Jenguh builds the most Amazing Creeper Lighthouse in Minecraft

As Minecraft develops, builds also get better, and one of the most amazing projects we have seen in a mob farm is the Creeper Lighthouse.

The Minecraft player Jenguh built the first creeper lighthouse, which imitates the face of the famous Minecraft mob and a broken lighthouse connected to it.

Creeper Lighthouse in Minecraft 1

While most of the Minecraft players have done amazing projects, Jenguh got popular with his Reddit post in no time.

Many of the Minecraft players, who follow his posts on Reddit started following his projects and tried to make an even better design of the Creeper Lighthouse.

While most of the lighthouse projects may seem very basic, Jenguh’s lighthouse suddenly got the attention of all Minecraft players.

Not to mention that the blocks used to build this Creeper Lighthouse are between 1700 – 1800.

The Minecraft players, which replicated Jenguh’s project stated that to build a lighthouse it would take them between 200-320 blocks, without counting the bridge.


And these many blocks are used only to replicate a lighthouse, without the stunning creeper head and model.

The overall design of the Creeper Lighthouse may seem nice, but if you knew its functions, you would be further amazed.

From the top part of the lighthouse, you can see the creepers being caught and pushed inside the lighthouse. This is a tricky design by Jenguh, who spend 3 days building the project and more thinking of the design.

How does the Creeper Lighthouse work?

The creeper lighthouse operates the same as any mob grinder, but with some differences. It again lets you kill mobs safely, by pushing them and extracting their resources.

As for the creeper, once he dies from falling, he extracts gunpowder, which is further used for crafting fireworks and TNT.

The most amazing part about the Creeper Lighthouse is that it has an automatic sorting system, which is built with Redstone.

While it is meant to capture creepers and extract their drops, this doesn’t mean that only creepers get trapped.

Most of the mobs can spawn in it and die from falling.

But what happens when these mobs die?

Once a skeleton, zombie, or even a witch dies, the items get sorted and are being spread in their relative chest, through the so-called Redstone system.

These systems are meant for various cases but like PewDiePie, Jenguh is using them for sorting his items automatically, so he can save time on his next project.

Minecraft automatic sorting system