Paid Hosting vs Self Hosting in Minecraft – Which is Better?

If you have been a Minecraft server manager, who is paying for monthly Minecraft services, you may be wondering to switch to a self-hosted solution to reduce costs.

But this brings many questions and makes us think about the server-level knowledge we need to have, hardware management, and expenses that we would need to pay on a monthly basis.

It may seem frustrating for you when you hear all those stuff, but it is not impossible to host a Minecraft server on your own. It’s also not that hard but comes at a cost, which we will review for you.

In this article, we will be comparing the 2 types of server hosting. Paid Hosting vs Self Hosting in Minecraft, and give you an idea of which might be better in your case.

What is a Minecraft server host?

If you are new to this stuff and wish to learn more about hosting a Minecraft server, you will need to start with the basics.

A Minecraft server host is a special server machine or any kind of computer, laptop, tablet, phone, and other devices, which can be used for accessing Minecraft servers. This applies to any other game servers, as well as websites.

Each Minecraft server has a unique address, which is also known as an IP address. Your local IP address is this unique address, and whenever used to connect to your Minecraft server, they will be able to access it.


Once players access your Minecraft server, additional resources will be allocated to the player. Depending on the hosting environment players will have a different ping, which depends on their country and internet connection.

Paid Hosting vs Self Hosting in Minecraft

When it comes to being on a paid hosting provider costs may seem high for some people and cheap for others (obviously). But being on paid hosting will always depend on the situation.

Depending on the circumstances some people choose paid hosting over self-hosting for Minecraft servers, and we will explain to you why.

Server uptime

The uptime of a Minecraft server is one of the most important things, which will ensure that you have a growing player base. Nobody likes when Minecraft servers are kept running for a few hours, but later stop for the night.

Or when the Minecraft servers stop frequently due to outages, which will interrupt the gameplay experience of the players.

When you are using a self-hosted Minecraft server machine, you should bare in mind that you will need to upkeep your server 24/7 and ensure that if there is an outage or downtime for cleaning, it should be minimal and not too often.


Most of the Minecraft server hosting companies also stop their servers for cleaning purposes, but when they do that, they migrate your server to another location.

Outages might also appear in a Minecraft hosting company as hardware may die while working, but the hosting companies have spare parts and will change them immediately.

If you are self-hosted you will also need to invest some money in spare parts and prepare for the worst. Not to mention that backups and saves are mandatory. Otherwise, you are risking losing players.

Hosting expenses

Every Minecraft hosting provider will give you a big set of options. They will handle all the technical stuff, hardware expenses, electricity expenses, employee payments, and much more at a small monthly cost.

Along with that, they offer many types of protections, automated backups and world saves to ensure that even if the worst happens, you will still keep your server’s data and can return it safely.

But when it comes to being self-hosted these risks are minimal and we only have to pay for the hardware to run a Minecraft server.

It is a one-time payment with no monthly costs and requirements to clean your hardware once in a while.

The only expense you need to pay for self-hosting a Minecraft server are the internet, electricity bills, and mainly spare parts, in case something happens to your server.

Backups can always be done with a script and your saved information will be stored safely on your personal computer. With that said nothing can go wrong.

And if you are not lazy, but serious about hiring a friend to be a part of your server development, then why pay for hosting.

You can easily build a $300 server, which will upkeep at least 80 players and forget about paying big cash.

Not to mention that you can install unlimited plugins for your Minecraft server and still keep your TPS (ticks per second) at a good state.

You only have $30 for a good internet plan and $10 for electricity monthly, which means you can easily get your money back.

Even if you decide to stop your Minecraft server, because you wish to use the computer for other needs, you will not need to spend extra for hardware components. Hooking up a video card is the only thing you need.

But when paying a hosting provider for your Minecraft server, things get really expensive. For $300 you can build a computer with 16GB of RAM.


To get the same plan with 16GB of RAM from a hosting provider, you will need to pay at least $40 per month. That makes $480 for a yearly plan. And when you decide to quit the hosting, you don’t get the hardware, because you were renting it from them.

Minecraft Server Location

Minecraft server locations are crucial when you know where your target audience is and you want to get the best of it. If you are located in the USA and want to self-host a Minecraft server, which will get people from Europe, things get worse.

The internet connection will not be stable enough and once people from Europe start coming to your Minecraft server, they will notice lag.


But if you want to self-host your Minecraft server in the same location you live, then this will be the perfect plan for you. The expenses will be small and lag will be minimal.

When it comes to server locations, Minecraft hosting providers can be really useful. They always have a data center for your target country, with a stable internet connection and plenty of resources to ensure your players won’t have lag.

Resources upgrades

If you are self-hosting your Minecraft server and wish to upgrade your resources, it’s really easy. All you need to do is purchase more RAM, a new motherboard, CPU, or more space.

You can choose any components and periodically add them to your Minecraft server hardware without any issues.

But when using a Minecraft server hosting provider things are a bit different and may not be the way you like. The only things you can change in your hosting plan are the amount of RAM, CPU cores, and space.

To change your plan you may need to speak with the Minecraft server hosting provider and pay the price for this upgrade. Some hosting providers will make you pay the difference between both plans, while others will want the full price.

Control over your server and resources

It is no secret that the Minecraft server hosting providers are putting your server along with the others. This means that you are on shared hosting because you are paying a small price.

Shared hosts have many pros and cons, but the worst part of using shared resources is that others can also use them. If someone’s Minecraft server gets flooded and starts running slow, you will also get affected by this.

Or even if they have a big player base joining, your server will be lagging also, because the resource usage got higher and the server got unstable.

And if you want to have resources only for yourself without worrying about others, prices are starting at $100 a month for a small Minecraft server. This is because you are renting out their entire server for your own purposes.

Dedicated Minecraft Hosting

When you are self-hosting a Minecraft server you can never have problems with the resources. All the hardware that you have paid for will be used only by you. It also gives the feeling like you are using your own VPS, but for a lot cheaper price per month.

Server Security

Server security is one of the most important things in Minecraft servers. This means that whenever somebody tries to attack your server with outside bot attacks, your security system will easily stop the attack, and your server will not suffer damage.

Almost every top-quality Minecraft server hosting provider ensures that you get the best Minecraft server security for the price you pay.

It will be almost impossible to get a bot (DDoS) attack on your server.

On the other hand, self-hosted Minecraft servers don’t have any security installed onto the Minecraft server, which makes them vulnerable.

However, you can still protect your server from outside attacks by using anti-bot Minecraft plugins, or simply registering for Cloudflare and turning the bot attack prevention on.

Hosting support

Every Minecraft server hosting provider offers great hosting support. Well not all of them, but most of them.

Their support will always be cool with you and help you whenever you have issues on your Minecraft server, or simply require assistance in changing your Minecraft server version.

The support can also perform daily backups or download the last backup and upload it to your Minecraft server in no time, which makes them useful in some cases.

The Minecraft server hosting supporters are even recommended to people who don’t want to take care of their Minecraft servers or even think about it, which removes the dirty work and helps you to concentrate on developing your server from the inside.


With self-hosted Minecraft servers, things are a bit different. There is no support that can actually help you to upkeep your Minecraft server, which is a bit bad and leaves you with all the dirty work. However, there are many resource websites, which offer great tutorials on how you can upkeep your Minecraft server and ensure that everything is running smoothly.


Whether you want to self-host or pay for Minecraft server hosting, there are always pros and cons to it.

It’s no secret that most of the big servers are paying for Minecraft server support, while they could simply run everything from home.

There are some things in Minecraft servers, which require a lot of developers, or technical knowledge. Hiring someone may cost a lot of money in your case, while you could just pay monthly costs for a Minecraft server and have everything set for you.