How to make wooden slabs in Minecraft

Do you want to decorate your home or perhaps work better on your crops? Learning how to craft wooden slabs in Minecraft can help you with achieving everything.

They are quite a cute Minecraft material for designing and not only. It can be also helpful for many things, which we will discuss further.

What are wooden slabs in Minecraft

Wooden slabs in Minecraft are half-cut wooden blocks, which are used for decorating your house or perhaps use them as a helpful way for planting and harvesting crops.

As a decorative block and helpful block, the wooden slab can be used:

  • For walking on them while planting or harvesting your crops.
  • Decorate your house and make it look more attractive.
  • Make your animal farm even better, so it doesn’t look boring with fences only.
  • Use them for better flooring in your house or add them to your roof and many more.

Where can I find wooden slabs in Minecraft

You can find wooden slabs in villagers’ chests and the villages. You will not guess it, but some of the villager houses are created with wooden slabs.


It’s so easy to break and take them, that you will not need to craft them.

The abandoned mines in Minecraft also have some wooden slabs in the chests, or perhaps on the roof part.

As a personal opinion, crafting the wooden slabs can be the fastest way, as finding a village or an abandoned mine may be time-consuming.

What materials do I need to craft wooden slabs in Minecraft

To craft wooden slabs in Minecraft you need to have planks. This is the only material needed, which you can acquire through cutting trees and crafting them into planks.

You can also find many different types of wooden slabs, which depend on the type of tree you had cut and used for planks.

There are 6 different types of trees, which will give you a certain color of planks and wooden slabs.

These types of trees are:

  • Oak
  • Birch
  • Spruce
  • Jungle
  • Dark oak
  • Akacia

If you are willing to chop trees faster and gain more wooden slabs, then you can use an axe. The better the quality of the materials used for an axe (e.g. wood, stone, iron, diamonds) the faster it can chop the wood.

Not to mention if you are willing to enchant your axe and use the right enchantments, you will be able to be more efficient in woodcutting.

What can you do with wooden slabs in Minecraft

For crafting wooden slabs in Minecraft you will need to have at least 3 planks in your inventory.

This will require you to use a crafting table, so you can start crafting the wooden slabs, otherwise, you will not be able to, due to the 4 square grid that you have on your personal menu.

So once you get near your crafting table, all you need to do is to place “E” and place 3 planks one next to another.

The planks will then turn into 6 slabs, which means that for every combination, you will get this amount of wooden slabs.

Can you stack wooden slabs in Minecraft?

Yes, in Minecraft you can stack 64 wooden slabs, without any issue.

Once you have filled up 64 wooden slabs, you will start stacking new ones in another grid.

Keep in mind that the number of stackable wooden slabs may differ in certain servers, as they may be using plugins or mods, which manipulate the numbers.