How to Make Glowstone in Minecraft

Have you ever wanted to have better lighting for your home or start crafting better potions?

With the help of the nether and its materials, you can start making a better arsenal for your adventures, or make better builds in Minecraft.

In this article, we will show you how you can make glowstone in Minecraft and how it can be used.

What is glowstone in Minecraft

Glowstone is an ore found in the Nether. When mined, it will break and drop glowstone dust, which can be used for further crafting.

Per a block of glowstone, you can get between 2-4 glowstone dust. But a faster and more efficient way to mine it would be to have a pickaxe enchanted with the fortune enchantment.

With a fortune enchanted pickaxe, you will be receiving more glowstone dust when breaking.

Another great way to get the glowstone without the need for crafting would be to have a silk touch enchanted pickaxe. Silk touch helps you to break materials without getting their drops, but the whole block.

Where can I find glowstone in Minecraft

To find glowstone in Minecraft you will need a cleric villager for trades, or to enter the nether.

If you have found a broken nether portal or have made one, you can enter the nether and search for clusters with nether racks.

Once you see glowing blocks on top of the cluster, you can make your way through it and start mining them.

These glowing blocks are also known as glowstone and have a light level of 15.

How to craft glowstone in Minecraft

To craft a glowstone ore in Minecraft, you will need to have 4 glowstone dust, gathered from the nether or villages. The crafting is pretty much basic and can be done in your character’s crafting slots.

Aside from other crafting blocks, glowstone requires only 4 crafting boxes, so you will not need a crafting table.

Once you have gathered your 4 glowstone dust, you can fill out 4 boxes in your character’s crafting slots and you will receive 1 glowstone block.

What can you do with glowstone in Minecraft

Glowstone can be used for powering potions or making spectral arrows. While a crafted glowstone can be used as a light source for builds, making a redstone lamp, making thick potions, or making a respawn anchor.

Can you stack glowstone in Minecraft

Glowstone and the glowstone dust can be both stacked up to 64 per slot. If you are carrying too much glowstone dust in your inventory, turning it to glowstone can free up some space.

If you need to use glowstone dust, you can revert the process and re-create your glowstone dust.