Minecraft Server Services

Don't want to manage teams, deal with updates, or not sure from where to start?

Our Minecraft services can take care of everything needed for your server to run smoothly.


Below you can view the services we offer, and choose any of them. If you are have any questions, you can simply check the FAQ below, or contact us.


Server Promotion

Make a special blog post, or place your server inside an existing server category.

$12.95 / one-time

  • Your server will exist on ranking content.
  • Promotion lasts forever, and you pay 1 time.
  • We offer 2 free edits on your server's review after being posted.

Plugin Creation

Hire a special developer, who will create a Minecraft plugin just for your server.

Updates are handled separately, and prices vary, depending on the plugin complexity.

$20.95 / starting price

  • Create a unique Minecraft plugin
  • 1 month of free support for your plugin
  • Unlimited revisions until customer satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to any question, before ordering. We understand how important making a decision is, and we try our best to help you in the decision making process.

Photo by Tim Mossholder
For the moment we accept PayPal. We are looking forward to adding more payment gateways. If you cannot use PayPal, contact us, and we will find the best solution for you.
As we offer digital products, we cannot provide warranties, however, we offer unlimited revisions. We will not stop working, until we have satisfied you with your order.

Depending on the demands and difficulty, we have set different timeframes. If you have ordered a server promotion, it will not take more than 2-3 days to complete your order. Plugin creations depend on complexity, however, we ensure that you will not regret your purchase.

We do offer full refunds for our server promotion services. For plugin creation, we offer full or partial refunds, depending on the situation. For more information, check our Terms of Service.

As mentioned in our services, we offer 1 month of free support. Once this month is over, you can speak with us for providing you a price on future updates, and maintenance.

At MinecraftGuider we work only with professional developers and writers, who are our affiliates for more than a year. Each developer and writer had been individually tested, and contributed for the creation of these services.