How to make a hoe in Minecraft

If you are a beginner in Minecraft, you will need to understand the importance of crafting a hoe in Minecraft.

It is a really important item, as it will help you with food growing and keeping hunger away.

Hoes are not as important as axes, pickaxes, shovels, or swords in Minecraft, but should definitely be used so you can survive in the world of Minecraft.

What is a hoe in Minecraft

A hoe in Minecraft is a utility tool, which is used for creating farmlands. By simply right-clicking a certain grass or dirt block, you will turn it into farmland ready for growing crops.

Hoes are used for preparing certain areas in the game for farming crops like potatoes, carrots, and seeds.

With these materials, you can start trading with NPC’s or make yourself food, which will be further used for attracting animals or taming horses in Minecraft.

Where can I find a hoe in Minecraft

You can’t actually find a hoe in Minecraft, but you can either craft one, or acquire one by trading with the villagers (if you find a village in the game).


By trading the right materials with villagers, you will get enough emeralds, to buy a hoe and even enchant the hoe, so you can use it even faster.

Another way of getting a hoe in Minecraft is through having the materials, which are needed for its crafting.

What materials do I need to craft a hoe in Minecraft

In order to craft a hoe in Minecraft, you will need sticks and any of the following materials, so you can receive your desired material.

For getting a hoe you will need:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Diamond

Keep in mind that gold is not a recommended material for crafting a hoe in Minecraft, as the golden ingots can be used for better things like making better food or powering e beacon.

How to craft a hoe in Minecraft

Once you have gathered all the needed materials for crafting a hoe, you may go to your crafting table and click on it, so you can start placing the materials.

All you need are 2 sticks and 2 of the desired material, so you can craft your hoe.

Once you place all the items as shown in the image a hoe will appear in front of you, which you can pick up and start using for farming.

What can you do with a hoe in Minecraft

A hoe doesn’t have many uses like other materials. It cannot be used for fighting monsters or players, breaking items faster.

The only efficient and possible way to use a hoe in Minecraft until now was to right-click and turn any grass block or dirt block into farmland.

However, you can still enchant your hoe and receive benefits, but the only recommended enchant for using your hoe would be the unbreaking enchantment.

Any other enchantment will be useless as the hoe does not have any other functionality, except if you use plugins in a Minecraft server, which lets it do more.