How to Make Sandstone in Minecraft

Sandstone is one of the most useful blocks for decorations in Minecraft, if you want to create desert art.

It is a easy to get decorative block, and can be found only in some biomes, or you can craft sandstone yourself.

What is sandstone in Minecraft

Sandstone is a block in Minecraft that is a type of stone. It has various patterns that are seen on the surface of the block, which can be orange or the yellow color.

Sandstone is a common type of stone in Minecraft and it is found very as it can be mined with a pickaxe. It can be crafted into chiseled, smooth blocks that are used for decoration.

Sandstone can also be used for making sandstone walls or sandstone stairs, which are a part of the decorative blocks offered for crafting.

Where can I find sandstone

Finding sandstone in Minecraft requires you to travel and search for specific biomes and buildings. Finding a beach or a desert biome can ensure you find sandstone.

The desert villages are also made of sandstone, which can be mined with a pickaxe (even a stone pickaxe works).

Pyramids are also one of the buildings made of sandstone, as their floor is made from it.

What materials do I need to make sandstone

To make sandstone in Minecraft you will need to have a crafting table and 4 sand.

Sand can be found almost everywhere in the desert biome or next to a beach. You don’t need any special material to break and get it.

Sand can be broken with a bare hand, or with a shovel for faster experience. The higher quality of the shovel, the faster a player can mine it.

How to make sandstone in Minecraft

To make sandstone in Minecraft you will need to have 4 sand in your inventory. Keep in mind that 4 sand can be made into only 1 sandstone.

If you are willing to create something big, you will need to get a bit more sand from farming.

Once the needed amount of sand has been gathered, we can then proceed to our crafting table. We will need only 4 slots of the crafting table to make the sandstone.

Choose 4 places, which form a square and place the sound. Right after that a sandstone block will appear.


The number will depend on the sand used for the crafting.

Once the crafting process has been finished, you can revert it. If you will need sand in the future, digging will be needed.

Can you stack sandstone in Minecraft

You can stack up to 64 sandstone blocks per slot in Minecraft. The number is not changeable, except if you a plugin or a mod is used to manipulate these numbers.