MC Better Rewards – Daily rewards Addon


MC Better Rewards gives you the opportunity to create custom daily rewards through a GUI, with the option to change visuals without accessing the backend or databases.

MC Better Rewards is an addon, which requires the plugin MC Daily Rewards. It is completely free and supports all Minecraft versions.

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MC Better Rewards enhances the default usage of MC Daily Rewards, and gives server owners the chance to add custom items through a GUI. Now you can easily choose rewards to give players in real-time setting, without using the default months folder.

The visuals and commands can easily be changed or delete through the GUI, but a reload will be needed, and this will take less time than any other plugin.

MC Better Rewards has been designed to fit every server owner’s needs, and give them the opportunity to create a pre-made list of rewards for each day of the month. The plugin has been made to work with any custom item creation plugin for Minecraft, and will add any item, that your players can receive when they log in the game.

How to setup MC Better Rewards

To setup MC Better Rewards you will need to have the MC Daily Rewards plugin, which can be downloaded for free from our website.

Once you have both plugins, simply drag and drop them in your server’s plugins folder. After that you will need to follow the setup instructions for MC Daily Rewards.

MC Better Rewards doesn’t need any initial setup.

How to use MC Better Rewards

Once you have successfully downloaded MC Better Rewards, it can be accessed through the command /daily open. After writing the command, you should be able to see a GUI displaying each month, and giving you the opportunity to choose it.

MC Pro rewards Months GUI

You can choose your current month, or simply start editing each of them as per your liking. There is no order in which you need to fill out the months, as they can be updated at any time.

Choose the month that you wish to edit, and a menu with each day of the month will be displayed automatically. The days are affected in real-world setting, so you will not need to edit anything.

MC Pro Rewards Days GUI

There are no requirements as to which day should be updated first. You can set rewards for any of the days, or remove rewards from them. Click on the day that you wish to edit, and you will be taken to a menu with more options.

MC Pro Rewards How to Add Rewards

The minecarts that you see represent 4 things. The first minecart will show the days in which you have collected a reward. Second minecart displays the reward that can be taken, and the third one is for the days that are about to come. The fourth minecart will tell you that you have not collected the reward, and it is also available for collection, but you will need to pay a certain price.

By default these 3 settings are displayed as variants of minecarts and can be changed, by simply clicking on them and choosing an item from your inventory. This will show the current day’s reward status with the item that you have used.

The shulker boxes are used for setting commands. If you click on the green shulker box it will ask you to set a command that the server will initiate upon picking the reward. You can write the command as text without including symbols such as “/” to add commands.

The red shulker box is used for removing commands. To remove a command you will need to write the exact text that was used when adding the command. You do not need symbols such as “/” to remove commands.

The diamond that you see is used for adding custom items. You can click on it and choose an item from your inventory that you wish to be added as a daily reward for the month.

And finally the golden ingot next to the diamond is used to issue money rewards. Depending on your server’s economy and money name, the server will reward players with a certain amount of cash upon collecting their rewards.

Once you have finished setting up the rewards, you can issue the command mcdailyaddon copy confirm and then do a reload so all the changes have been transferred to the database of MC Daily Rewards.

MC Better Rewards commands

/mcdaily open – A simple command, which lets you access the GUI and start setting rewards for each day of the month.

/daily copy confirm– A command, which is used only by admins or OP’s so all changes from MC Better Rewards get copied in the MC Daily Rewards Database.

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