The 10 Best Minecraft RPG Servers in 2022

Are you an RPG player searching for some cool servers to play on? Check out the Best Minecraft RPG servers for 2022.

Minecraft is a creative block based game, which lets you unleash your power in mining and constructing. As a good top up in the Minecraft universe, plugins had been introduced, which let you have more adventures outside of the basic Minecraft gameplay.

One of the best things in Minecraft are the RPG plugins, which started back in 2014. Such plugins are keeping the players much more stable in game, while providing various fun activities like:

  • Hunger Games
  • Prison
  • The Mining Dead
  • Hide and Seek
  • Pixelmon
  • World of Warcraft like Minecraft

Many more plugins were added, but a handful of them were only mentioned, so you can quickly jump on to the real deal.


Minecraft RPG servers started to grow quickly and capturing most of the players, who were searching for more adventures, throughout the world of Minecraft.

At first players were introduced the mini games, known as Sky Wars. Minecraft Sky Wars are simply islands, where players are being spawned and quickly need to search for a chest to get items.

With the items acquired through these chests, the players can equip themselves and start building their way to the other island and kill the enemy player.

After the basic Sky Wars showed so much interest, the plugin was updated to actually give players classes with starter armors and points that they can assign to their character and be buffed for the games.

The points cannot be gotten so easily with paying money, which eliminates the factor of Pay to Win. The only way you can get points, is to actually start playing.

After the Sky Wars, many other popular mini games came out, such as the popular Hunger Games in Minecraft.

In the Minecraft Hunger Games you actually do the same as they did in the movie. Wait for the timer to end and quickly run for a chest with good items.

After that the only thing you need to do is to hide fast and wait upon your prey.

Eventually after mini games, the things had to be taken above the ordinary, so Minecraft server developers had started something so big, that was taking months or years to just complete a small part of it.

These are the full RPG servers.

What are RPG Servers in Minecraft?

In Minecraft and other games, RPG stands for Roleplaying Game. Minecraft RPG servers are a rare case, created by professional players, which include many different plugins, to give Minecraft players what they actually want.

As you may have heard, there are actual RPG servers with custom mobs, drops, weapons and farmable items, which are exactly as the items you know, but have custom stats on them.

Such items are used to enhance the gameplay and bring more fun to the old days of Minecraft.

Most of the server developers in Minecraft had actually dedicated more than 5 years to create a WoW like Minecraft server, which has almost the same mechanics and much more adventure in the dungeons.

The Best RPG Servers in Minecraft

Once you know what is an RPG server in Minecraft, it is for sure known that you will start searching for a one of kind of your taste server, which will have everything that you need.

But why should you spend so much time accessing and registering in each server, when we have the perfect list, which will be by your taste and can save you a lot of time in searches and dedicate more time in playing.

Good RPG Servers in Minecraft should have many features and item sets that you can possibly waste hundreds of hours on them, have no pay to win features and an opportunity to unleash the pro within you.

1. Minescape

As one of the best Minecraft RPG servers, Minescape takes our first place for 2 simple reasons.

It lets creative players to build and compete in thrilling building battles, which reward them after hard work and has the ultimate RPG experience with their custom sets of items, dungeons and mobs.

In Minescape if you are a creative Minecraft player and wish to use this game mode you don’t need to worry about it. They are offering their players absolutely everything they need without asking for money.

The building battles can always be a fun way to compete with people you don’t know and friends. Once you had found a good competitor you can always add him to your Minecraft building team and create more stunning projects together.

As for the RPG experience in Minescape, there is no other like it. The Minescape team has dedicated more than 2 years of building and customizing, just so they can win the top place in our hearts.

If you ever stumble upon their creative ideas for mobs, dungeons, quests, skill trees and weapons, you will never want to turn your back on them.

Minescape offers a RuneScape like experience in their server with trading NPC’s, raids and opportunity to create your own mini market, selling for thousands.

2. SchoolRP

If you had ever wondered how Japanese schools work, you should definitely go and try out SchoolRP.

SchoolRP represents the real life at school with absolutely real teachers and players, who attend classes and interact between each other in real time.

The cool thing about SchoolRP is that you can live the school life that you had ever wanted, without feeling shy to go for it.

In fact, you can be the cool kid at school, if you show them your skills and some pranks, which will not get you banned, but sent to the principal’s office.

The realistic life of school in SchoolRP became so popular that they always hold a strong player base ready to learn and earn through school lessons.

Rumors have it, that even some teachers are teaching their students in this Minecraft RPG server, because kids seem more entertained and educated, while being present in a game.

3. Wynncraft

If you are looking for professions, spells and custom map drops, such as chests, Wynncraft is your number one Minecraft RPG servers.

Wynncraft is a custom made server containing many creative maps, awaiting to be explored by their player community.

Not to mention that you can find many chests dropped on the ground awaiting to be picked. The down side is that sometimes you may encounter other players wanting the chest, which will eventually engage you in a PvP battle.

Wynncraft is although a fun server, which lets you explore and relive the adventure of a real life server, which can help you out in understanding life better.

The server encourages the players filled with imagination to spread and help out others. Multiple currencies and custom made items exist, which let you trade and become better in Minecraft.

4. Democracy Craft

If you are looking for business like real life servers in Minecraft, Democracy Craft can help you out in starting out your small business.

The idea of this server is having multiple currencies and ways of getting paid. You can start out your small business in any kind of way and even start hiring people, that will work for you and get paid daily.

Democracy Craft’s official currency is Eco Dollars, which let people buy better items and trade with others, so they can receive goods.

The best thing about this server is that you can use their features, such as auction houses or public markets, which help players make more income.

5. PirateCraft

Do you want to wander the seas and battle with pirates in real time? PirateCraft represents the pirate life and looting adventures around the 7 seas.

PirateCraft represents the famous RPG game Sea of Thieves, where you can build your own bridges, boats and cannons along with your crew, so you can start fighting with the sea monsters awaiting.

The bad part in PiratecCraft is that they don’t offer PvP, in which you can blow up the ship and cannons of your enemies, but you can still snatch their treasures and defend against the enemy pirates.

Picking your pirate crew is the most essential part of this RPG Minecraft server, so you will need to be careful and be prepared for the worst… Pirates!

6. Potterworld

Do you want to be a magician, which will be studying in the school of Minecraftwards? Potterworld is a Harry Potter in Minecraft adventure, where you study and create your own story.

Potterworld lets Minecraft players discover magic, learn new spells and fight against other players inside school.

The custom made Harry Potter school started bringing so many players to join and start their adventure, that the server became a hit in the game and amongst the best Minecraft RPG Servers.

The thrilling adventures in Potterworld are infinite and you can always discover a new magical way to develop you character and score on the games, which they have prepared for you.

Becoming a student of Witchcraft and Wizardry are the main alliances that you can join in Potterworld.

7. Complex Gaming

Pokemon is a wonderful, in which you catch mythica creatures, known as pokemons. But what if Pokemon was actually in Minecraft?

Well now it is! Complex gaming released their ultimate pokemon RPG server, also called pixelmon server.

Pixelmon Minecraft servers let you catch mythical creatures in real time and use them to battle versus players or other mobs.

While the game can be a pay to win when you spend $200 for the Omega rank, which holds the most perks, you are also able to grab powerful gears and pixelmons by grinding.

A good way to grind fast and keep yourself safe is to create a pixelmon team, which can always dominate the stronger players if they wander solo around the world of Minecraft.

If you are quite unsure about playing in the Pixelmon server, you can always join their Prison server, which looks much alike real prison play.

You are allowed to be a guard or prisoner, who works, trades and maintains a good life in jail. Sometimes breaking out of jail and harming the guards, but that’s the life of a prisoner in Minecraft.

8. Massive Craft

If you are looking for an old school werewolf vs vampires Minecraft server, Complex gaming is the right one for you.

The server has been built around various rules, which had been kept strict and lets players to choose a side, which will fight for their deadly alliance.

The custom made plugins allow players to create friends and alliances, which set you to fight in real time and bring the win for you people in Complex Gaming.

Complex gaming is a Minecraft RPG Server, which lets you make friends in-game and prohibits attacking those people, as they will be protected from your attacks.

9. EcoCityCraft

Do you want to become a self-made millionaire in Minecraft? EcoCityCraft is taking care of the things for you, with their eco system and RPG like gameplay.

EcoCityCraft lets you open up your own business or small store inside Minecraft and start trading with other players, or hire your own employees, who will do the dirty job, while you just collect.

The server currency is Eco Dollars, which let people grab the bag and start trading with other players for better items and jewels to expand yourself as a better player.

EcoCityCraft has numerous auction houses and markets created by the server and players, which can be used for item buying, selling and trading.

The server offers multiple jobs and role playing features, which you wouldn’t want to miss out for anything in the world.

The various events in the server keep the players more engaged as they can meet with new people and compete between each other.

EcoCityCraft is a friendly server that gives players houses or they can buy their own good looking house and stack their items inside it.

While you may find basic houses made by the server, they also sell professional houses made from building teams on Minecraft.

10. Purple Prison

Are you into jail breaking Minecraft servers? Do you want to be jailed and have multiple opportunities to cause violence, money laundering and drug smuggling?

Purple Prison is a prison based Minecraft RPG server, which keeps the players separated in 2 different roles.

The role of jailors is the violent one, which can do whatever they want. From simple mining to jail breaking and destroying properties of other players or even smuggle the items they are holding onto.

The role of guards is a bit different. They have to maintain the calm atmosphere at all costs, because if the prisoners go wild even once, there is nothing that can stop them.

Purple Prison may be the perfect RPG server, but it also has PvP enabled for both roles. Sometimes you may see prisoners fighting between each other, just to make you look on the other side and get you killed.

You will have to be always careful and be on the lookout. Before you know, your items may be in somebody else’s possession.


RPG servers in Minecraft can be an awesome way to play Minecraft, which is a bit different from the traditional ways that we know Minecraft.

Some players are just not suited for this, so that’s why we have created a list of the best Vanilla Minecraft servers, which can be attractive in many ways for the old school Minecraft players.

If you have any RPG Minecraft server in mind that you wish to share and the experience in it, you can always write below in the comments, and we will be happy to add this server to out list.