Will Mojang Ban Cracked Minecraft Servers

Minecraft and its servers exist since 2010, granting players an opportunity to play together, and finish the main game’s objectives.

Since Mojang released the freedom of creating and hosting your Minecraft server, players have been creating various types of servers, but some of them were marked as cracked.

As Minecraft started regaining popularity in 2017, after Microsoft adopted it, a rumor came out stating that “Mojang will ban cracked Minecraft servers”.

What is a cracked Minecraft server

A cracked Minecraft server is a server that allows anyone to join without having to pay for a premium account. It has some drawbacks such as the inability to access certain features, but overall it’s still an enjoyable gaming experience.

The only feature differences between cracked and premium Minecraft are the inability to use the official Mojang API, and account protection.

Premium Minecraft servers require account authentication, therefore no login is required when joining.

However, cracked servers in Minecraft require you to register your account in the server, to proceed with playing.

Registering on Minecraft cracked servers

Are cracked servers in Minecraft illegal

Cracked servers in Minecraft are not counted as illegal since Mojang themselves have provided its users with the option to change their server to offline mode.

However, playing on a cracked Minecraft launcher (non-bought one) is considered illegal, and falls under the section of content piracy.

Players who use cracked Minecraft launchers are considered illegal, even if they have a premium account logged into the launcher.

Shiginima Launcher Cracked Minecraft Launcher

Therefore, using a cracked launcher is illegal, but hosting a cracked Minecraft server is legal from Mojang’s standpoint.

If you are curious about the Mojang policies for Minecraft servers, you can read their official documentation, and be prepared before launching your own server.

The only activity considered illegal for Minecraft servers is selling donator items, which gives an advantage over non-paying players.

Will Mojang ban cracked Minecraft servers

As we discovered, cracked servers in Minecraft are not considered illegal, so Mojang and Microsoft will not be banning cracked servers anytime soon.

Even if they wanted, stopping or partially blocking a cracked server from being joined would require a lawsuit to take place.


Since Microsoft and Mojang are more focused on releasing new Minecraft updates, going against cracked servers in Minecraft would just kill a big portion of their community.

Nonetheless, some servers are open to both premium and cracked players, making it harder to block.


Playing on cracked Minecraft servers can sometimes be better because the Minecraft API can go down along with all the servers. Carrying out the responsibility to prevent this from happening is one of the best steps Mojang has taken, providing us with multiplayer servers that have no downtime.

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