How to Make Warped Fungus on a Stick in Minecraft

Have you ever gotten tired of walking the nether and carrying materials to build bridges?

If you find a strider, you can mount him and travel the nether more.

But to ride a strider in Minecraft, we will need to make a warped fungus on a stick.

In this article, we will explain everything about the warped fungus on a stick, but first, let’s analyze it.

What is a warped fungus on a stick?

Like the carrot on a stick, warped fungus on a stick has the same purpose in Minecraft but is used to travel with a strider.


If you are not sure what striders are, they are special traveling mobs, which can be seen only in the nether.

They are required to be saddled, which means you will need to make a saddle.

The warped fungus on a stick has a durability meter, like every other item in Minecraft. This item’s durability is 100 and will lose a point each time it has been used.

Aside from guiding the striders, warped fungus on a stick does not have any other use in Minecraft.

How can I get a warped fungus on a stick?

Getting a warped fungus on a stick is hard, if not impossible. The only way you can get it is by killing a piglin, which may be riding the strider.

These piglins have the warped fungus on a stick in their hands and may drop it whenever killed.


The chances of a baby piglin dropping the warped fungus on a stick are 1 to 12,2 or 8.5%. These changes can be increased by enchanting your sword with the looting enchantment. Every level of looting adds 1% to the drop chance.

Another way would be to get the fungi, which can happen only by bartering with the piglins.

Aside from these 2 options, the third one is to craft warped fungus on a stick, which is faster and doesn’t take too long.

What items do I need to make a warped fungus on a stick?

All you need is a fishing rod and a warped fungus. The fishing rod can be crafted, while the warped fungus exists in the nether.

The exact locations of warped fungus are in the Warped forest or Crimson forest.


If you decide to search for the warped fungus, you can start traveling safely. Piglins will not come to attack you there, because they are scared of the fungus.

In fact, they will start running away once they reach 7 blocks of distance from the warped fungus.

How to make a warped fungus on a stick

Once all materials have been gathered, a crafting table will not be needed. because you need 2 diagonal boxes only.

Since our player’s crafting table is a 2 by 2, we can use it and save planks.

The first thing that is needed is to take and place the fishing rod on the first box, first line. After that, you can place the warped fungus diagonally from the fishing rod.


After the items have been placed, you will receive a warped fungus on a stick. If you are near breaking your warped fungus on a stick, you can repair it with another one.

Can I stack warped fungus on a stick?

Warped fungus on a stick cannot be stacked in Minecraft. You can have only 1 of them per slot and use only one of them at a time.

If you try using both of them at the same time, they will both lose durability, but not increase their efficiency.