How to make planks in Minecraft

Crafting wooden planks in Minecraft is one of the most important things in the game. Not only because you will need it to craft your first items, but also because you will need them all the time.

To be precise, almost all of the craftables in Minecraft require you to use planks or any of the craftables, that come out of them.

What are planks in Minecraft

Planks are the most essential item, which comes from wood in Minecraft. It is a basic item, which requires no crafting table or anything hard.


They are the easiest to get and craft items in the game, which even proves why it is so important.

Even though dirt is also everywhere in the game, you can’t craft anything from it.

Where can I find planks in Minecraft

You can find planks anywhere in Minecraft. There are just a ton of places where you may get lucky and go to chop with your axe.

For example, you can find planks from village traders, or if you are savage, you can actually chop down their houses and pass on their trades.


Another way to get planks is through finding an abandoned mine. It is filled up with wooden planks, as this is the main material used for its construction. Also, some of the chests may contain them.

The last, but not least way is to actually craft planks. It is the fastest and most efficient way; except if you are into exploring, rather than farming items in Minecraft.

What materials do I need to craft planks in Minecraft

You need the most basic material in Minecraft to craft planks. That’s wood.

There are 6 different types of wood in Minecraft that you can find in the biomes:

  • Oak
  • Birch
  • Spruce
  • Jungle
  • Dark oak
  • Akacia

You can find all types of wood in the game and all of them will give you planks.

Gathering as much as wood possible will grant you the ability to craft numerous items, from which one of them is the planks.

How to craft planks in Minecraft

So once you have gathered enough wood (even though 1 is needed), you can then proceed to craft your planks in Minecraft.

You don’t even need a crafting table for the process. All you need is 1 grid from either your crafting table or from your player menu.

You can use any of the grids, but using only one of the grids will get you the desired material.

What can you do with planks in Minecraft

Planks are basically used for crafting almost any material in Minecraft. You can start off with a crafting table and then create your basic tools.

The planks let you ace Minecraft as a beginner and even build stunning houses.

Can you stack planks in Minecraft?

You can definitely stack planks in Minecraft. The number of stackable planks per grid is 64.

Keep in mind that some Minecraft servers may have a different stacking ability through plugins or mods.

Otherwise, the basic stackability of the planks is 64 per player grid.