How to make Snow Blocks in Minecraft

Snowballs are one of the least used items in Minecraft.

Many players disregard them, but they have hidden potential and can help you win the game.

In this tutorial, we will explain to you how to use snowballs and how you can make snow blocks.

First, let’s take a look at what snowballs are and how snow blocks can help you.

What is a snow block

Snow blocks are snowy biome-specific blocks, which appear when it is snowing in the biome.

Snow blocks can be crafted by using snowballs. But it would be faster by acquiring them from snowy biomes as mentioned before.

They cannot be used for combat purposes, but once broken with a shovel, you may receive up to 8 snowballs.

The main reason for professional players to use snowballs in Minecraft is because of its knockback features.


You can knockback every mob with snowballs, but they don’t deal any damage to them.

Yet, if you are in the nether fighting blazes, a snowball will take 3 hearts.

Another use of snowballs in Minecraft is for the end boss. If you have ever faced the ender dragon, you know that you will need to take the end crystal first.

Snowballs are the perfect throwable as they can destroy the end crystals. This way you will be saving arrows and still take down the ender dragon.

Where can I find snow blocks

Snow blocks can be found in the snowy biomes, but when you destroy them with a bare hand they disappear.

To break snow blocks in Minecraft you will need a shovel (a wooden shovel works too).

Snowy-biome-in-Minecraft (1)

Aside from that, there is no other way to get snow blocks. You can make them, but cannot find them in chests or villages.

What materials do I need to make snow blocks

To make snow blocks, you will need to get snowballs and have a shovel crafted.

The shovel will help you to get snowballs from the top of the ground or break full blocks.

If you destroy the snowy top you can get between 1-4 snowballs, but if you destroy a snowy block you get 1-8 snowballs.

How to make snow blocks

Once we get enough snowballs, we can use our character’s crafting slots.

We will not need a crafting table, because the snow blocks are crafted with only 4 snowballs.

You can take your 4 snowballs and place them in the 4 open crafting slots. Once these slots are filled, we will receive 1 snow block.

Can I stack snow blocks in Minecraft

Snowballs can be stacked up to 16, while snow blocks can hold up to 64 per stack.

If snowballs are being used for fights, the best way would be to make them into snow blocks and break them with a shovel.

This way more snowballs can be obtained and more enemies can be pushed, or blazes killed.