How to Make a Recovery Compass in Minecraft

Are you dying too often in Minecraft and always lose your items?

Perhaps it is time for your to make your very first recovery compass in Minecraft.

You may be wondering why would you need such an item in the game, and we will clarify that for you.

What is a Recovery Compass in Minecraft

A recovery compass in Minecraft is used to locate your items whenever you die.

Every time you die in a dimension in Minecraft, the recovery compass can be used to find your lost items.

But for it to work, you will need to be in the dimension you died. For example, if you died in the end world, you will need to go back there, and then the recovery compass will help you retrieve your items.

Otherwise, it will not be functioning properly.

And if you die more than one time, the recovery compass will still be working. Once you get your first items, it will indicate another place.

For players, who enjoy playing on multiplayer Minecraft servers, the recovery compass will show only their items once they die. It cannot find the items of other players.

But that doesn’t mean you can give the item to someone else, so he can locate his items.

The Minecraft recovery compass has many uses and does not have durability. It can also be used to locate your dropped on death items more than one time.

Where can I find a recovery compass in Minecraft

The recovery compass cannot be found in Minecraft, and cannot be traded with the villagers. It is an exclusive item.

With that said, there is only one way you can get it. And this way is by crafting the recovery compass.

What materials do I need to craft a recovery compass in Minecraft

To make a recovery compass in Minecraft you will need 2 items. A compass and 8 echo shards.

The echo shards are a fairly new item, which was introduced in Minecraft 1.19.

They can be found only in the ancient city, where you may engage in a fight with the warden.

For the compass things are a bit easier. You can find a compass if you look in the mines where mob spawners have been placed.

They usually have 2 chests, so one of them may contain the compass. The other way is to make a compass and continue with the recipe.

How to make a recovery compass in Minecraft

Since you have the items needed for a recovery compass, you will need to use your crafting table, as it will require 3×3 slots.

You can place the echo shards everywhere, but keep the center part clean.

Now on the center grid, you can place the compass. Once you do that, you will see a recovery compass popping up.


Can I stack recovery compass in Minecraft

You can have only 1 recovery compass per slot in Minecraft and that cannot be changed.

There is also the possibility to hold 2 of them by having one in your off-hand and one in your main hand.

If you want to change the stacking options in Minecraft, you will need to use a plugin or a mod to do so.