The 5 Best Minecraft PVP Servers

Have you ever wanted to join a Minecraft server where you can craft the ultimate fighting gear and clash with other players?

Servers where there are no rules and have multiple opportunities to demolish your enemy. Or perhaps the option to join with an overpowered team and conquer the arena?

In this article, we are going to present the best Minecraft PVP servers, dedicated to player-versus-player fights, and powerful enchantment combinations for your gears.

What are Minecraft PVP servers?

PVP in Minecraft and other games stands for player versus player. In Minecraft, by default, the PVP is turned on, which means that a player can hit you, and you can hit other players.

Each hit represents an amount of damage, which after multiple attacks starts affecting your heart. If a player is using a block or any decorative item, they deal a bit more damage, rather than barehanded.

But if you are using a weapon like a sword or an axe, your damage will be significantly increased. Enchantments can also be applied, if you have an enchantment table, lapis lazuli, and XP gained from battling other players or mobs.

Depending on the enchantments and gears used, players can deal heavy damage and be powerful in PVP servers.

And since PVP dedicated Minecraft servers offer custom content, the basic Minecraft enchantments will not work that much. You will need to craft better gear, offered by the server, and enchant it as much as possible.

Best Minecraft PVP servers

Purple Prison (Server Address:


Purple Prison is one of the most appreciated and popular Minecraft PVP servers, where players can choose to play in the prison, or become great traders. Most of the players in Purple Prison are professionals who have dedicated years in the server, and will always sense when a newbie joins the server.

For those who love the prison Minecraft mode, you can easily enter and ace the levels, and also acquire some money. But the hardest thing is to survive the PVP areas in the prison server.

Once you enter a non-protected area in Purple Prison, every player will try to attack and demolish you, so the next step you make is not near them.

Learning the professional trades and escaping the players is a key step, which can guarantee survivability, and teach you the basics of the server.

Purple Prison is a large network, which offers various types of servers, from which you can most benefit. For example, except for their Prison server, they have OP factions, and ultra hardcore survival, which is even harder for newbie PVP lovers but is a great choice for the experience.

MineWind (Server Address:


MineWind is a fully dedicated Minecraft PVP server with many custom enchantments and abilities, that vary depending on the class and gears.

The correct category for MineWind would be an RPG Minecraft server optimized for PVP. They have many RPG plugins, which let you pick amongst different skills, combinations, and even enchantment, which makes it more interesting.

MineWind’s armors and weapons are totally customizable, which means that you should disregard the vanilla PVP and prepare for a total change in the preferences of enchantments and armors.

Each weapon has various stats and abilities, which can be gotten from doing special quests, exploring the world of Minewind, or PVP quest battles.

You can choose to play in arena battles, where there is no escaping until one player is left standing, or simply choose to roam around the world with your fellow team and take down each enemy.

PVPWars (Server Address:

PVPWars is a continuously updated and highly customized Minecraft PVP server. Each gear stat and detail in the map took big investments and resulted in a high-quality PVP and PVE server, with 5 different modes, featuring new challenges, items, and terrains.

Their best mode for PVP lovers is the Factions Xolar mode, where the player will need to fight for acquiring greater PVP gears, or simply learn how to survive.

PVP Wars represents the great game Arc Survival, where players are left on an abandoned ruined planet, where they need to hunt prey and acquire better gear. If a player cannot meet the conditions, they will be left helpless and get defeated, due to territorial conflicts.

Conquering the server is an extremely hard task, as players need to enter the Darkzone, where other professionals await their next victim in teams, so every player needs to be prepared for what’s coming.

But if you are an RPG lover, who wishes to gather some gears through PVE content, you can always go for the dungeons, where you can fight many unique monsters and deadly bosses.

Lunar Network (Server Address:

The old-school players who also love the Lunar Client (Minecraft launcher with mods), may have heard of the Lunar Network. It is one of the biggest Minecraft networks, offering players to join in with the Lunar launcher and play in a hardcore anarchy style.

Lunar Network features a big set of Minecraft server modes, including a PVP test server, and the option to play on the oldest Minecraft versions.

As one of the most crucial things for a PVP professional in Minecraft version 1.8 is also available, and gives the players an option to disregard the pesky cooldowns and other conditions, which came with Minecraft 1.9.

Lunar Network has a total of 54,000 players during the quiet hours, but once it becomes peak hours, the player base significantly increases, and becomes even harder to survive in the PVP areas.

And for those who wish for an even harder PVP content, you can always join the Lunar Network UHC mode, which features customized weapons, and an even harder way to survive for players.

2b2t (Server Address:

2b2t is one of the oldest anarchy servers in Minecraft, gathering thousands of players, and putting world records. It is the scariest Minecraft server, which has been visited by popular YouTubers, but none of them could possibly turn back to it.

If you wish to have a harder than UHC mode experience, 2b2t is the only server where you can find it. They have more than 10TB of space taken due to the multiple entities. The server has been so played, that you will be lucky if you ever find land near spawn.

And to be precise, they do not have a normal spawn, so they can keep the newbies away, or try to kill them. Joining the server will prove that to you, as the whole spawn is covered in obsidian, for faster and more efficient kills.

At the time of writing this article, 2b2t is currently running under the 1.12 Minecraft server version and may receive an update in the feature, but nothing is still known.

Overall if you are a competitive player looking to set a record for maximum survival time, 2b2t may be the correct place. In this server, you will never find a way to gather resources and developers. Except if you get extremely lucky and find a newbie-friendly team.