How to make stone slabs in Minecraft

In Minecraft, decoration blocks are not limited to wooden slabs only. You can also learn how to craft stone slabs, as they may be a perfect fit for your house or project.

Stone slabs are an old and really nice-looking block in the game, which has been used for a wide variety of projects, such as building the best houses in Minecraft.

What are stone slabs in Minecraft

Stone slabs are tall 1.5 blocks, which means that they are half of the height of any block in the game.


Just like the wooden slab, the stone slab is a decorative block, which can also be useful for a wide variety of things, such as:

  • Decorating your floor or roof in the house.
  • Add them to your farm, so you don’t fall into the water.
  • Or simply use them for your animal farm, if you want to make it look better.

The stone slabs in Minecraft are just decorative items, but also have 1 extra ability.

If you are a Redstone expert, you can easily use them for stairs with your sticky pistons.

They do a really nice job for stairs, even though not many people have used them, as there are far more useful blocks, such as stairs and other types of blocks that can be used in the game.

Where can I find stone slabs in Minecraft

You can find stone slabs from village traders or perhaps in the villages. Some of the villages have stone slabs as decoration material, which gives you the opportunity to break and take.

If you are willing to trade with a villager, you will need to find the Mason trader, but the only thing he can do is give you the required materials.


Villagers do not trade the stone slabs or any slabs in the game (for now), but we expect them to start trading slabs in the future.

What materials do I need to craft stone slabs in Minecraft

In order to craft stone slabs, you will need the most basic material in the game. It is the stone.

While stone can be acquired if you have a silk touch enchanted pickaxe, there is also another way to acquire the stone.

You will need to have a furnace and some charcoal, which comes from burning wood, or perhaps you can use coal.

While players use these materials, there are 2 more materials, which can make a furnace burn materials.

Planks help furnaces to burn and recreate an item, but also jukeboxes can.

Now if you are a rich person and want to look cool, you can just go for burning jukeboxes, although it is not a good idea for a beginner.

Planks can also help you use the furnace, as they use 1 wood for burning 2 materials.

How to craft stone slabs in Minecraft?

Once you have acquired the stone from your furnace, you can just go to the nearest crafting table, as it will require 3 grids.

Your character menu has 4 grids, but not in a single line. A single line has 2 grids and it is designed to work 2×2, while you need a crafting table, which uses 3×3 grids.

When you go to the crafting table right-click and input the stones into a single line. It does not matter which line you are going to use, but the stones need to be one next to another.


What can you do with stone slabs in Minecraft

With stone slabs, you can decorate or create a better farming or animal structure, which is helpful to players, who always get their items stuck in the water.

Not to mention that stone slabs do not remove the water, even if they are placed on the top half of it.

Can you stack stone slabs in Minecraft?

Yes, in Minecraft you can stack stone slabs. A player can stack up to 64 stone slabs per grid.

You can also see that in some servers players are stacking more than 64 stone slabs. That may be because of a plugin or a mod.