10 Best Minecraft Servers For Xbox Players

Are you playing Minecraft on Xbox and wish to join a decent server with others who also like console gaming? Playing on a console is a preference for millions of the Minecraft crowd.

Most of them prefer to keep gaming on an Xbox or PS, rather than stay on the computer, due to comfortability issues. Not to mention that a console is much cheaper than a good gaming PC, even though the performance would be the same.

In this article, we will showcase the best Minecraft servers for Xbox players and help you find the server that suits your needs the most.

How to play on Xbox Minecraft servers

As Minecraft is becoming a popular choice for newer players, who prefer to play on their Xbox, more servers are opening their doors to the community.


However, if you wish to play on Minecraft servers from your Xbox console, you will need Xbox to have an Xbox live subscription.

Once you have made sure that your Xbox live subscription is active, you can choose any of the servers in our list and give it a try.

Best Minecraft Servers For Xbox

1. MCHub

  • IP Address: pe.mchub.com:19132

MCHub is one of the first Minecraft servers, which started as a network, supporting your favorite game modes. They originally started with the Survival and Skyblock game modes, but expanded and now offer Prison, Pixelmon, and special minigames servers.

Each of their servers except for the Pixelmon has an enhanced experience, packed with many custom items, coming from professional plugins. MCHub offers custom gears with gemstones, that can be slotted on them, backpacks for holding a large proportion of your inventory, and much more.

You can make your own gangs and start buying private mines where players can make money for you in an instant. They also offer a special casino, where you can get lucky and cash in fast.

MCHub is currently available for cross-play and can be accessed from Minecraft 1.16 and goes up to Minecraft 1.19 versions.

MCHub also offers daily, weekly and monthly giveaways, which include in-game items and special rewards, ready to be collected by the top-ranked players.

2. Zeqa

  • IP Address: zeqa.net:19132

If you are living in Poland and wish to find a decent Polish Minecraft server for yourself, you can take a look a Zeqa. It has been around for ages, and even though it’s older than some Minecraft players, it is still a massive Minecraft server.

And Zeqa is not only available in Poland, but is available almost everywhere. The Zeqa servers are hosted in North America, Europe, and Asia, so make sure to pick the nearest location, and enjoy the benefits of a great server.

Zeqa is a Minecraft PvP server and it is ranked at the top for the Bedrock edition, which means that they will always try to please their community and deliver almost content, as long as you help them maintain their server.

3. CraftersMC

  • IP Address: play.craftersmc.net:19132

CraftersMC is a Turkish Minecraft server offering you a fantastic MMO experience with their custom-created Skyblock. You can go into battle with powerful mobs, grab custom gear, and make your way to the top.

Each player can start leveling his PvE skills and enjoy the mechanics, which were specially made for the Bedrock Edition community.

And while talking about rewards and custom items, voting for CraftersMC will give you the opportunity to get their special VIP rank, or the default rewards, which are Crystal Capsules and XP.

If you have no need for the items you receive from voting, you could easily put them for auction and buy yourself some good gears, which will carry you for a long time. CraftersMC SkyBlock doesn’t reset but continues to change with the content, so even the oldest players in the server never get bored.

4. GrandTheftMCPE

  • IP Address: grandtheft.mcpe.me:19132
grandtheftmcpe Best Minecraft Servers For Xbox Players

Have you ever wanted to play on a Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Minecraft server from your Xbox console. With GrantTheftMCPE that is now truly possible. They have carefully copied every detail and put it into City Los Vamos. Players can choose their profession and get kits that upgrade with level and can make the more powerful.

You can be a police officer, civilian worker, or even join as a criminal, and turn the city into mayhem. Everything is possible in GrangTheftMCPE, but it also has consequences.

The worse you are on the server, the bigger bounty you will have on your head, which means many players will want to take you down. Not to mention that the Mafia formed there, will be able to take you down, before the police could arrest you, and put you in a safe place.

Once you kill another player in GrantTheftMCPE, you will be able to loot everything they have, such as weapons and ammunition, but this will raise your wanted level, and make you an easy target.

The fastest way to survive on the server would be to join a gang and listen to the Mafia boss before it gets critical. Or if you wish to be on the good guys’ side, you can join the police force, and start catching criminals, until you become a chief.

5. HyperLands

  • IP Address: play.hyperlandsmc.net:19132
hyperlands Best Minecraft Servers For Xbox Players

For those who prefer a more competitive experience and fun-to-play content, we strongly recommend HyperLands. It’s an American Minecraft minigames server, packed with your favorite modes, and much more content for the rest of the crowd.

You can hop into battle and break beds in the BedWars mode, or even be the last man standing in the server SkyWars. Along with the PvP-based content, you can also play Duels with other players.

They have many kits for the PvP game modes, which are free to take or may require a single payment to upgrade your rank, and unlock more content.

Aside from their casual game modes, you can experience a real battle in the server UHC mode. This means that you will play on ultra hardcore survival, where it’s harder to survive, and even harder to heal, as food doesn’t work there.

And for those who find the server really fun, consider giving it a vote, as per vote you earn 500 Coins and some XP, which helps you and the server to maintain popularity.

6. TimeCrack

  • IP Address: http://play.timecrack.net:19132/
TimeCrack Best Minecraft Servers for

TimeCrack is an exciting server that offers a range of minigames, realistic physics, and intense combat.

With its variety of activities, it’s perfect for any kind of player. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting in the game, TimeCrack has something for everyone.

TimeCrack can be played on any of the Minecraft versions, and is exclusively enabled for bridged versions of Minecraft such as Java.

The wider variety of players comes from the console community, making it a perfect Minecraft server for Xbox.

7. Plutonium

  • IP Address: mcpe.plutonium.best:19132
Plutonium Best Minecraft Servers for

Plutonium is a very popular Minecraft server for Xbox, based in France, and is a great way to experience a unique take on the classic game.

There are plenty of custom items and bosses available, as well as more challenging minerals to explore. Players can build their own structures, join forces with friends, or hunt for treasure – all while enjoying the full range of features that Plutonium has to offer.

The custom bosses in Plutonium drop powerful crafting materials, which can always be combined with precious minerals, resulting in the creation of powerful PvP gear.

Plutonium is one of the greatest survival Minecraft servers for Xbox, as it has the friendliest community for console players.

8. Opsucht Bedrock

  • IP Address: opsucht.net
Opsucht Best Minecraft Servers for

Welcome to OPSUCHT Bedrock Minecraft Server, the German-based economy survival server that prides itself on its custom crafting system.

It is designed to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for players who want to test their skills in an economy-focused setting. On this server, you will encounter classic survival elements such as mining, building, and farming alongside one of the most expansive crafting systems in all of Minecraft.

The server features the Towny segments, where players can create their own towns, and invite others to help them grow their community while becoming economically strong.

9. NitroFaction

  • IP Address: nitrofaction.fr:19132
NitroFaction Best Minecraft Servers for

NitroFaction is a new French-inspired Minecraft server that is revolutionizing the way players experience their favorite game.

It offers a unique custom economy, advanced crafting system, and intense PvP gameplay that has never been seen before.

This server is designed to give players an immersive experience that will keep them hooked for hours on end. NitroFaction features an economy unlike any other with custom currency, player shops, auctions, and more.

10. NetherGames

  • IP Address: http://play.nethergames.org:19132/
NetherGames Best Minecraft Servers for

NetherGames is one of the largest Minecraft networks for Xbox players, which receives thousands of players daily.

The network consists of a few minigame servers, such as murder mystery, SkyWars, BedWars, and other minigames. As for the community, which prefers survival content, NetherGames have a really great Factions server, filled with traditional item loot, and possibilities to scale your faction to the top.

Each day NetherGames create special in-game events, rewarding one of their players with a free rank.