The 5 Best Minecraft RPG Maps in 2023

Do you want to make your own Minecraft RPG server, but are not sure what kind of map can be a perfect fit?

We have listed 5 different RPG maps for Minecraft servers, which can be a perfect inspiration for your new role-playing project.

What are Minecraft RPG Maps

Minecraft RPG maps are specific projects, which include special dungeons, terrains, and villages for player adventures.

RPG maps include “role-playing” content, questing, and main stories, followed by enormous areas, and cities, where players travel, to clash against stronger monsters.

Role-playing servers usually include a straightforward story, and enormously large travel places, eliminating the need for basic survivability, and crafting items.

Such maps can be divided into sets of villages, countries, or even whole continents, which are consistently traveled by players, allowing them to clash in fearless PvP battles, or raid world bosses.

Best Minecraft RPG Maps

While Minecraft is full of adventurous sights, and timeless activities, these 5 RPG maps will completely turn your server from an ordinary adventuring place to a breathtaking endless adventuring world.

1. Vantania

Vantania Best Minecraft RPG maps

With 3 major cities and different cultures, Vantania is one of the most adventurous Minecraft RPG adventure maps, connecting players to ace the story and secrets behind the doors of fantasy.

This Minecraft RPG world consists of 20 dungeons spread around, hiding powerful monsters, and innocent people taken hostage, waiting to be set free.

Each monster hidden in darkness holds powerful weapons, ready to be looted, granting players with stronger equipment and further secrets to be unveiled.

Each city has its own story, followed through quests, explaining to adventurers how the dark mist, ruptured their city and stole their most precious ones from them.

While battling your way in Vantania, some places have hidden easter eggs that can be found, which represent classical games, granting players some old memories.

2. Okarzion

Okarzion Best Minecraft RPG maps

Okarzion is one of the largest projects by mcMeddon, which results in a 64 square km landscape for survival and role-playing.

The map consists of many different terrains, which look vanilla generated, however, they are done by hand, giving role-playing people the opportunity to create a unique RPG server.

The world of Okarzion has its own custom biomes, caves, dungeons, along with vault mines.

Okarzion is more like a barebone map, allowing players to create their storylines, and special mobs, including fighting ordinary mobs, such as ogres.

Material gathering is one of the strongest points achieved by McMeddon because players can easily take any valuable resources, which can be regenerated with the use of plugins.

At the time of writing, McMeddon is working on a custom Skyblock world as a continuation to Okarzion, allowing players to start a Skyblock adventure or battle stronger opponents in the sky.

3. Dota 2 Minecraft

dota 2 map minecraft Best Minecraft RPG maps

The Dota 2 Minecraft RPG map is a complete revamp project of the original MOBA game, called Dota 2. It consists of 2 opposing teams, having 5 players each, with a certain task to destroy the enemy base.

However, it is quite different with the map and settings applied to this RPG project, which means that players can set whatever gameplay they like.

Many server owners have tried to use this project for small video content, by creating a World of Warcraft-like experience, by using a different map, filled with dungeons and mobs.

Since Dota 2 is a fantasy MOBA game, its map can be used for PvP content, allowing players to clash against each other, or take on endless battles, to claim victory for their alliance.

4. Primordial

primordial Best Minecraft RPG maps

Primordial is one of the largest Minecraft projects ever done, for the sake of producing a unique RPG map world. The first versions of the world were 4km x 4km long, however, the newest v2.1 update introduces a wider map, which is 12km x 12km.

Filled with endless adventures, such as dungeons, custom biomes, and an unforgettable storyline, awaiting to be completed by brave adventurers.

The Minecraft RPG world of Primordial is great for server owners, who are looking to create party-oriented content, sending players into 4-man dungeons, or 16-man raids, unleashing the potential for endless battles, and stronger loot.

Primordial is a project inspired by Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild, introducing a Zelka-like open world, filled with minerals and other materials, which can be gathered for material crafting, and developing characters for next-level dungeons.

5. The Lord of the Rings: Shadows over Gondor

LOTR Shadows over Gondor is a map for Minecraft RPG, inspired by the original movie Lord of the Rings, giving the potential to players for a LOTR-like Minecraft RPG server. This map consists of all base components from Shadows over Gondor (including small details).

Players can participate in monster hunting, questing, or visiting places like Minas Tirith, Osgiliath, Minas Morgul, and others, making this map a perfect fit for fans, due to the scalability of options, and variety of RPG data packs that can be included.

Since the map LOTR Shadows over Gondor is meant to be created and centered on Gondor, server owners can easily build up more content, and create their own story, without needing permission from the creator.

The map doesn’t include any mobs, or bosses, meaning that you can create your own by using RPG plugins or add any kind of attribution to the map, as per your liking.


Minecraft RPG Maps can be a very fun way to enjoy Minecraft from a role-playing perspective. It allows players to dive into another world, filled up with fantasies, and unearthly creatures, waiting to be slain.

If you want to unleash the full potential of the maps enlisted, you can also check out these websites with pre-made Minecraft servers, which can get you a fully responsive Minecraft server.