How to make a pickaxe in Minecraft

Are you a newbie in Minecraft and want to learn how to craft a pickaxe? Well getting your hands on a pickaxe is a really easy job.

Not to mention that there are numerous variations of this unique item, which lets you start mining the whole game to victory.

What is a pickaxe in Minecraft

A pickaxe is a utility tool, which lets players break hard blocks, such as stones, obsidian, and ores like coal, diamonds, iron, gold, and even emeralds.

Based on the pickaxe you have crafted, you can break certain blocks.


For example, if you have crafted a wooden pickaxe, it will be possible to break only the stone and sandstone blocks.

The more upgraded pickaxe you have (the better materials you use) the more blocks you will be able to mine and receive items from them in the game.

Where can I find a pickaxe in Minecraft

Players can’t find a pickaxe in Minecraft. However, you can obtain a pickaxe by trading with villagers.

This is the only way, as mines or villager chests do not drop any pickaxes, so players can either trade with villagers for emeralds or simply craft their own.

What materials do I need to craft a pickaxe in Minecraft

For crafting a pickaxe you simply need to have sticks and one of the many mineable ores like:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Diamonds

Any of these materials can help you to craft an even better pickaxe and start destroying harder blocks, as the hardest to break block is obsidian, but also netherite.

As a rule of thumb, using gold for crafting a pickaxe is a bad idea, as it cannot break better blocks, but also has reduced durability.

Even the strongest enchantments will not make your golden pickaxe more durable and efficient, so it is not advisable to craft one.

However, you can use the gold ingots to craft food, such as golden apples, golden carrots, and even golden melons.

How to craft a pickaxe in Minecraft

Once you have obtained all the needed materials for crafting a pickaxe, you will need to open up your crafting table and place the materials in a certain order.

All you need to do is place 2 sticks on the bottom 2 grid blocks and add 3 of the desired material. A pickaxe will pop up, which will depend on the material you have placed.

Once you have crafted your pickaxe you will be able to start breaking the harder blocks.

If you have started out with the wooden pickaxe, then you will need to mine stone, in order to proceed to a better and more efficient one.

What can you do with a pickaxe in Minecraft

With a pickaxe in Minecraft, you can start breaking blocks like stones, sandstones, and even ores that are used for further crafting.

Pickaxes are one of the most important items in-game, as it is used for worlds like the basic you spawn in, the nether, and even the end.

You can dig up mines, destroy structures and rebuild them as you wish if you have a pickaxe crafted in Minecraft.