MineMarket – Minecraft Donation Plugin for WordPress


The leading payment plugin for Minecraft server donations and funding.

MineMarket is a Minecraft web store for WordPress, which lets server owners sell Minecraft related perks directly from their WordPress websites.

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MineMarket is by far the most affordable solution for Minecraft server owners. To be precise MineMarket is a Minecraft Donation Plugin for WordPress plugin for creating webstores and receiving donations on your server.

With MineMarket you can setup both premium (online) servers and also cracked (offline) servers, as it has been highly modified to serve the end user’s needs.

How to Install MineMarket

Once you have purchased the MineMarket license, you will have 2 file downloads. Each of those files goes to its rightful place.

Installing MineMarket for WordPress and MineMarket for Minecraft

MineMarket for WP should be installed on your WordPress website.

Simply drag & drop the plugin in the Plugins > Add new page. Once the plugin is placed just hit install and activate it.

In order to use MineMarket to create your Minecraft webstore, you will need to install WooCommerce.

MineMarket consists of only one jar file, which needs to placed in your Minecraft server plugins folder.

Once you have placed MineMarket jar file, all you need to do is restart the server.

Hooking MineMarket for WordPress and MineMarket for Minecraft Together

To hook both MineMarket plugins and start your own Minecraft webstore you will need to have a website with a valid domain name. Subdomains, addon domains, etc. are usable and will work with the plugin.

The most important thing to do is have a valid SSL certificate for WooCommerce and ensure you use the “https” version of your website when hooking.

First of all you need to open up the config.yml in your Minecraft server plugins folder.

From there you will need to fill out 2 spots.

The URL spot must hold the correct address, which should be https://yourdomain.com/.

After that you will need to scroll down to the key field and after the 2 dots to create any type of key you would like to use. The key doesn’t need to be something special.

MineMarket for Minecraft

Once you have added your website and created a key for hooking up both plugins, you will need to go to your WordPress admin dashboard.

Go into WooCommerce > Settings and scroll down to the bottom. There you should find the text MineMarket Options. 

Under the MineMarket options you will see 2 fields – Dropdown Label and Key.

MineMarket for WP connecting your server

The Dropdown label can hold any name, which will help you recognize your server.

The Key field is the one that needs the key, which you created in your config.yml.

How to Create Products with MineMarket

Creating products with MineMarket follows the same process as with WooCommerce.

Go into your product and write all the needed information, so players can see what they are actually purchasing.

Once you write this information, you will need to scroll down to the bottom, where it says MineMarket commands.

How to create products with MineMarket

On the command field you will need to input the command, which the server needs to execute upon player purchase. Place “%s” where it is applicable, as it takes the name that players write when buying a product.

Server needs to have the correct server marked, otherwise it will not execute the command in the proper one. That’s if you have multiple servers.

The last thing you will need to do is to mark both Virtual and Downloadable product in the Product data field. Otherwise your orders will not be set to complete automatically.

Once all of this is done, you can start selling products on your Minecraft webstore.

MineMarket Addons

MineMarket is slowly growing and adapting all the needed functions, you will ever need for your WordPress website and Minecraft Server.

MineMarket addons are a great way to make your website look better and encourage more users to start paying for your digital Minecraft products.

It consists of 3 functions and 3 addons, which can maximize the profits of your server.

MineMarket addons

Monthly limit lets you setup the amount needed to host your server and pay all related bills. Putting down any sum will trigger WooCommerce to calculate the sum of each product, and add it to the money needed to keep the server active.

Ebable all-time top donator – When this option is checked it will update the sum of each donator and search for the highest sum available. When used with the most donations shortcode, the user who has donated most, will be displayed. If you uncheck the box of all-time top donator, the donators will be reset every month and recalculate.

Enable all-time most donations – This command will show the most recently bought product by the top donators, which are calculated from the WooCommerce order system.

The shortcode mcwid_top_donar – Can be copied and placed in your sidebar to show the top donator.

The shortcode mcwid_most_donations – Can be copied and placed in your sidebar to show the most recently bought products by top donators.

The shortcode mcwid_donation_progress – Can be copied and placed in your sidebar to show how much money is needed to upkeep your server and bills. Works with the “Monthly Limit” function and will display the amounts gathered in percentages.

When the top donator shortcode is used on your website, the Minecraft name and its skin will be shown in the widget area. If a skin doesn’t exist, it will show the default Steve skin.

Addons for MineMarket

If you are using the most donations shrotcode in your widget bar, you will be receiving the last bought product from one of the top donators.

The product will have its name, image, price and a buy now button, which will encourage players to purchase more from you.

Recent Payments

MineMarket Commands

MineMarket has only 2 commands, which are executed inside Minecraft.

/mreceive – a command, which players will have to use, so they can receive their bought items. Once a player has ordered the items and uses /mreceive, the server will execute the command.

/mping – a command, which lets server owners (OP’s and admins) to check if the plugin is hooked up properly. In order for the plugin to work, you should be seeing status 200 for both your website and the API.