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Minecraft Sleep Pro is a highly customized Minecraft plugin, which lets players sleep anywhere and on any surface, without the need of beds. The only condition is that you will need to wait until night.

Imagine a Minecraft sleeping plugin, which lets players to sleep on benches, chairs, blocks, tables or whatever they want. With Minecraft Sleep Pro it is possible, by just typing a single and simple command.

How to Install Minecraft Sleep Pro

In order to install Minecraft Sleep Pro, you will need to go into your plugins folder on your Minecraft server and drop the plugin installation there.

Make sure that you server is stopped and once you place the file inside, you can safely start your server.

Minecraft Sleep Pro Settings

Once your server is turned on, you will be able to see a file called config.yml, which lets you edit the amount of players needed to sleep together for time to pass, and how fast time elapses.

The time is managed in TPS (Ticks Per Second). Every 20 TPS will equal 1 second, so you will need to use a Minecraft day/night calculator to get the best result.

MC Sleep Pro Settings

List of commands for MC Sleep Pro

When the night comes in Minecraft, MC Sleep Pro will become usable and can be triggered by typing in a single command /sleep.

Information about Minecraft Sleep Pro

  • Sleep doesn’t make players invulnerable and may be targeted by other players and mobs.
  • The plugin is just like using beds in Minecraft, however it doesn’t set your bed spawn and you cannot be bed spawn killed.
  • Players cannot use MC Sleep Pro in the nether or end world (as per current update).
  • Players can use the sleep command on any block, but may suffer damage if the sleep command is triggered on a harmful block, such as lava and others.


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