt for prey.

Most of the teams consist of 2 tanks, 1 archer, 1 alchemist and 1 damage dealer.


Tanks in Minecraft are taking a high role, in which they go for having heavy defenses and big buffs, which help them to take most of the damage and resist most of the enchantments, such as fire, sharpness and hold on knockbacks.

When playing as a tank in Minecraft the main thing you need to do is focus on eating golden apples and maintain buffed enchantments on thorns and fire resistance.

As a tank in Minecraft your role is to get in the way of the damage dealers and protect your own squad by taking most of the damage.

Carrying enchanted golden apples is a must for the role of tank, as well as other roles, which are taking part in close battles.

As we all know, enchanted golden apples are hard to get and keep in your inventory and that is why only the tanks and damage dealers need them.

The best build for a tank in Minecraft is to have a sword and shield, which can protect you from the heavy attacks and let the damage dealers and archers do their work.


Archers are fast shooters, who stay in long ranged battles and shoot their enchanted bows, without the need of any heavy enchanted armors and golden apples.

It may be a hard thing to maintain your health points as an archer, as they are usually easier pray and can be killed by a damage dealer in no time.

The most important thing for an archer is to keep his distance away from tanks and damage dealers and also be on the lookout for alchemists, which can always sneak behind their backs and end their game in a second.

The main purpose of having an archer is to consistently apply damage over time with fire arrows and hit as much as you can, so you can help out the tank stay more and your damage dealer continue on their next target.

Archers are perfect for using potions of swiftness as they have to move fast and shoot their arrows as fast as possible.

While they are consistently holding the battle between the damage dealers and tanks, archers should be also aware of other archers, who are staying in a long radius and trying to help out their team.

Eliminating the archer first is the most important part of the game, so you can have the upper hand and higher chances in killing other players.

The role of archer is not always suitable for all of the players, so you need cautious if this role is actually suitable for you or you are best at having another role.


Alchemists in Minecraft are potion crafters and responsible for keeping the other roles alive, while using the right splash potions.

An alchemist is more like a support for the other roles and he has to be always invisible, so he can move freely, but be on the lookout for other players that may always hit you.

Using potions of swiftness and potion of invisibility are a great way to move between opponents and quickly kill them with potions of poison.

Alchemists are also known for using splash potion of harming and splash potion of weakness, so they can always keep the hard targets with low armors and be killed easily.

Another great way to support your PVP Minecraft team is by using splash potion of healing and splash potion of strength, which keeps your own team buffed and stronger than ever.

As an alchemist in a Minecraft PVP team, your main role is to go between easiest targets and weaken them, so the archer and damage dealer can take them down easily.

Alchemists can also be executors, with their potions of damage or axes, which they can take out, only if the target is low HP and can be killed without a problem.

As an alchemist you are playing without any armors, so you can be completely invisible to enemies and never be seen, as alchemists are the most important and supportive role.

If you are unable to execute an enemy fast, you hold big risks to be destroyed and lose your teams victory, as there is nobody else, who can weaken the enemies or apply damage over time to them.

Damage Dealer

Damage dealers in Minecraft are the most aggressive part of the game, as they are undeniable rushers and attackers.

Damage dealers unlike tanks should be focusing other damage dealers, while being protected by the tank and buffed by the support.

Focusing the weaker enemies is the key to a successful damage dealer, as they fight with axes and heavy armors.

Unlike other roles, damage dealers should be kept alive with potions of healing, potions of strength and eventually potion of swiftness, so they can escape faster harder battles and go into the easiest ones.

While you are protected by the tank as a damage dealer, your alchemist can always throw potions of weakness and potions of poison, so you have a faster and easier battle against your opponents.

Damage dealers should be well equipped with enchanted golden apples and eaten seconds before starting the fight, because while fighting they should not take out anything else, except their axe or potentially an ender pearl, which can teleport them to the archer and execute him faster.

The big part that damage dealers play are being a having high damage and a fast execution skills. As a damage dealer you should always think fast, as you will be targeted by all of the other roles.

Tank will always try to take the damage that you try to lay on the other damage dealer. Alchemists will try to lower your stats and keep you weakened, so you can be easy to be executed. Archers will always keep attacking you, unless they see where the alchemist is and start attacking him.

Before starting the battle, you should take all the buffs you can from each potion and eat your enchanted golden apple.

How to Create the Best PVP Team in Minecraft?

Now when you know all the essentials to PVP in Minecraft, you need to create your own team that will fight alongside you.

Sometimes it is a hard task, which is time consuming, but totally worth the time.

Picking the best PVP team in Minecraft is an essential if you are into player vs player battles and wish to be known in this kind of matter.

But how do you pick the best PVP team in Minecraft?

Well, this happens when you follow simple steps, which we are going to explain to you below.

Create a plan for your PVP team in Minecraft

Planning ahead was always a great thing to do, so you can achieve wonders in Minecraft and in real life.

Creating a plan of your PVP team in Minecraft should be a must, that you need to follow, if you want to be successful.

You need to properly test and choose each person, who wants to be part of the team and see if he is good enough to be part of the futuristic team.

Picking your best friend isn’t a good idea if he is bad at PVP. Instead he can be a backup and mine things, so you can get your hands on better items.

Even if your best friend isn’t good at PVP, he can still be valuable to the team and be appreciated this way. You both win and there is nobody having hard times or arguing over this.

Test the PVP skills of each of the people in your team

Testing the PVP skills of each player is essential for you future team, as you will need the best players with tactics and those who are self-aware of what is happening.

You don’t need a passive team, who is watching the fight like a YouTube video. You need active and dynamic players, who will know what to do every single second. Even in the most critical cases, they should know how to deal with the strongest foes and bring the victory to the team.

So once you find people who wish to join your website, you need to test them in the most critical conditions, which can show, which is the perfect role for each of them.

Some of the players may say that they are a good damage dealer or a perfect archer, but if you don’t see it with your eyes, you shouldn’t let them take this role.

After all you seek success and the only way to achieve it, is to test the team to its maximum. Once you have found a good member, you need to prepare him for his role.

Assign the role that fits each of your members

When you have the number of members needed, you need to be really sure with your decision on assigning the role they want or the role they are actually a perfect fit for.

One of your members may want to be an archer, but be a better tank and the best thing to do is, to show him how good it is to be a tank.

If your members know how important they are and how important is their role, you can easily assign it to them, otherwise you may end up in a conflict between the team, before you even start having it fighting on the battlefield of Minecraft.

The easiest way to know if the role of the member is suitable for him is to actually find a friend, who can assist and see if the opponent can fill the needs of the role.

For example, if your member wants to be an alchemist, you can hire a friend to play as a tank and protect you from the alchemist or vice versa.

If the member wants to be a damage dealer, you can always ask a friend to play any of the roles and you both will need to seek out the alchemist and his place.

In this way you can be perfectly sure, which is the perfect role for all of your team members and continue ahead by practicing your strategies as a PVP team in Minecraft

Practice your skills against friends or other teams

Practicing your skills is a key to winning PVP battles in Minecraft. The best way to achieve this is to get a free server and invite your team along with 5 other friends, who may have or wish to create an improvised team of their own.

Once you have both teams assembled, you can start practicing different ways of fighting and seeking the best opportunities for your team to dominate the enemy.

This way you can always see how your team is reacting to the push that the enemies is doing, or if they play more in a defense role, you can find a way to break through their shield.

While your team is practicing their PVP skills in Minecraft, you can easily create a strong bond, which can help you to be better in battles and in real life also.

As we all know, Minecraft has created hundreds of thousands of friendships across the world.


Now when you have the brief idea and you know how to create a team, why not go for it?

After all being in a team can make PVP in Minecraft a lot more fun. Players have been teaming up since the beginning of Minecraft, which makes the grinding a lot easier and faster.

With a PVP team in Minecraft you also have the chances of fighting against more advanced players, who had paid or more experienced in the server, so you will have the upper hand.

Not many players are creating a team filled with roles, but having a PVP team and roles assigned, can definitely make things easier and faster.

After all, when you make your team, nothing can stop you from gaining bigger scores and taking enemy territories if the server has the Factions plugin.

Taking player’s gears (if the plugin does not have a prevention plugin) through PVP is another awesome thing to do, as you can claim their armors and weapons as yours and boost your team in the field.

The only problem that could occur is if you or a teammate gets the best gears as a drop, but other players don’t have so good gears. Well, you can figure out how to split everything.

After all, only 2 of those classes are needed with heavy gears and the rest just need to be protected from the attacks that may occur.

If you have a PVP team in Minecraft, please mention it in the comments and tell us how good it is. If you also have any tips that can be useful and we will make sure to add them to this article.