How to make a Torch in Minecraft

Minecraft can be a great game, which represents the real world and gives us joy and happiness. But as in every real-world game, we have day and night in the game.

When it gets dark it’s normal to have problems and seek solutions.

One of the best ways to overcome the night and bring light to your life is by crafting a torch in Minecraft.

What is a torch in Minecraft

Torches in Minecraft are sticks, which are lighted up and used to bring light to the dark parts while playing.

They are often used in caves, houses, and in rare cases, you can use them for protection from spiders.

There are 2 types of torches in Minecraft. You have the basic coal crafted torch and the special soul torch, which is not hard to craft.

Where can I find torches in Minecraft

While crafting a torch is not something serious, neither require an hour in gameplay to acquire the needed materials, they can also be found in certain areas.

If you stumble across a village, you may see that the villagers are packed up with torches on their buildings.


You can easily break those torches and use them as you wish.

Another great way of finding torches in Minecraft is through exploring caves. If you are lucky enough, you may find an abandoned mine, which holds chests.

These chests can be filled up with gold, wood, rails, or even torches.

Taking the time to check in the abandoned mines for torches isn’t a very good idea. It will be time-consuming and challenging, while you can just follow the steps for acquiring the needed materials.

What materials do I need to craft a torch in Minecraft

In order to craft a torch in Minecraft, you need the most basic materials in the game.

All you need is to get some sticks and then go for coal mining.

Coal is usually acquired from exploring mines and destroying the coal ore. It requires you to have a pickaxe, which is at least a stone one. Otherwise, you will break the coal, but not receive anything from it.


The sticks are usually obtained by using the crafting table and placing wood planks, which will create your sticks.

If you are not in the mood for coal mining and search for a quick and easy way to gather torches, then you could go for charcoal.

It is quite easy to make and requires you to burn wood inside a furnace, which will then turn into charcoal and let you proceed with crafting torches.

How to craft a torch in Minecraft

Once you have the sticks and coal or charcoal, you will be ready to start crafting your torches in Minecraft.

For the crafting, you need either a crafting table or you can use the 4 blocks grid on your player, by clicking “E”.


All you need to do is place the coal or charcoal on any of the top grids.

Right after that, place the sticks under the charcoal or coal and it will give you 4 torches per material.

What can you do with a torch in Minecraft?

The torches that you craft in Minecraft can be helpful for not one, but many reasons.

You can set light on your way to the mine and never worry about getting lost.

Torches can be used as trails, lighting paths, and moreover, a torch is used to lighten up an area, so monsters are not spawned.