Best Minecraft Cosmetic Plugins for Servers

Are you constantly looking for cosmetic plugins to add to your Minecraft server?

With our recommended cosmetic plugins list, you can empower your server and receive EULA-friendly donations.

Each of the cosmetic plugins listed can be used on every Minecraft server version and includes an easy setup.

Best Minecraft Cosmetic Plugins

1. GadgetsMenu

GadgetsMenu Best Minecraft Cosmetics Plugins

Gadgets menu is a freemium cosmetics plugin enhanced with hundreds of features, and twice as that updates. It has been one of the most beginner-friendly cosmetic projects, used in more than 2000 servers over the years.

While the plugin has two separate versions, using the free one will provide you with more than 400 cosmetic items, such as hats, particles, suits, banners, cloaks, and many other items.

The premium version of the Gadgets Menu will give you more cosmetic perks, along with custom pet options, mystery loot boxes, and the ability to connect the plugin with a database.

The plugin has been optimized to work flawlessly on every Minecraft server and receives constant optimizations for better performance.

2. PlayerParticles

PlayerParticles Best Minecraft Cosmetics Plugins

PlayerParticles is the best cosmetics plugin for Minecraft servers, which easily converts players into donators in a matter of time.

The plugin has been loaded with more than 50 different particle effects and can achieve unlimited combinations with particles, which is manageable through permissions.

With PlayerParticles, players can easily change the vanilla animations with particle ones, which include particles for building, fighting, shooting, breaking, walking, and more.

Managing the particles is fairly easy, as it requires a permissions plugin, allowing players to unlock, use, and combine particle effects without slowing down your server.

3. Super Trails

Super Trails Best Minecraft Cosmetics Plugins

If you are looking for a more lightweight solution for a cosmetic plugin, Super Trails is the perfect solution, as it has the most optimized code, and works flawlessly with older versions of Minecraft.

Super Trails is one of the first cosmetics plugins ever released in Minecraft, which has 40 choosable trails, which are active on player movement.

Like other plugins, the plugin solely relies on permissions and can be a perfect addon for donator ranks on your server.

The only downside in Super Trails is the abandonment, as its author announced, that he will no more update or patch the plugin.

Currently, Super Trails is available and can be used on Minecraft versions 1.8 up to 1.15, as later versions seem incompatible, and produce bugs.

4. Ultra Cosmetics

Ultra Cosmetics Best Minecraft Cosmetics Plugins

For newer Minecraft servers, cosmetics plugins are a very important aspect. Especially, when the plugin has packed features for hubs and lobbies.

Ultra Cosmetics is one of the most useful cosmetics plugins for server lobbies and hubs, due to the optimized code and easy bungee integration.

The plugin comes packed with more than 200 different cosmetic types, including pets, mounts, hats, costumes, trails, and emotes.

Each of the plugin’s cosmetics can be given through permissions, and work perfectly fine for all Minecraft server versions.

5. ProdigyNightClub

ProdigyNightClub Best Minecraft Cosmetics Plugins

ProdigyNightClub is a bit different project from the usual particle plugins in Minecraft. The sole purpose of ProdigyNightClub is to transform Minecraft into a club, with special effects, and integrations with music outside of the game.

Once players enter the nightclub, they will immediately start seeing particle effects, music, and lasers, which can be very nice for donating players.

The idea of ProdigyNightClub is to add cosmetics and special clubs for donators.

As for the editions supported by ProdigyNightClub, you can use them on servers starting from 1.15, until the latest version. Earlier versions are not supported by the author, as announced in his patches.

6. HMCCosmetics

HMCCosmetics Best Minecraft Cosmetics Plugins

HMCCosmetics is a realistic cosmetics plugin, used by hundreds of Minecraft servers, and proved to be very useful for various projects.

The plugin is packed with 8 standalone cosmetic types, including variations of each cosmetic, and a realistic look.

HMCCosmetics features hats, realistically modeled emotes, balloons, animated backpacks, and most importantly capes. The capes in the plugin are not like your default Minecraft cape. They feature wings, jet packs, and many other special items.

The HMCCosmetics plugin gives the look that you are running a modded server. It’s a very beginner-friendly Minecraft cosmetics plugin, which can be further integrated with other plugins, such as Mythic Mobs, Item Adder, and even ModelEngine for creating more realistic cosmetics for players.

7. Advanced Pets

AdvancedPets Best Minecraft Cosmetics Plugins

What is a Minecraft server without a realistic pets plugin? Adding Advanced Pets on your Minecraft server unleashes a whole different level of entertainment, with more than a hundred pets, special shops, and different pet skins.

Advanced Pets doesn’t rely on or require any other plugins to start working, and comes packed with a special modeling GUI, for further pet creations.

At a glance, Advanced Pets comes with 20 premade pets and skill levels, with the option to add more pets and customize their abilities per your liking.

Adding Advanced Pets to your plugin set can empower your server since pet abilities include special potion effects and cosmetic designs when players add them.

Each pet can be also mounted, giving players more options to interact with their pet while playing on the server.

8. HyanseItemSkins

HyanseItemSkins Best Minecraft Cosmetics Plugins

Aside from adding particle effects and gadgets, HyansesItemSkins is a bit different, as its sole purpose is to perform as an item skin plugin.

While players do not get cool particle effects, they receive something bigger, which is skins for each of their items.

HyanseItemSkins is a plugin, which lets server owners add multiple textured skins, that can be changed through in-game items, and do not require multiple resource packs to be installed.

With HyanseItemsSkins cosmetic item plugin, players can easily switch between many different skins, and apply them to each of their weapons, without thinking of the item tier.

The plugin supports Minecraft versions from 1.15 to the latest one. However, HyanseItemsSkins requires knowledge of resource pack development.

If you don’t have the required knowledge, you can always speak with a developer, to create a special resource pack and include all the textures for items.


Adding cosmetics to your Minecraft server can be one of the most fun activities since players often find the same in-game enhancements and plugin sets.

Having particle effects, and different sets of cosmetics can help you upkeep a larger player base and get more donators, helping to further expand.