10 Best Minecraft Hunger Games Servers

Hunger Games is a popular minigame in Minecraft, which aims to deliver fierce combat and mechanics, which require professionalism.

Would you like to know the best hunger games servers in Minecraft?

With our list, you will be able to discover the best Minecraft hunger games servers, which include all the new updates and best maps, for you to play.

What are Hunger Games in Minecraft Servers?

The players’ main aim is to survive until one is the battle’s only survivor after everybody else has fallen within a free-for-all map that is PvP enabled, sprinkled with helpful and powerful resources throughout.

They usually start out with kits that might contain weapons, food, or portions. Servers help in the addition of spices to the specifications and features that come with the game.


Minecraft Hunger game servers are not extraordinary, but they have specific features which give them uniqueness and they gain much appreciation from the players.

Their custom settings help add extra in-play games and more energetic and powerful concepts in the games.  

With this custom-made server plugin, they add exceptional features that spice up default gameplay via fresh concepts, mechanics, items, and maps.

Best Minecraft Hunger Games Servers

The following are some of the best Minecraft servers with hunger games for the year 2022:

The Hive (Server Address: hivemc.eu)


The Hive is among the most appealing platforms with Minecraft server hunger games in terms of player count and popularity.

Thousands of people use it daily, and this is proof of an environment that has a higher engagement for the players.

Due to the Hive network, the hunger games have had such success. It is quite unique from how players play on other servers because it has implemented special features like cache cows, loot drops, and a customized hunger system.

Almost six million users have played hunger games on this server at one point in time.

Mineplex (Server Address: pe.mineplex.com)


Many people play hunger games on the Mineplex network, and the hunger games mode it provides enables players to find matches easily.

It is unique in that players get allocated kits when they enter the matches. As a player, you can unlock other mini-games on Miniplex.

There are players who might be attracted by the idea of kits they can buy that provide them with significant advantages over others since they get to better accessories and gear than those without them.

However, even though this is the case, new Miniplex users can still join even if they lack purchasing power.

MC Prison (Server Address: mc-prison.com)


MC Prison is not one of those Minecraft servers that only feature Hunger Games but it has great running and frequent games, which earn it a mention.

It has no consequences on winning or losing which makes it the ideal server for players wishing to get an experience of high risks and high rewards like in hunger games, without a real danger of death.

The game mode has high quality and will provide satisfaction to those looking for fun hunger games together with an ongoing experience.

MC Prison is unique and non-dedicated and has earned endorsements from a significant number of players, including PewDiePie.

The Archon (Server Address: pvp.TheArchon.net)


The Minecraft server that appeals to many players is one that allows the players to play however they like, which is the experience that The Archon provides.

This is another multi-faceted popular server with a number of minigames like the old survival and Skyblock.

This Minecraft server with hunger games has a refreshingly no-nonsense attitude, which means that the player is allowed to drive right into whatever they want in PvP mode within the first few seconds of joining, which sets it out among the others.

Hypixel (Server Address: mc.hypixel.net)


Hypixel is famous because it has 12 different mini games, which are all easy to access through its inventory, which is user-friendly.

It caters to all of your interests in Minecraft server hunger games, whether you want to mine for gold and diamonds, fight mobs or other players, or if you wish to build structures when playing Minecraft.

These characteristics have caused it to attract several thousands of online visitors daily. The players can’t get enough of it and keep revisiting it.

MC Central (Server Address: mccentral.org)

For solo players, MC Central provides one of the most anticipated and unique servers. It also provides support to the adventure up to a long and incredible level without any difficulty or hesitation.

It provides an interface that is easy to understand for the local and professional user, which provides more adventure and enchantment. It is the most common in usage and has gained huge popularity, rising its demands to high levels. It has unique features, and due to its customization, it adds new trends, improves previous adventures while establishing new ones, and completes bars that other servers find too hard to follow up.

MGU.ONE (Server Address: mgu.one)

MGU One is an excellent alternative for a server that provides players with the best results.

Its PvE Server works excellently and it is specifically designed to bring the users’ problems to an end and add a lot to the multi-model parts.

Minecraft players have found it to be more conventional in its functions and working by getting them to the periphery of the exceptional.

It creates a fun and relaxing mode for professionals while creating a competitive scenario with other servers by the improvement of its features and technologies and its extensive utilization in fishing, swimming, and crafting.

It not only facilitates the servers but also drives a totally daring flow for the players, proving to be the most comprehensive and friendly equipment for Minecraft.

It has a newness that lightens and provides the interface with exquisite functionality.

Therefore, youngsters are attracted to this server because they need new adventures every time they are playing hunger games.

GhostCraft (Server Address: play.ghostcraft.in)


GhostCraft is a large Minecraft server, with an upstanding player community and multiple updates, as well as custom ones.

In GhostCraft you can find all the famous minigames, such as hunger games, skyblock, skywars, and much more.

As much as we all love GhostCraft as it is the best Minecraft server with minigames, some players find it annoying that it is a seasonal server.

This simply means that all of the hours spent on the server will go to the void, once they move to the next season and restart the whole thing.

If you are a player, who likes to save his progress in-game, GhostCraft may not be the best option for you, but you still have many other Minecraft servers with hunger games to check.

ExtremeCraft (Server Address: play.extremecraft.net)


Extremecraft is among the most credited Minecraft servers with hunger games on the market.

It performs a multi-efficient task and carries all the old and updated features of the games at the same time. It also manages the survival mode in a very reliable way and maintains high-end profile functionality.

It provides personalization for the user from builder to fighter in every step, proving to be unconditional in its way of operation. It is under the supervision of experts, which gives a longer lifetime. It also provides updating elements for the instructive interface.

Minewind (Server Address: mc.minewind.com)


Minewind attempts to overcome issues and lags in the system that were not mentioned very quickly and in a reliable and extremely appropriate sense.

It proves to be unmatched in the working area and the market once you get to understand it completely.

It is fantastic in Survival mode. It enhances the functions, themes and all gameplay added features, making hunger games more prominent while giving distinctive and revolutionary effects.


Minecraft hunger games servers are perfect for players who seek new adventures. It brings a different view of the game and shows how it can be improved.

While hunger games are fun and players seem to enjoy it, there are other player who prefer a slightly different thing.

If you are a player who seeks adventures, perhaps you could try to play on the best RPG Minecraft servers and discover more fun ways of playing MC in your free time.

If you are a passionate player who wishes to achieve the same and be famous like the servers listed, you can check out how to create a Minecraft server and find the best Minecraft server host for it!