The 7 Best Minecraft Halloween Costumes for Kids

Would you like to make this year’s Halloween perfect for your kid who loves Minecraft?

We will make the perfect recommendations so you can choose the best Minecraft Halloween costumes for Kids.

It is no secret that Halloween is an American holiday and a tradition followed on the 31st.

But except for America and its people, many other countries also like to celebrate this holiday for their kids.

The Best Minecraft Halloween costumes for kids

Each of these Minecraft costumes has been recommended by parents, whose kids have enjoyed their Halloween wearing them.

We have included only the best Minecraft costumes for kids, so you can make a hassle-free purchase online. Let’s get started!

The Creeper Costume

The Creeper costume represents one of the oldest mobs in Minecraft, which can explode once it gets near you (but the costume can’t).

This costume is a major hit for every Minecraft-loving kid and can give it an unforgettable Halloween.

If you are a parent who is scared that his kid may catch a cold, you will not need to worry.

The costume is made from polyester and will ensure your kid will be hot. One of the issues with this costume is that the legs are too together, which will require helping your kid to walk safely.

Riding on a Minecraft Pig Costume

Riding on a Minecraft Pig Costume is one of the most loved costumes, as it is easy to put and walk with.

It is made from nylon and has a fan inside, which requires 4 AA batteries. The costume is 100% nylon, which makes it inflatable.

The costume comes with adjustable straps, so you can tighten them up and carry the Minecraft pig as supposed, and fits really well on all children.

And if you looking for additions to the Riding on a Minecraft Pig costume, so it can look more authentic, you can get your child a pickaxe or make a carrot on a stick, as this is the way to lead pigs in the game.

This costume is officially made by the company Disguise representing the default skin Steve in Minecraft.

Minecraft Creeper Girl Costume

If your daughter loves Minecraft, she will definitely love the Creeper Girl costume. It is an easy-to-walk with and detailed Minecraft creeper skin costume.

The Creeper Girl costume is originally made from Mojang and is made from polyester, making it wonderful for Halloween nights.

It comes with 4 pieces, which are the dress, leggings, headwear, and additional and sleeves for the wrists.

Washing this costume will be a bit tricky, as it cannot be put with other clothes. It will require hand washing, otherwise, the material may get damaged.

Kids Minecraft Zombie Costume

If your kid likes Minecraft mobs, he will adore the zombie costume, which represents the zombie mob from the original game.

The costume is made to look exactly like a zombie following the blocky structure in Minecraft.

The Zombie costume is made from polyester and comes in a package with 3 parts. The zombie head, chest, and leggings.

It is the perfect Minecraft costume for Halloween for kids between 7 and 8 years. The sizes can fit any kind of kid and will ensure it is warm for the holiday.

The Minecraft Diamond Set Costume

The Minecraft Diamond Set is the best and most nostalgic Minecraft costume we could recommend. It features the strongest set in Minecraft, but without the enchantments. Well, it was the strongest set.

Now the Diamond Set is the second strongest set without enchantments in Minecraft and plays an important role in making the netherite set.

The Diamond Set comes in a set of 4 different parts, just like in Minecraft. It comes with a headpiece, chest armor, leggings, and arms.

The leggings may be a bit tall for your kid, but that is because of the design. It is made to hide the shoes and show your kid as a diamond warrior on Halloween.

While this is the best Minecraft costume for Halloween, you can still upgrade your beloved child with a diamond Minecraft sword, to battle his way through trick or treating.

Kids Minecraft Enderman Costume

If your kid plays Minecraft, then he will know that the enderman is the scariest mob in the game. With its teleporting skills and ability to move your blocks, he can be your biggest enemy.

And now your kid can fully transform into a Minecraft enderman and move all the eyeballs to his new Minecraft costume for Halloween.

This is one of the most comfortable to wear Minecraft costumes for Halloween. It is a blow-up costume, made from polyester with vinyl on the head part, so your kid can see.

The costume will require you to use 4 AA batteries, which are not included with your purchase, but tremendously help the costume to stay glorious on your children.

And the best part of all is that the Minecraft enderman costume is available for everybody. They have the size for toddlers, kids, and even adults, so you can dress up just like your kid.

Kids Minecraft Skeleton Costume

While we are on the page for Minecraft mob costumes for kids, we would like to introduce to you the skeleton mob. It is a sharpshooter, equipped with a bow, and his body is made from bones.

It is one of the scariest Minecraft mobs, which can surprise you from a long distance and will never let you escape. And now this can all become real for this year’s Halloween.

The Minecraft skeleton costume is one of the scariest Minecraft costumes for Halloween. It brings respect to every person who knows the game and can make your kid the spotlight for this Halloween night.

The costume comes in 3 different parts. It has a head, chest, and leggings pieces. But if you want your child to become a real skeleton, you can get him a Minecraft bow and let him stalk his prey.