The 5 Best Minecraft UHC Servers To Play

Are you looking for competitive Minecraft server modes, which are harder than the basic hardcore mode? There is a certain mode in Minecraft, where you have almost no chances of survival, and can make the best content out of it.

Just a few servers are featuring the ultimate hardcore mode, as it can make players rage quit, but we will be happy to present to you the best Minecraft UHC servers, and explain what they are.

What is Minecraft UHC

Minecraft UHC is a special game mode plugin, which features a new mode, harder than the hardcore. UHC stands for Ultra Hardcore, and it presents a game mode where you spawn with only one life, and no chances to regenerate your health.

You can play with others in a team and manage to survive, but that will depend on the UHC setup that the server will offer you.

It is not very different from the basic survival modes, where you can craft weapons and try your best to survive. However, there is one small difference in it.

In the Minecraft UHC game mode, you will need to fight with enemy players and manage to be the last person or team alive, if you wish to win the mode.

Best Minecraft UHC Servers

Perhaps you have been playing in one of these Minecraft servers offering UHC, but we would like to note that they may have different setup and survivability settings.

Performium (Server Address:

Performium is a Minecraft network, which has been existing for more than 5 years. They have been adding and featuring many of the greatest plugins and mods, as well as the popular UHC mode.

Since they are big fans of the competitive survival modes, they have added the UHC, but with a bit of their own programming. Each of their UHC maps is custom and has a certain way to play and win on it.

If you are a co-op player, you can always join the UHC with friends, and battle in teams to be the last team standing. The queue times are pretty much fast, as Performium is always active with their 500 and more player community.

Except for their UHC server, Performium is also well-known for their Factions server with resets, or their best minigame “MC Among us”. In this minigame, you can be the imposter and try to sabotage, or kill other players in order to win the game.

Overall, Performium is one of the most fun UHC Minecraft servers, which also has some casual minigames and can never get boring, due to the big content they add and update every single month.

Purple Ore MC (Server Address:


Purple Ore MC is another great UHC Minecraft server with a decent player base, exceeding 500 players, and featuring a lot more content, which you can check out.

To start with their UHC, they have been working on a custom one for more than a year. After the release of their UHC, they managed to create a very fun-to-play ultra hardcore survival mode, requiring professional survivability skills, and luck.

If you ever had the feeling that paying players can always win the game, Purple Ore MC can totally destroy this feeling. Even the highest-paying players can be nothing if you have the luck of the draw. And even if you stumble upon a donator in the game, they don’t earn buffs or something similar, which eliminates the pay-to-win factor.

Purple Ore MC is one of the few servers, which doesn’t rely on heavy donations, as they get plenty of cash, by just listening to their players, and have managed to create 2 new UHC maps, that are available right now.

And if you wish to test out your battling skills before going into their ultra-hardcore mode, the best way to do so is by joining the 1vs1 battles. You can choose between many of the kits, even though some are paid, but don’t have significant power against non-paying players.

Hypixel (Server Address:


Hypixel is just one of the best UHC Minecraft servers, also a hub for many other minigames, and popular game modes in Minecraft. As previously mentioned, they have been in the business for more years than any other server.

Also, Hypixel has managed to break 4 world records, and is still known as the biggest Minecraft server open for cross-play and available for both premium and cracked Minecraft players.

The Hypixel ultra hardcore mode is a bit different than any of the servers we have on this list. Not because they are poor or don’t have programmers, but due to the reason that Hypixel has a lot of time to spend on their content, and doesn’t rely much on server donations.

Hypixel’s UHC is custom-coded and requires players to have a bit of knowledge of how the server works before they jump straight into battles.

Flux PVP (Server Address:

Flux PVP is an old-school Minecraft server, featuring the ultra hardcore mode and giving an option to play on the older versions of Minecraft. To be exact, the server is mainly played on older versions, but can also be accessed from the newer ones.

So Flux PVP is originally a Minecraft PVP server, which offers you tons of PVP content and fewer minigames content. They have created their own game mode for Minecraft, which is called Full PVP. In the Full PVP, mode players can make strong gears and fight, rather than mining and just trying to survive. It is a special RPG server mode, where you should rely only on skills and strategies.

Also, the Full PVP mode is great to learn about surviving under extreme conditions, because their UHC server has one of the hardest-to-kill players, which have played there for years.

If you are going there to be competitive, it is recommended to see how others fight, and then join the fights versus them. Otherwise, you might quit too soon, before finding out their weakness.

Advancius Network (Server Address:

Advancius Network is a relatively small, but very fun Minecraft network offering UHC, along with 20 different game modes. If you ever had enough of the pay-2-win players, Advancius Network welcomes you with open hands.

They currently have more than 100 free ranks, which can be earned by performing various tasks, voting, and just being active on the server during special events.

Their UHC is a bit more customized and requires players to earn better ranks if they want to stand bigger chances, but even the smallest rank can win if he has the perfect strategy.

But before starting with the ultimate hardcore Minecraft mod, Advancius Network recommends to the players try the 1vs1 PVP mode, giving them the opportunity to test a wide variety of kits and clash against strong opponents.