How to make Saddle in Minecraft

Do you want to have your own saddle in Minecraft, so you can place it on horses and other mobs?

Learning everything about a saddle and how you can craft saddle in Minecraft can help you to use your knowledge and get yourself your own rideable mount in the game.

As we all know riding an animal helps you to travel faster and discover more places.

What is a saddle in Minecraft

A saddle is a utility item, which is placed on a certain type of animal. Once the saddle is placed on the animal, it will let you control it and move it, just like moving your character.

Saddles are an important and very hard-to-find material in Minecraft, which can also be used to lure animals into your farm and bread them.

For example, taming a horse and adding a saddle to this horse, will let you ride him anywhere around the map.

Where can I find a saddle Minecraft

You can find saddles in many ways in Minecraft. And the ways mentioned are the only ones you can acquire a saddle in the game.

Trading with villagers

Trading with villagers has always been the best way to acquire materials faster in the game. It may require you certain materials, as their main currency is emeralds, but not in all cases.

Villagers do have trades, where they offer you emeralds for any of your common items, such as sticks, iron, Redstone, and others.

If you want to get a saddle from the villagers, you will need to search for a leather working villager. They offer saddles but need emeralds in return.


If you have some materials in your character, you can try to trade with other villagers and get the emeralds faster, so you can trade them later on for a saddle.

The leatherworking villager will always be happy to trade a saddle for some emeralds, but there is a chance that he will not have this trade.

The saddle trade occurs by chance and the chance for the Java Edition could be around 50%.

Discovering caves with chests

If you are not willing to trade with the villagers there is another way to acquire a saddle in Minecraft. You can find it in the caves.


If you manage to find an abandoned mine, you may get lucky and find a saddle in of the chests, which are sitting lonely and waiting their time to be picked up.

Finding a saddle in these chests is a rare thing, but don’t lose hope. You may find a saddle from the first chest in no time.


If you are a patient type of player in Minecraft, then fishing may be the perfect thing for you. All you need to do is craft a fishing rod and find an ocean.


While fishing you may get lucky and get yourself a saddle, but the chances are under 1% to score a saddle, so you may want to enchant your fishing rod.

There are certain enchantments, which can be applied, such as luck of the sea, and give you bigger chances of acquiring better materials.

There are 2 scenarios in this case.

You may get lucky enough to acquire a saddle directly, or you can get materials to trade with villagers and get a saddle.

How to craft a saddle in Minecraft

You can’t craft a saddle in Minecraft. There are no materials, which let you craft one.

Even the furnace and crafting table do not have recipes for crafting a saddle, so you may want to try one of the ways to acquire one.

Of course, if you are playing on a Minecraft server with mods, you may have a recipe to craft a saddle, even though most of the Minecraft servers, do not use such plugins.

What can you do with a saddle in Minecraft

With a saddle, you can ride most of the animals in Minecraft. If you are lucky enough you may even find a horse.

But if you stumble upon one, you will need to follow the guide on how to tame a horse, otherwise, the horse will not let you ride it that easily.

Other mobs that you can put a saddle on are the pigs. But even if you put a saddle on a pig, it will not let you ride it.

Pigs on their own way and to make them follow the desired trail, you will need to craft carrot on a stick. This is the only way to make a pig follow the way you want.

Can you stack saddles in Minecraft?

You cannot stack saddles in your Minecraft inventory. You can have only 1 saddle per slot, as they are currently not patched for stacking.

Although if you stumble upon stacking mods or plugins, you may manipulate the stacking of the game and have many saddles per inventory slot.