How to make a Soul Torch in Minecraft

Torches in Minecraft are a helpful and useful material, which helps you light a path in any dark area.

Except for lighting paths, a torch is also used for protecting an area from mobs spawning, which can potentially save your life.

But what if you wanted something better? Something, which can do the same job, but looks better and newer in Minecraft?

The soul torch in Minecraft is one of the newest updates to the basic torch, which improves the old designs, by applying new and better ones.

What is a soul torch in Minecraft

A soul torch is basically the same as the basic torch in Minecraft. It does the absolutely same job for you with protection and lighting but has a different color.

There is no difference between the basic and the soul torch, except for the color and materials that are needed in order to craft it.


Where can I find a soul torch

Soul torches cannot be found in the game. They can only be crafted through acquiring certain game materials, which take time and effort.

Unlike the basic torches, which can be found in villages, mines, and chests, the soul torches are harder.

What materials do I need to craft a soul torch

A soul torch is built differently than a basic torch in Minecraft. For the soul torch, you will need to have:

  • coal or charcoal
  • Sticks
  • Soul soil or soul sand

Getting coal is an easy thing, as you only need a stone pickaxe or greater, which will let you break and receive coal from mining.

Charcoal is another easy to get material, for which you will need a furnace and wood. The wood needs to be burned inside an oven, which will create charcoal in its place.

Now comes the harder part.

Getting soul soil or soil sand requires you to have a nether portal built in your world, so you can go to the nether where those blocks can be found.


This will require you to have a diamond pickaxe, otherwise, you will not be able to break the obsidian blocks for building the nether portal.

So, once you have built up a nether portal, all you need to do is enter it and search for either soul sand or soul soil.


The blocks are easy to find and you will get the idea, of which one is which. You can break them quicker if you use a shovel.

The minimum requirements to break soul sand and soul soil are to use your hand, which will take you some time, but also give you the block.

You don’t need more than one of each material to craft a soul torch, but you can stack yourself a lot of both blocks if you would like to have more soul torches in your inventory.

How to craft a soul torch in Minecraft

Once you have gathered all of the materials, which are needed for crafting a soul torch in Minecraft, you will only be left to use the crafting table and align the materials in the correct order.

Once open up the crafting table you will need to use 3 grids of it and place the materials one by one:

  • Coal or charcoal
  • Sticks
  • Soul sand or soul soil

If you have placed the items correctly, then now you should have soul torches crafted in Minecraft.

What are soul torches used for?

Soul torches are used for all the things that the basic torch is used also. The only difference is that you receive a blue light, instead of the basic one.

The soul torch is used for designing or proving your game time since you have traveled to the nether world and gathered better materials.