Best Minecraft 1.8 Servers To Play Right Now

Are you looking for Minecraft servers, which are supporting older updates? Tired of the new PVP mechanics, that was added in Minecraft 1.9, and made you quit your fun activities?

In this article, we will showcase the best Minecraft 1.8 servers, which are still up and running. Along with them, we will present some servers, that run both older and newer Minecraft server versions.

Why are older Minecraft server versions popular

Over the years Minecraft has received many quality updates giving us the opportunity to play and see new mobs, items, and changes in the current world we know.

But since some of the updates may be overwhelming or simply change the game that was played, a part of the players decided to stay behind them.

With the opportunity to downgrade the Minecraft version, a person can always join his favorite update and upgrade it whenever he wishes to join a server or just wants to overview the newest update.

Best Minecraft 1.8 servers

Acentra MC


Acentra MC is a Minecraft network supporting both old and new updates of Minecraft clients. The server resets every season, which brings tons of new updates and features to the community, along with new maps.

Acentra can be played from Minecraft 1.8 and scale up to 1.19, offering players the to cross-play between the versions and have the same content.

The main activities on the server are minigames, the special Acentra annihilation mode, Skyblock, bedwars, and even more servers, you can start playing solo, or join with your friends.

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MineMen Club

MineMen Best Minecraft 1.8 Servers

Minemen Club is another old and very popular PVP Minecraft server, offering to be played on Minecraft 1.8.9.

In MineMen players are usually spawned to prepare for clashes, and looting adventures. You can join and play as a survival player, but once an enemy comes near you, be prepared to fight.

Each player in MineMen is granted a score, which is called ELO. The more you fight in the server, the higher the ELO score you will have. The top players for the season will be displayed on a leaderboard and receive additional rewards for their bravery.

The MineMen anti-cheat system is custom-made and can prevent even the biggest mod clients, or scripts that make players more overpowered than the average ones.

One of the most popular Minecraft PVP YouTubers can be seen on the server streaming. These players are Headed, iusehuzuni, Cxlvxn, and many other players.

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VentureLand RPG


VentureLand RPG is a complete Minecraft RPG server with thousands of custom non-vanilla items. It features 8 different classes with different and unique abilities, also as different playstyles.

VentureLand can be played on Minecraft 1.8, which allows players to spam attack bosses, and complete raids even faster. From a PVP standpoint, VentureLand does not have the traditional cooldowns, which versions above 1.9 have, but has different game mechanics.

They have many customized words, with a wide variety of mobs, bosses, and areas open to PVP, or questing. Each of the leveling areas

The Economy of VentureLand is pretty well balanced, and players can create their own player shops where items can be sold or traded for other items.

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Zonix is a 7-year-old anarchy Minecraft 1.8 server, hosted in the US, and offering tons of custom content. They are mostly PVP oriented and offer a wide variety of PVP games. Along with that, they offer great PVP training modes, where players can learn the basics of PVP.

You can join Zonix only on Minecraft 1.7 or Minecraft 1.8 update, as they are not supporting the newer ones.

The reason they prefer to be a Minecraft 1.8 server is due to the many updates, which can destroy their years of hard work on their plugins, and the lack of good PVP strategies.

After the Minecraft 1.9 update, Zonix has decided not to offer their server for client versions above 1.8, as it will destroy their player’s experience.

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