The 5 Most Popular Minecraft Servers To Play in 2023

Would you like to join one of the most popular Minecraft servers and play on it with a huge player base, and while a streamer is active there?

As years pass some servers close doors, while new ones open them for the Minecraft multiplayer community.

And some of the players just feel bad when it comes to searching for a new server to play on. It can be annoying to search for a new server every season, just because the owners had issues.

What Minecraft multiplayer fans usually seek is an opportunity and popular Minecraft server, which will never close its doors, but will remain active, until the end of the game.

To make things a bit easier for you, we have made a small list of the most popular Minecraft servers, which will never go offline.

Which are the Most Popular Minecraft Servers To Play in 2023

Each of these Minecraft servers is making thousands in a day, while it has a large player base, and will remain online no matter what.



Hypixel is the hugest and most popular Minecraft server in the entire history of Minecraft. It has won many awards, and players over the years, and have remained active.

You can choose between many game modes, which include a minigames server, dedicated to their minigame community.

Every single thing you see on Hypixel has been made by programmers, who have developed it over the years, and will continue to do it, as they want to please their players.

They have a custom-scripted Skyblock, fantasy survival worlds, and other massive maps, which are created from other game maps.

Hypixel has been active since 2013 and was created by 2 map makers, who were enjoying the fantasy map projects, but later decided to implement them on their server.

  • Hypixel IP Address:



Mineplex is a minigame server, which is known for having one of the hugest player bases in Minecraft. Currently, they have between 3000 and 5000 members, but in peak hours, they go up higher.

It’s built by professional team members, which continue to work on the maps and bring improvements over time.

And if you are a fan of survival Minecraft servers, this could be the best server for you. They have special in-game items, which do not overlap with the original idea of Minecraft.

However, you can go into various trades and acquire some custom items, which further enhance the gameplay and can always bring more fun to your overall experience.

If you wish to be a bit more casual, you can always go for their Minekart minigame, which is a recreation of Mario Kart. They have special karts with power-ups and their maps look quite like the original Mario Kart.

  • Mineplex IP Address:

Grand Theft Minecraft

Grand Theft Minecart Best Minecraft Drug Servers

Grand Theft Minecraft (GTM) is one of the largest and most popular Minecraft servers of all time. They have taken GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and Minecraft, later combined them into a single solution, and delivered them to their players.

Eliminating the basic work in Minecraft and mechanics in Minecraft, GTM has managed to bring a large community of players, dedicating their time to gang wars and turfs.

You can choose one of the many professions available on this server and start a path to gaining your professional ranks. The more you play on the server, the faster you will receive experience and rank up.

They also have cars, which can be driven without the need of mods, and use special weapons, usable by almost all professions. But rather than reading about Grand Theft Minecart, you could go and try to rob a bank or stop the robbers from escaping.

  • Grand Theft Minecart IP Address:

Complex MC


Complex MC is an all-in-one solution popular Minecraft server, which always achieves more than 3000 players active. During peak hours the player base increase enormously, but it depends on the player’s time zone.

Complex MC is a well-known network, which has 4 types of Minecraft servers, broken into smaller ones.

They have Tekkit, Vanilla, Pixelmon, and FTB servers with different IP addresses, and can be accessed any time by the players. The developers of Complex MC are broken down into 4 teams, which take care of each server.

Their most popular servers in the network are the Pixelmon, which can be joined by using a Minecraft launcher with mods, and their vanilla server, which has no requirements.

They can be played on all Minecraft versions, and support them from 1.9 to 1.19.2.

  • Complex MC IP Address:


CubeCraft Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers

For those who adore the minigame servers, CubeCraft is one of the most popular Minecraft servers, which has more than 40 game modes and more coming up.

Once in a while, CubeCraft releases limited-time minigames, which can be played until the timer expires, and be gone forever. But if you wish to know a part of their custom-developed minigames, we will tell you the ones that make the server most popular.

Currently, they have added new minigames, which are avoid pigs, preventing from getting spotted, crossing the road, and bouncing field.

Each of them brings a bigger hype to the newcomers and even their current player community.

Aside from developing new games, CubeCraft is also responsible for the creation of many custom maps, which follow the old culture. One of their newest and coolest maps represents Greek mythology.

And if you ever need help, they have community-friendly forums or offer in-game support, which can be accessed at any time.

  • CubeCraft IP Address:


If you are a fan and wish to discover the most popular Minecraft servers, these servers are a perfect start. However, each of them is so large that it may contain hackers.

You don’t need to get sad or quit them, because their hack prevention plugins can easily discover such people and remove them from the server.

Or if you have any urgent cases, missing items, questions, or anything support-related, dedicated support from their team will be able to assist in less than an hour.

Since these are the most popular Minecraft servers, they have invested in real people to handle any support request and answer tickets.