How to make a shovel in Minecraft

If you are starting out in Minecraft, you will start understanding that there are some useful tools that you can use to gather materials faster.

While crafting a shovel may not be useful as a pickaxe, sword, axe, or hoe, but can also help you shape your ground and take important blocks from the basic starting world and the nether.

It is also useful when you go to a mine, because you may stumble upon the gravel, which takes time to break, but with a shovel, it happens really fast.

What is a shovel in Minecraft

Shovels in Minecraft are used for breaking blocks, which are mostly used for farming, and very little for crafting.

Shovels in Minecraft are mainly used for breaking:

  • Sand
  • Dirt
  • Soul sand
  • Soul soil
  • Gravel and many others

Shovels in Minecraft help players by digging the surface and entering mines faster, but not only. You can make a garden and style it or start your own farm.


Where can I find a shovel in Minecraft

While nobody will tell you about it, shovels can actually be found in Minecraft. Although the only place you can find a shovel in Minecraft is in the villages.

If you get lucky a chest can have a shovel inside it, which you can take, without the villagers getting angry.

Another way to find a shovel is by crafting it. Currently, these are the 2 possible ways to get your hands on the shovel.

What materials do I need to craft a shovel in Minecraft

In order to craft a shovel in Minecraft, you can use almost all of the ores that you are mining.

Not to mention that you also have a wooden shovel, which beginners craft along with the other wooden items, so they can start playing the game.

The materials, which are used for crafting a shovel in Minecraft are many and they will be listed, so you can be sure, which ones are used for crafting.

You can craft a Minecraft shovel by combining sticks with:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Diamond

While most of these materials are useful and help you with tool crafting in Minecraft, you will understand one fact about the game.

Golden materials are not precious or helpful at all. If you craft a golden shovel, you will see how fast the durability fades away.

That’s why if you play Minecraft, you should now never craft golden materials. They break easily and are a loss of precious materials.

The best way to profit from gold is to use it for making food and golden apples.

How to craft a shovel in Minecraft

Once you have all the needed materials for crafting a shovel in Minecraft you can then proceed opening up your crafting table.

It doesn’t matter if you have wood, stone, iron, gold, or diamonds as all of them will grant you a shovel in Minecraft.

So once you open up the crafting table, all you need to do is to place 1 of the crafting materials on the first square, on your crafting grid, and then place 2 sticks in each grid under the material you had chosen.

It should look just like in the picture. Once you have placed the items, you can now take your Minecraft shovel and start digging around all the blocks.

Keep in mind that there are certain blocks, which cannot be broken with a shovel. It will take a lot of time to break certain blocks like stone and others, but they will not drop any material.

What can you do with a shovel in Minecraft

If you are asking yourself what you can do with a shovel in Minecraft, well you can do many things. Shovels are used for creating a nice farm and breaking blocks, which were placed wrong.

With a shovel, you can destroy these blocks (for example dirt, sand, and others), and you will receive them back.

Breaking these blocks with your hand is also possible, but when using the shovel, you are breaking the blocks faster.

The more upgraded the shovel (for example stone shovel or diamond shovel), the faster you will be breaking the blocks around you.