How to Make a Server on Minecraft – Detailed Guide

Would you like to start your own Minecraft server, but don’t know how to make one?

You don’t need to worry, because creating servers has never been easier, without our guide on how to make a server on Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game with no rules and options for creativity. One of the more popular pastimes in Minecraft is building and running servers so that you and your friends can interact together in the virtual world.

The goal of this article is to show you how to make a server on Minecraft, something that can be complicated if you haven’t done it before.

What do you need to be able to make a server on Minecraft?

For starting a Minecraft server, you will need the base components. Without them, you will not be able to start or let your friends join your server once it is created.

If you lack any of the below-mentioned steps, you don’t need to worry. We will guide you on how you can fix them and configure your server properly.

Check your computer’s compatibility

Two versions of Minecraft exist namely Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Check the versions of Minecraft that you are running.

You must download the right server software for the Minecraft version you are running. To determine the version of Minecraft you are running, launch the game and look at the title screen.


The Bedrock Edition’s server software is still in the Alpha testing phase. It may be buggier than the Java Edition.

You can only connect to Java Edition servers on Mac and PC. To connect to a Bedrock sever, you can play in Windows 10, iPhone, Android, iPad, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Computer Requirements to host a Minecraft Server

To use your computer for Minecraft sever hosting, it should be fast and have adequate RAM to handle the number of people who will be logging on to the server to play.

You will also require extra resources to run the operating system of your computer, and Minecraft.

If you are looking for minimum requirements to run your Minecraft server, take these as an example, but not mandatory.

  • 1 to 3 players – 2 gigabytes of free hard drive space, AMD K8-Based or Intel Core-based CPUs or better, 1 Gigabytes RAM.
  • 10 to 20 players – 5 GB free hard drive space, AMD K8-Based or Intel Core-Based CPUs, 3GB RAM.
  • 20 to 30 players – AMD K10-Based or Intel Nehalem-based CPUs or better, 10 GB free hard drive space, 4 GB RAM.
  • 40 or more players – AMD K10-Based or Intel Nehalem-Based CPUs at 3.6 gigahertz or higher, 6 GB or more RAM, 20 GB free hard drive space with high write/read speeds.

Determine your internet connection speed

To enable players to engage with each other in real time, you need a fast download and upload speed. The recommended internet connection speeds based on the number of players connected are as follows:

  • 1 to 3 players – 3Mbps download and 6Mbps upload
  • 10 to 20 players – 25Mbps download and 16 Mbps upload
  • 20 to 30 players – 50 Mbps download and 27 Mbps upload
  • 40 or more players – 75+ Mbps download and 44+ Mbps upload

It can be different, as players from around the world may also connect to your server, which may cause lag.

If you wish to take on players from around the world, you may have to choose a faster internet connection and go for the nearest countries possible.

How to Make a Server on Minecraft

1. Minecraft

The first and most important thing is to have a copy of the original game or at least the pirated version.

If you wish to buy the game, but can’t afford the full price, you can use our discount and get Minecraft cheaper.

Once you have Minecraft downloaded and installed on your computer, you can simply choose the version you would like to play.


2. Static IP Address

Finding your IP Address is one of the most important steps, so you can include this address in your server file once you create it.

If you are having issues finding your IP Address, you can simply use any kind of websites, such as IP Chicken or WhatIsMyIpAddress.

The next step is to find out if you have a static or dynamic IP address.

A static IP address is an Internet Protocol (IP) address that never changes. Once you connect to your router, your address is automatically taken and does not change.

If your electricity stops and loses connection, once you turn your router on, it will automatically take the same IP address.

A dynamic IP Address is an Internet Protocol (IP) address that always changes. When you connect to the internet, your device gets a dynamic IP address from the router so it can communicate with other devices.


This works as long as you stay connected to the same network, but once you disconnect or switch networks, your computer will lose its connection and it will need to find a new IP address.

If you are not sure what kind of IP address you have, you can simply disconnect from the router and check if your previous IP address has been changed or remains the same.

If your internet provider is providing you with a dynamic IP there is no need to worry or struggle. You can always give them a call and explain to them that you will need a static IP.

Most of the internet providers are not charging money, but some of them could charge you a small price per month for reserving this IP address on your router.

3. Server Port Open

A server port is the communication service on a computer that allows for communication between devices, typically within an internal network.

It can be likened to a doorbell on a house. Server ports are usually associated with the TCP or UDP protocols.

In order for your server to be open for others to join, you will need a port open. The default Minecraft server port is 25565.


By default, your ports will be closed, but by calling your internet provider, you can get them open. All you need to do is ask them to open port 25565.

Just in case, ask them to open 25566 and 25567. The default port you need is 25, so asking them to open port 25566 will not block your server connections.

4. Bukkit or Spigot Server File

The next thing you will need to do is download the Bukkit or Spigot server file, which is the heart of your Minecraft server.

You can find the newest Spigot or Bukkit server versions on GetBukkit. It is not recommended to download these server files from external sources.

Without these files, you will not be able to start and host your Minecraft server.

As a personal preference, I download Spigot.


Once you have downloaded Bukkit or Spigot, save them on your desktop. Create a folder, which is named Server, and place the downloaded files inside it.

5. Latest Version of Java Installed

This last step is just an optional one but really comes in handy, as most people do not have their Java updated to the last version.

Of course, you cannot play Minecraft without Java, but for a server, it is recommended to have its latest version.

You can simply download the latest Java version from their official website.

Once you have installed it, you will be ready to start creating your Minecraft server.

How to create a server on Minecraft

Since you have completed all of the steps above, now you have all the essential components and can easily start your Minecraft server without a problem.

All you need to do is to start and configure the options needed for the server to be up and allow connections to other players.

1. Create a start.bat file

Once you have all the files needed to create your server, you need to create a start.bat file.

In order to create the file, first, you need to use a text editor, such as notepad.

You can name your notepad start.bat.

Inside your notepad you should include the following text to reflect the Minecraft server version:

java -jar craftbukkit-1.18.1.jar


Then click on “Save As” and save it with the name “start.bat” and the file format to “All Files”.

2. Starting up your server

Since you have the start.bat file created, all you need to do is double click it and you should see more files being generated in the Minecraft Server folder, you had previously created.

minecraft start bat

Once your server has been started, you will need to check the server settings and make sure you edit the Port and Server-IP to match yours.

Minecraft PE Server Files Config

3. Develop your Minecraft server

After you initially start your server, it will contain all the right files you have created.

You should edit the ops.txt file for the reason of adding your player name as an operator and this will give you access to Minecraft as an administrator.

Minecraft updating ops

You can also do the same for your friends or other players who will assist you in building the server.

4. Adding Plugins to your Minecraft server

Now that you have added all the needed components in your Minecraft server, it is basically time to start adding plugins.

There are more than 60,000 developed Minecraft plugins for server, from which you can choose any (if it’s compatible with your server version) and add them to your plugins folder.


Minecraft plugins can be downloaded from Spigot or Bukkit.

You may find that some plugins are asking for a certain price. These are paid plugins, which require players to pay real money in order to acquire them.

You may skip such plugins and go for the free ones, if you are not feeling comfortable to spend money.

Download a Premade Minecraft Server

If you are tired or feeling lazy downloading and setting up the server, you can just visit a website that offers premade Minecraft servers for free and just download one.

The only things that you will need to edit are the Port and Server-IP as previously mentioned.

A website that we would recommend for getting premade Minecraft servers is MC Market.

MC Market is a marketplace for people in need. There are thousands of people who are looking to sell, buy or create a Minecraft server.

The support is really nice and helpful, so every query that you have will be answered in no time.

They also have forums, in which you can ask your questions and be answered by other people.

Advertising your Minecraft server

Once you develop your server and configure the roles for the public correctly, you can advertise it to other Minecraft players.

Millions of players are searching for a place to play Minecraft.

Therefore, seek to provide them with something fun and unique so that they can be dedicated to your server.

Managing your Minecraft server

Typically, it is more straightforward to manage a Minecraft server with a hosting service than it is to do so on your own.

Much of the management is making sure that your ports and DNS are well set up, the server is working optimally, and the bandwidth is going great.