10 Best Small Survival Island Seeds in Minecraft 2023

Are you searching for a challenging adventure in Minecraft? Well now you can start one with the best Survival Island Seeds in Minecraft.

Starting off on a Survival Island in Minecraft can be a challenging thing, due to the lack of resources and the must for getting them fast, so you can ace the end-game boss.


But what can be more than starting off on a lonely survival island?

The answer to that can be to start off on a Survival Island on hardcore mode. Because once you die, there is not turning back.

To save you time and reading we will be listing all the seeds, so you can take each one and try on your world.

Which are the Best Survival Island Seeds in Minecraft

  1. Sprite
  2. 3854556177424684123
  3. -4843434297086297654
  4. 3781795096936274275
  5. Bamboo Island: 6622662217031624373
  6. Shipwreck Cove: 7777777777988733304
  7. Mushroom Island: -3908250054731677001
  8. Smallest Island: -3115927715480771327
  9. Ocean Monument Island: -3821186818805133221
  10. Obsidian Farm: -8880302588844065321
  11. Underwater Temple: -1013382714437321718
  12. Submerged Stronghold: 93819220

Each of these seeds can take you to an unordinary survival island in Minecraft, which holds different goods and needs in order to survive.

What are Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seeds are combinations of numbers, which represent coordinates. Each of the seeds can take you to a certain spawn location in a world, once created.

There are different ways that you can spawn on a certain seed in Minecraft, which will require you to either create a new world in Minecraft or by simply using your Minecraft chat window for entering commands.

Once you have opened your Minecraft chat window, you can start entering /seed SeedNumber and upon clicking enter, you will be teleported to the seed you have specified.

How do you make an Island World in Minecraft

In order to spawn on a certain location through a seed in Minecraft, you will need to be creating a new world, which is kind of different for both Minecraft PC and MCPE.

How do you create an Island World in Minecraft Java or Windows 10 Edition

Once you go to your Minecraft, just hit the Single Player mode and go to Create New World.


You will have the options to Name your world, choose you game mode and the option we need is More World Options.

Once you click on More World Option you will have a space saying to put the Seed For the World Generator, which is the spot you can input any kind of seed and spawn on the location you want.


How do you create an Island World in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Creating an island in Minecraft Pocket Edition is really simple.

The only things you need to do are to start your game and hit the play button.


Once you go into Create a New World, you need to hit the advanced options and search for the seed, which is next to the world name.

mcpe seed

In the advanced options you can input any kind of seed and expect to be spawned on the location you have entered.

Best Small Survival Island seeds in Minecraft

1. Seed: 3854556177424684123

Seed 3854556177424684123

This Minecraft island seed is a bit fair and easier for starters, who are seeking challenges. It comes out with a bigger and a bit smaller island, filled out with trees.

The resources you get from this seed are plenty and will help you to survive and even get out of the Island, but only if you can get past the wolves.

That’s right. Wolves.

This Minecraft island seed has no meet or any kind of mobs except wolves, which are waiting to eat you alive.

So in order to survive throughout the day and night, you will need shelter and weapons in case something serious happens.

2. Seed: -4843434297086297654

Seed 4843434297086297654

The second Minecraft seed is 2 island that are ordinary looking and has food, so you can start out your adventuring right away.

Sounds good, right?

Yeah, but if you start digging one of these 2 islands, you will find 11 diamond blocks, that are awaiting their new owner to adopt them.

The downside is how are you going to find iron and how much time will this take you.

If you start looking for another island or any kind of surface, which you can set start farming it might take a while, so be prepared to bring food.

You might get lucky from the tree spawned and get some apples or saplings.

3. Seed: 3781795096936274275

Seed 3781795096936274275

This seed is a special one, as it gives you 2 whole trees and a lot of sand, without unwanted mobs and tons of attacks, while you are starting.

When you spawn on this survival island, you will notice that there is a big hole. This hole is full of minerals, such as iron and coal, which can help you get the basic gears and go seek for the nearest island.

Or if you are like me, you will craft shovels and dig until you find the next survival island.

4. Bamboo Island


Seed: 6622662217031624373

The Bamboo Island is quite a rare thing to find in Minecraft, but once you spawn there you will be next to a jungle temple and pandas, which will keep you company.

The Bamboo Island is quite big and has a lot of resources, which can help you out in farming and developing yourself.

5. Shipwreck Cove

Shipwreck Cove

Seed: 7777777777988733304

Shipwreck Cove is a stranded survival island in Minecraft with no survivors or chances to live (if you are on single player).

Well, that said on Shipreck Cove you can find 2 different shipwrecks, which include many items that can be destroyed and used for different purposes, along with the big forest on this survival island.

The great idea about this map is that you can actually setup a small server for you and your friends an do some role playing on the island.

6. Mushroom Island


Seed: -3908250054731677001

The Mushroom Island is on 2 halves, from which one of the is a birch forest and the other one is the Mooshroom Island.

On the birch wood forest you can find a small village with houses and below this village, you will be able to find a portal to the ender dragon.

If you get enough ender eyes from the ender man and finish off the blazes in the nether, you will ace the ender dragon quickly.

7. Smallest Island


Seed: -3115927715480771327

As the name says, this is really the smallest island in Minecraft, which makes the survival so hard, that you will not last for more than a day in the game.

Smallest Island includes a really small amount of resources, which will be the only resources you can find in thousands of miles.

8. Ocean Monument Island


Seed: -3821186818805133221

The Ocean Monument Island is a small survival island, which does not look much different from the others, except for one single thing.

The others to do not have the Ocean Monument, which is a total game changer and can bring you much more adventures than you had ever imagined.

The Ocean Monument holds many mobs, riddles and items that are awaiting for you to grab them and conquer it.

9. Obsidian Farm

Obsidian Farm

Seed: -8880302588844065321

The Obsidian Farm survival island is Minecraft’s best farming spot in the whole game. You are being spawned next to a village with villagers, who are ready to trade with you.

Once you get into the sweet diamonds, you can figure out what is the next step.

The whole survival island is full of water and lava, which means you can generate obsidian as much as you want.

We all know how important obsidian is in Minecraft and how it can take you to the next level, so you just cannot miss such an opportunity.

10. Sprite


The Sprite seed is one of the most challenging survival island seeds known in Minecraft. The resources you get are actually very limited and if you try to go search for another land, then you are out of luck.

Sprite is the default Minecraft survival island seeds and has been known for its difficulty, as you a spawned on a small island, which has at least 1 tree.

The idea of this island seed is to try and survive as much as possible, through getting more saplings and apples.

Otherwise you are a goner.


Each of those Survival Island seeds can be a game changer in Minecraft and help you find more fun things to do in game or try out new challenges, which require professionalism and skills.

If you are a newbie in Minecraft, perhaps you can start the game with a bigger survival island seed, which can grant you more resources and space to develop.

We also encourage you to check out are beginners guide to Minecraft, which can help you get the basics and mechanics in game, so you can ace it as quick as possible.